StrongVPN vs Hidemyass! VPN



StrongVPN vs Hidemyass! VPN

If you want to access the websites that are otherwise restricted in your area, you need to use a virtual private network (VPN) that uses encryption to protect your personal data. You can use this type of software for streaming movies, downloading torrents or accessing gambling platforms among many others. There is a significant number of VPN services out there, most of which are paid, but with decent free trial periods.

Pricing is important, but not a deal breaker when you are looking for a reliable VPN to cover your online browsing. Instead, you should focus on speed, security protocols, compatibility, and performance. These are some of the criteria we looked into while comparing two of the most sought for VPN services on the market in this StrongVPN vs. Hidemyass! VPN review guide.


Provider Servers IP addresses
700+ 160 000+
880+ 100 000+

StrongVPN is a reliable VPN network with over 13 years of experience in the field. Since their establishment in 2005, they have evolved into a recognizable brand at international level. Nowadays, they number almost 700 servers in 26 countries where they employ a “No logging” policy, with the exception of their headquarters location, which is near Lake Tahoe and under U.S. jurisdiction.

Hidemyass! does exactly what its name says. This VPN service offers optimal privacy protection through some of the latest encryption protocols. Hidemyass! is available in more than 45 countries where it is hosted by no fewer than 800 servers. The parent company is located in London, UK and you can access its services in 8 different languages.


Provider 1 Month Price  1 Year Price Link
$10 $69.96 Visit StrongVPN
$11.99 $71.88 Visit Hide My Ass

When it comes to paying for a VPN service, you cannot expect knockdown prices, but you can get great deals if you enroll for a yearly membership.

Most VPN services offer a free trial period during which you get to test their features and performance. For Hidemyass!, this period is available for 30 days, after which you can follow up with a month-by-month plan that will cost you $11.99, but which is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. It means that you can use their service for as much as 60 days and still get your money back.

On the other hand, StrongVPN is one of the few VPN services that do not offer a trial period, and only a 5-day money back guarantee, regardless of the plan that you choose. In a nutshell, the pricing battle between StrongVPN and Hidemyass! looks something like this:


  • Month-by-Month Plan: $10
  • 3 Months Plan: $8 per month
  • 12 Months Plan: $5.83 per month


  • Month-by-Month Plan: $11.99
  • 6 Months Plan: $7.99 per month
  • 12 Months Plan: $5.99 per month


  • Available streaming services

With the advent of streaming services more and more users employ VPN services to watch their favorite shows and series online. One of the most sought for online streaming service is Netflix, which you can access through StrongVPN. Unfortunately, with Hidemyass! you will have to settle for good-ol’ torrenting and download the latest movies on your computer.

  • Compatibility

Very few VPN services out there have compatibility issues. Most of them, with StrongVPN and Hidemyass! included are compatible with Windows and Mac. Also, both of these VPN programs have built-in apps for Android and iOS, which means that you can use them on a variety of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

  • Protocols

VPN services use encryption protocols to allow users better connectivity and a high level of security for their personal data. In this regard, StrongVPN uses some of the major protocols on the market like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, and SSTP. At the other end, Hidemyass! uses a shorter, yet effective list of protocols than its counterpart, and it includes OpenVPN (256-bit encryption), PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.

  • Connectivity

Most VPN programs allow you to access their services on different devices at the same time. Most companies offer the possibility of 4 or even 5 simultaneous connections. Unfortunately, this is the part where both StrongVPN and Hidemyass! have dropped the ball, since both of them offer only two simultaneous connections.

  • Kill Switch

Several VPN services offer the Kill Switch option to instantly close all your applications should the server go through severe instances of instability. This feature guarantees maximum protection for your data. Since StrongVPN and Hidemyass! aim to hold their reputation on the market of VPN services, they both include this option in their offer.

StrongVPN vs Hidemyass! Speed Test (US servers)

Provider Download Speed Upload Speed Link
38.96 5.00 Visit StrongVPN
58.98 30.38 Visit Hide My Ass

Speed is essential for a VPN service. The last thing you want is to experience slow speeds for streaming, torrenting or casual browsing when using a virtual private network. In this regard, both StrongVPN and Hidemyass! need to improve their performance. Adding to this table, StrongVPN has 57 ms ping and Hidemyass has 113 ms ping.

Security & Privacy

Provider Security & Privacy Score Link
4.5 Visit StrongVPN
4.8 Visit Hide My Ass

Both StrongVPN and Hidemyass! offer a reliable level of security for the personal data that you provide. While StrongVPN guarantees a “No logs” policy, the same thing cannot be said about Hidemyass! However, if you keep your activity on these virtual private networks within respectable limits of legitimacy, you should not worry about any data leakage.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential feature of any high-quality VPN service out there. Their customer service department should act professionally, quickly and friendly with any issue you encounter.

Upon testing both VPN services for a while, we have concluded that StrongVPN has a reliable customer support team ready to assist you with everything you need from entry-level issues to complex connectivity problems. On the other hand, Hidemyass! provides slow customer service, with some clients even complaining that their queries did not get an answer for several days in a row.

StrongVPN or Hidemyass! VPN?

After testing both VPN services for a while we have come to the conclusion that both offer reliable connectivity and security for your personal data.

Visit StrongVPN

However, StrongVPN seems to have the upper hand over Hidemyass!VPN due to its quick and effective customer support, option for Netflix streaming and “No logs” policy. If someone chooses Hidemyass!VPN over StrongVPN is only because the former has better speed and a longer period of free-trial.

Visit Hide My Ass

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