Top 7 Free VPN Services 2019 and VPN Scams: Pros & Cons of Using Free VPN Services

Top 7 Free VPN Services 2019 and VPN Scams: Pros & Cons of Using Free VPN Services

What are the pros and cons of using a free VPN?

For as long as you are comfortable with the limitations that come with free VPN, you can enjoy anonymous browsing without worrying about tracking. However, choosing the best free VPN is a factor that you must consider before starting to browse the internet with a free VPN. Here, learn about the pros and cons of using a free VPN.


  • No ads- There is nothing like the tons of annoying ads that usually characterize the free VPNs. This is because the developer is already making money from your subscription fee, unlike in the case of free VPNs where monetization can only be through ads.
  • Unlimited customer support- given that you have paid, and the developer intends to keep you for long, he will tend to provide round the clock support.
  • High security due to the complex but easy to configure encryption.
  • Easy to log in and operate.
  • Can unblock most platforms, including Netflix US.
  • Many server locations compared to free versions.


  • Fewer server locations.
  • Limited customer support options, unlike the paid versions.
  • Low security was given that it only offers PPTP, a standard encryption of up to 128-bit.
  • Might not be able to unblock Netflix US.
  • Contains ads, which can be very annoying at times.

In this review, we have selected for you the best free VPN services that include free trial version, free VPNs and that sell your data for profit.

Let’s start with free trial version VPNs. This means that after the trial period, you will need to subscribe.

Top 7 Free VPN Services Available for 2019:

  1. Hide.Me

Although services of Hide.Me are limited to three countries only including Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore but it has gained more positive reviews due to excellent quality and privacy policy. You will be happy to know that Hide.Me offers 2GB/month for free and the speed is pretty good. Indeed, it is the best choice for all those who are looking for a complementary VPN service.

As Hide.Me has limited server locations, it cannot help you to unblock content worldwide. If you are looking for a VPN service to unblock content on UK and US servers without a password, it is better to choose any other service from the list. The biggest advantage of Hide.Me is its incredible privacy policy with robust encryption ensures completely safe access to data over internet. Also, this VPN service is suitable for individuals who want to stream unlimited content at home as well as for those who love to access content on public Wi-Fi.


  • The best deal offered by Hide.Me is available for 35% off for all plans.
  • It has strong encryption settings.
  • Hide.Me has servers in three different countries.
  • It works with zero logs.
  • Impressive privacy policy.
  • Most people are satisfied with its experienced customer care service.


  • Hide.Me cannot help you to unblock Netflix in the US.

 2.  ZoogVPN

When security and money saving is your priority, ZoogVPN is definitely a great choice for free VPN service. Free users on ZoogVPN can access three servers that are located in Amsterdam, London, and New York. Most of the people consider is the best choice for geo-spoofing.

The great news is that even free users can access 2GB download limit per month that is enough for most of the users. However, stats reveal that ZoogVPN poses some bandwidth limits when servers get highly loaded.


  • It has excellent streaming service.
  • ZoogVPN is known for its classic speed.
  • Satisfactory free service.
  • Offers various useful servers.
  • Works with strong encryption.


  • The logging practices are unclear.
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3. GooseVPN:

GooseVPN allows easy access to the internet with its advanced encryption protocols such as PPTP VPN, IPSec, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. This network is considered best for comprehensive security policy and great protection. The privacy measures of GoosVPN become more valuable with two levels of anonymity.

This VPN server allows 50GB bandwidth per month without any activity log or connection log. Users can also access P2P on his server and service providers do not pose any data throughput limit for unlimited accounts.


  • It has servers in 28 different countries.
  • Works perfectly with PPTP, L2TP.
  • Supports unlimited connections at a time.
  • Users can also access P2P downloading on GoosVPN.
  • No activity logs and connection logs.
  • It does not pose data throughput limits on the unlimited account.


  • This configuration of VPN does not have a kill.— It doesn’t allow users to access Netflix UK.

4. ExpressVPN:

The best thing to know about ExpressVPN is it has dedicated apps for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android platforms. It means you need not create install software or perform manual connections, rather simply download an app and you will be connected automatically. This VPN service has gained more popularity for its advanced 256-bit encryption model that ensures higher security over the network.

ExpressVPN is considered as the best choice for all who don’t want to mess with technicality involved in the connection process. It is an easy to use and highly interactive platform where you can also enjoy Netflix streaming without any trouble.


  • It works perfectly on iOS, Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows desktop with interactive apps.
  • Easy to use with the interactive
  • Offers secure connection with advanced 256-bit
  • It works perfectly over 90 countries.
  • Offers 148 plus servers for efficient streaming.
  • Fastest access to Netflix and Kodi.
  • Comes with 30 days full money back guarantee.


  • ExpressVPN takes some time to build connections over the network.
  • Only two connections can be formed at a time.
  • Not really a trial version. After 30-day trial version you can do a refund, but first, you have to pay for it.

Here the VPN providers who offer a completely free VPN. Also, each of them has paid version.

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5. Hotspot Shield:

Millions of people have already taken benefits from awesome features of Hotspot Shield. It is one of the highly popular VPN among users at Arab Spring and Turkey Coup. With its free package, users can tune to secure VPN network along with free Chrome extension. Note that, this VPN is useful for a client in the US only, however, the extension can be used in 14 different countries except the US. It means, with Hotspot Shield people can enjoy content unblock services in 15 different countries while maintaining easy access to 750MB bandwidth per day. It is definitely a huge amount for free.

The only trouble with Hotspot Shield is that it serves users with adverts so if you need service without adverts them it is good to look for other suitable solution in the list below. But in case if you are more interested just to unblock the content and bypass censorship, Hotspot Shield is definitely a great choice.


  • Hotspot Shield VPN offers 750MB per day.
  • It has free chrome extension with cookie blocker and ad blocker.
  • Even beginners find this server easier to use.
  • This network can offer you higher speeds for streaming.
  • There is a wide range of advanced features.


  • It demands some improvement for privacy policy.
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6. TunnelBear:

Another free to access trusted VPN service is offered by TunnelBear. It is rated high for its super secure network arrangement where third party analysis is also executed per year. Experts reveal that it is one of the most reliable and secure VON service available for free. Although, maximum bandwidth is restricted to 500MB per month but it does not keep logs. TunnelBear is the best choice for all those who give more priority to privacy and wish to unblock content without worrying about censorship.

With this advanced VPN service provider, you can work with over 20 different countries. Free users are allowed to access all servers with ease except few restrictions in Australia. With this feature, TunnelBear appears the best choice for unblocking wide range of services and websites without worrying about any restriction. However, the limited bandwidth is a trouble for those who want to enjoy more streaming.


  • It offers best VPN offer in form of Cyber Monday Deal with 58% off annual plans.
  • You will find its setup quite simple.
  • TunnelBear offers excellent encryption.
  • It allows connectivity up to 5 devices.
  • Offers 500MB free data per


  • You cannot access Peer-to-Peer connection over it.
  • Users need to mess with few advanced
  • Restricted usage.
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7. ProtonVPN:

Developers of Proton Mail have created this secure ProtonVPN with zero lag policy and strong encryption. It offers exceptional privacy for free users as well and the best thing to know about ProtonVPN is that it offers no limitations so you can stay connected to free streaming services all day long.

However, you can enjoy lots of amazing features for free but there are few drawbacks as well. The biggest trouble is that free users can access servers in only three countries so if you want to unblock content from any other corner of the world, this VPN is not suitable for you.


  • It offers very fast connections.
  • There are excellent encryption options for privacy.
  • Loaded with a wide range of interactive features.
  • Allows access for Peer-to-Peer programs.
  • Does not keep logs.


  • It has limited server locations.

VPN Scams

We have considered free VPN services that can be trusted and reliable, but there is a flip side of the coin. And below we will consider free VPN services that have been compromised.

Be careful using these free VPN services, your logs can sell to 3rd person.  There are such reasons why VPN providers sell or share your data as server cost, to make money, greed.

1. Betternet:

Betternet is currently available for 20 plus locations throughout the world and allows users to unblock millions of sites on iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows as well. It offers classic privacy services with IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. The premium version of this VPN service offers simultaneous five connections with a single account at a time.

Most of the people love to use this VPN service just because of its highly reliable free service model. It doesn’t ask users for any credit card information, however, the unwanted ads may annoy you during streaming. Also, users are asked to view some videos on the free version of this connection as it helps the service providers to generate some income. Betternet offers 30 days money back guarantee so you can test its features with ease before shifting to the premium version.

2. Hola VPN 

If your budget is low and can’t afford to pay all the bills and purchase a premium VPN, you choose Hola VPN. This is a freemium VPN that provides encryption through a peer-to-peer network and uses a peer-to-peer caching. But before you start using this VPN service, perhaps you should know the following:

Most free VPNs are conduits for personal data to unauthorized individuals. While it might look like a free service to you, the VPN developer has the monetization arm where he sells your data, and hola is among them

As attested by the over 152 million people using the Hola VPN service, it is synonymous with the “Unblock Netflix for free.” however, there are many instances when they have been caught pants down selling the data of their users.

Research conducted in 2015 found that hola does not only sell personal data of the users but also allows tracking of the users over the internet. The researchers found a bug which could be used to run applications remotely on computers of the users, thus exposing their information to third parties.

You can also be implicated in criminal activities by using free VPNs. For example, while using the IP addresses provided by the free Hola VPN, another premium client with an ill motive can use the same address to do illegal things. Then it might you who is implicated.

However, this is not to discourage you from using the VPN services by Hola. They have pledged to update their privacy policy so that they can better reflect the services they offer.

Frequently asked questions about free VPN

Our users often have questions related to free VPN services. So we decided to prepare answers for them.

1.    Can free VPNs be trusted?

While many people tend to use free VPNs more often, and in most cases don’t get disappointments, the truth is there is a dark side to free VPNs. It has been argued that most of the free VPNs we use do not comply with the privacy contracts. In most cases, they use the VPNs as a node to leak private and personal information to premium members of the VPN provider, thus compromising your security. It is therefore hard to trust a free VPN with your personal information.

2.    What is the best free VPN?

Many VPNs can help you browse anonymously on the internet. Mentioning them all here is not feasible, given that they are quite many. However, it is essential to remember that not every free VPN is worth installing on your computer or android phone. There many things that you need to consider, including the locations that you can access, the privacy, and many others. The best free VPN for you will actually depend on the kind of VPN you want to download. Also, you will have to consider the reasons as to why you need a VPN.

3.    How to get a free VPN?

Unlike sometimes back when you would easily get a free VPN, today the choices are limited. To get some of these VPNs, you will have to first subscribe before downloading the VPN. Most of them have switched to a freemium model. However, they will greatly compromise your privacy. To get these free VPNs, you might be required to add an extension to your browser for you to use it.

4.    What does free VPN do?

Just like a premium VPN, fa free VPN will help you securely access networks without being noticed. It will provide a secure channel through which you can access restricted sites or geographies in order to watch, stream, or download your favorite movie or song. One thing that you must know, however, is that free VPNs do not provide reliable encryption as the premium ones. While it is claimed that they will secure your browsing, chances of your private information being leaked are always high. So we need to be very cautious when using a free VPN.

5.    How to choose a free VPN?

Even though the internet has quite many free VPNs, it is always good to be keen on which type of free VPN to settle for. Don’t just go for every VPN that you can get. Ensure you get a really good free VPN.

When choosing a free VPN, it is imperative that you consider a number of things. Among the things to consider are Security protocols, log policy, server locations, connection speed and bandwidth limitation, device and OS compatibility and many others.

6.    How to set up a free VPN?

There are various ways through which you can set up your own free VPN. The major used options include the following:

  • Option #1: Get router with VPN capabilities

While you can do this by yourself, you can avoid all the work by buying a pre-built VPN solution. You can then use your router’s web to activate the VPN for free.

  • Option #2: Get a router that supports DD-WRT or other third-party firmware

This is also an easier way of setting up your own free VPN without much hustle. In order to use this option, you will need a custom router firmware which is a new OS that you can flash onto your router. This allows you to replace the router’s standard OS with something new such as OpenWrt or DD-WRT.

7.    Where can I get a free VPN?

There are many places you can get a free VPN. Most of the providers of premium VPNs also have an option of one getting a free VPN, of course not same standard as the premium ones. If you are not going to set up your own VPN, then it might help to check with any of the premium VPNs providers and see if they have free VPNs option. What you must understand, however, is you will eventually have to pay something indirectly. And this is usually through leaking your information and location.

8.    Can you be tracked if you use a free VPN?

Do you want to know the truth? The truth with a free VPN, you can still be tracked. Usually, providers of free VPNs have to make money somehow, and this is usually at your expense. They allow third-parties access to your information at a cost. Put simply; a free can log and keep track of all your content, IP address, sites you visit and all that. So, yes, with a free VPN, you can be tracked.

9.    Can you be hacked using a free VPN?

With a free VPN, your privacy can never be guaranteed. Remember that the providers of these VPNs are in business, and they have to make profits. Given that you are not directly paying, they might sell your information to unauthorized individuals who can then access your logs and do wrong things. Also, your IP address can be given to someone else, who can then hack into your account and do all the things you would rather not do.

10. How does free VPNs make money?

Given that they are in business, providers of free VPNs have to make money in one way or another. The most common way of making money is by putting ads in the VPNs; then they earn from the advertisers. It is important to mention that some of these ads contain malicious content that can harm your smartphone or computer.

Another way that free VPNs make money is by selling your private information without your knowledge. You can realize that your location, IP address, and sites you visit and other things have been sold to someone with a bad intention.