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Free VPN

VPN for Free: Time to Enjoy Safe Internet Browsing Experience

In this 21st century, the internet is the biggest requirement of every individual as well as business. Every day, we spend unlimited time online, browsing loads of data from a variety of sources. But, with the increasing availability of information over the internet, the risks of cyber attacks are also increasing. One of the biggest challenges against today’s digital marketplace is security over the network.


Now as security is the prime concern for this technology-rich world, so how can we expect any service related to this for free. We have often heard that good things are never available for free in life. But as far as VPN is concerned, you can expect some support for free to stay protected while accessing information over the internet. That’s definitely a great news for everyone.


Although users need to make some payments for the premium features of Virtual Private Networks, there are few basic options that can be accessed for free. So, if till now you were a part of the unprotected traffic over the internet, it is time to switch to the safe channel with VPN. Those who are new to the term Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are advised to go through this detailed guide below to collect complete information about these services.


What is a Virtual Private Network?

Virtual Private Network is a widely known internet security method that adds a layer of security over both public and private networks. Generally, when you use internet with VPN service, you work on special software to connect to the network from a remote station and the system automatically creates an encrypted connection between company’s VPN server and your computer. This connection works like a tunnel and passes all network activity via the protected channel. It means, even if you are using public Wi-Fi to access information over the internet, no one can see what kind of information is traveling through your tunnel.


Now, when we talk about free VPN service; instead of traveling through a tunnel created by your company’s VPN, your information travels through VPN server maintained by your VPN service provider. There is no doubt to say that this system can protect your data from hackers on the network but at the same time, it doesn’t allow online snoops and advertisers to see your actual IP address; hence, they will not be able to know your current location. While surfing over the protected VPN tunnel, everyone will see only the VPN service provider’s location information and IP address.


In simple words, take an example that some stalkers are chasing your car to collect information about when it went out of the garage and when you came home back. It is possible just because they are able to identify your car with its unique number that is IP address in case of internet traffic. When you are connected to a defender VPN server, it is like driving someone else’s car while coming out of the garage so that stalkers have no idea when you came out, where you went and when you returned back. The hackers will not be able to know on which IP your data is being transferred as it is well protected via a safe tunnel-like channel. However, as soon as you leave the protected tunnel and make a change to open network, you are again in the target of stalkers. In order to stay safe, one can also think about additional encryption software to maintain anonymity while entering and exiting the protected tunnel.


Enjoying Netflix with VPN:

Many people in this world are using VPN services to stay protected against government agencies. This protected tunnel allows users to enjoy region locked content over the network so that even when they are connected to unknown Wi-Fi networks, no one can track their location. Note that, when we talk about the term region locked content, it means you can access shows that are restricted in the area where you are working. With VPN protected Netflix service, many people are already enjoying films and shows that are actually restricted to the US users. It happens just because Netflix uses its own specific protocols for content distribution.

These services are not restricted to Netflix only; you can access different streaming services for different regions. However, we cannot say that free anonymous vpn makes you legally eligible to access restricted content over Netflix or other servers like this. It can still put you in trouble if you violate the terms of service.


Using P2P or BitTorrent on VPN:

First of all, let us make it clear that it is not illegal to download file through P2P or BitTorrent like services. However, if you try to exchange copyrighted material through this tunnel, you are actually violating the copyright law. Most free private vpn service providers ban P2P and BitTorrent services on their secure networks. It is just because such services add unwanted strain on the limited resources of the company and at the same time can also put them in terms of breaching the laws. Still, most people love the idea of using location-independent access to information through VPN.

For the safety reasons, while using torrents on VPN it is good to check the terms and conditions of your VPN service to ensure that such kind of activities is permitted over your network. Otherwise, you may get banned on the network.


Free VPN for Gaming:

Gamers are always curious to stream unlimited data online; free VPN services can offer biggest advantages to them. Most of the free VPN services allow access to gaming content but the only trouble is that you may get restricted by bandwidth limits and speed limits. However, beginners can always have a reliable experience with free VPN services.


What can you expect from a free VPN service?

The free VPN services are generally of two types: first is restricted bandwidth type and other is ad-supported. Considering few examples, if we talk about Hotspot Shield, it allows users to access the internet for free as it makes money by accommodating ads; however, users are allowed to access limited severs with their free account. Steganos Online Shield is another popular free VPN service that restricted users over bandwidth with a specific monthly cap. In general, it allows 500MB traffic/ month. If you need more attractive offers, TunnelBear is here that offers 500MB additional bandwidth per month if you Tweet about the company. Most of the video streamers prefer to enjoy this benefit.


While making a selection for your free VPN service providers, it is important to look for the performance first to ensure trouble-free access over the internet. For an example, if we talk about CyberGhost, it offers ad-free service but at the same time, it restricts user performance over the network. Few services like TorVPN prefer to restrict the number of devices that can be connected to the network at a time.


Users are also advised to check other potential offers like money back guarantees etc. But the best idea is to look for the longer refund period, not just of one week as in case of HidelVPN. The Golde Frog VyprVPN and NordVPN have restricted the free trial for only 3 days that is least useful for video streamers.

Although you can find lots of competitive VPN service provider platforms with license but the level of complexity of their network must be analyzed before making the final selection. Few services like VPNBook are truly difficult to use for beginners.


On the other side, the paid VPNs have no restrictions; you can enjoy fast connection speeds with easy access to all servers. The wide bandwidth support allows users to access data throughout the day.


Browser Based VPN: Recent Innovation

There are few advanced VPN services that offer browser addon without charging any money. The best example of Browser-Based VPN is AnchorFree Hotspot Elite Shield that allows free plug-ins for Firefox and Chrome. Although, the Chrome plugin, in this case, does not allow connection out of the UK or US based VPN servers; it is still a handsome deal for free without any restriction for Firefox.


Opera also provides free VPN integration to a web browser and it is gaining more popularity for its high speed and user-friendly service. However, before you move ahead with free browser VPN services, it is important to know that they ensure limited protection over the network. They are able to provide protection for information that is exchanged via browsers; it has no control over other broadcasts that happen on the computer. Still, most people consider it fine but if you need more protection for your online activities then it is good to look for other safe network support systems.


Top 8 Free VPN Services Available for 2018:

  1. Hotspot Shield:

Millions of people have already taken benefits from awesome features of Hotspot Shield. It is one of the highly popular VPN among users at Arab Spring and Turkey Coup. With its free package, users can tune to secure VPN network along with free chrome extension. Note that, this VPN is useful for client in the US only, however, the extension can be used in 14 different countries except the US. It means, with Hotspot Shield people can enjoy content unblock services in 15 different countries while maintaining easy access to 750MB bandwidth per day. It is definitely a huge amount for free.


The only trouble with Hotspot Shield is that it serves users with adverts so if you need service without adverts them it is good to look for other suitable solution in the list below. But in case if you are more interested just to unblock the content and bypass censorship, Hotspot Shield is definitely a great choice.


  • — Hotspot Shield VPN offers 750MB per day.
  • — It has free chrome extension with cookie blocker and ad blocker.
  • — Even beginners find this server easier to use.
  • — This network can offer you higher speeds for streaming.
  • — There is a wide range of advanced features.


  • — It demands some improvement for privacy policy.


  1. TunnelBear:

Another free to access trusted VPN service is offered by TunnelBear. It is rated high for its super secure network arrangement where third party analysis is also executed per year. Experts reveal that it is one of the most reliable and secure VON service available for free. Although, maximum bandwidth is restricted to 500MB per month but it does not keep logs. TunnelBear is the best choice for all those who give more priority to privacy and wish to unblock content without worrying about censorship.


With this advanced VPN service provider, you can work over 20 different countries. Free users are allowed to access all servers with ease except few restrictions in Australia. With this feature, TunnelBear appears the best choice for unblocking wide range of services and websites without worrying about any restriction. However, the limited bandwidth is a trouble for those who want to enjoy more streaming.


  • — It offers best VPN offer in form of Cyber Monday Deal with 58% off annual plans.
  • — You will find its setup quite simple.
  • — TunnelBear offers excellent encryption.
  • — It allows connectivity up to 5 devices.
  • — Offers 500MB free data per


  • — You cannot access Peer-to-Peer connection over it.
  • — Users need to mess with few advanced
  • — Restricted usage.


  1. Hide.Me:

Although services of Hide.Me are limited to three countries only including Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore but it has gained more positive reviews due to excellent quality and privacy policy. You will be happy to know that Hide.Me offers 2GB/month for free and the speed is pretty good. Indeed, it is the best choice for all those who are looking for a complementary VPN service.


As Hide.Me has limited server locations, it cannot help you to unblock content worldwide. If you are looking for a VPN service to unblock content on UK and US servers without password, it is better to choose any other service from the list. The biggest advantage of Hide.Me is its incredible privacy policy with robust encryption ensures completely safe access to data over internet. Also, this VPN service is suitable for individuals who want to stream unlimited content at home as well as for those who love to access content on public Wi-Fi.


  • — The best deal offered by Hide.Me is available for 35% off for all plans.
  • — It has strong encryption settings.
  • — Hide.Me has servers in three different countries.
  • — It works with zero logs.
  • — Impressive privacy policy.
  • — Most people are satisfied with its experienced customer care service.


  • — Me cannot help you to unblock Netflix in the US.


  1. ZoogVPN:

When security and money saving is your priority, ZoogVPN is definitely a great choice for free VPN service. Free users on ZoogVPN can access three servers that are located in Amsterdam, London, and New York. Most of the people consider is the best choice for geo-spoofing.


The great news is that even free users can access 2GB download limit per month that is enough for most of the users. However, stats reveal that ZoogVPN poses some bandwidth limits when servers get highly loaded.


  • — It has excellent streaming service.
  • — ZoogVPN is known for its classic speed.
  • — Satisfactory free service.
  • — Offers various useful servers.
  • — Works with strong encryption.


  • — The logging practices are unclear.


  1. ProtonVPN:

Developers of Proton Mail have created this secure ProtonVPN with zero lag policy and strong encryption. It offers exceptional privacy for free users as well and the best thing to know about ProtonVPN is that it offers no limitations so you can stay connected to free streaming services all day long.


However, you can enjoy lots of amazing features for free but there are few drawbacks as well. The biggest trouble is that free users can access servers in only three countries so if you want to unblock content from any other corner of the world, this VPN is not suitable for you.


  • — It offers very fast connections.
  • — There are excellent encryption options for privacy.
  • — Loaded with a wide range of interactive features.
  • — Allows access for Peer-to-Peer programs.
  • — Does not keep logs.


  • — It has limited server locations.


  1. Betternet:

Betternet is currently available for 20 plus locations throughout the world and allows users to unblock millions of sites on iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows as well. It offers classic privacy services with IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. The premium version of this VPN service offers simultaneous five connections with a single account at a time.


Most of the people love to use this VPN service just because of its highly reliable free service model. It doesn’t ask users for any credit card information, however, the unwanted ads may annoy you during streaming. Also, users are asked to view some videos on the free version of this connection as it helps the service providers to generate some income. Betternet offers 30 days money back guarantee so you can test its features with ease before shifting to the premium version.


  • — It has servers in 20 different locations.
  • — Works with zero logging policy.
  • — Betternet does not pose caps on data and bandwidth.
  • — Even beginners find it quite easy to use.
  • — You can access free trial without adding credit card details.
  • — Works with one touch server selection.
  • — It offers decent connection speed.
  • — Betternet has impressive cross-platform compatibility.


  • — Needs some improvement for encryption protocols.
  • — 3rd party advertisers are sponsoring this service.


  1. ExpressVPN:

The best thing to know about ExpressVPN is it has dedicated apps for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android platforms. It means you need not create install software or perform manual connections, rather simply download an app and you will be connected automatically. This VPN service has gained more popularity for its advanced 256-bit encryption model that ensures higher security over the network.


ExpressVPN is considered as the best choice for all who don’t want to mess with technicality involved in the connection process. It is an easy to use and highly interactive platform where you can also enjoy Netflix streaming without any trouble.


  • — It works perfectly on iOS, Linux, Android, Mac, and Window desktop with interactive apps.
  • — Easy to use with the interactive
  • — Offers secure connection with advanced 256-bit
  • — It works perfectly over 90 countries.
  • — Offers 148 plus servers for efficient streaming.
  • — Fast access to Netflix and Kodi.
  • — Comes with 30 days full money back guarantee.


  • — ExpressVPN takes some time to build connections over the network.
  • — Only two connections can be formed at a time.


  1. GooseVPN:

GoosVPN allows easy access to the internet with its advanced encryption protocols such as PPTP VPN, IPSec, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. This network is considered best for comprehensive security policy and great protection. The privacy measures of GoosVPN become more valuable with two levels of anonymity.


This VPN server allows 50GB bandwidth per month without any activity log or connection log. Users can also access P2P on his server and service providers do not pose any data throughput limit for unlimited accounts.


  • — It has servers in 28 different countries.
  • — Works perfectly with PPTP, L2TP, and
  • — Supports unlimited connections at a time.
  • — Users can also access P2P downloading on GoosVPN.
  • — No activity logs and connection logs.
  • — It does not pose data throughput limits on the unlimited account.


  • — This configuration of VPN does not have a kill
  • — It doesn’t allow users to access Netflix UK.

Wrapping up:

There is no doubt to say that free VPN services have lots of variations so while making a selection of best VPN service it is important to compare features. Those who are not in a mood to make heavy investments on VPN servers but want to access blocked website content without any interference can enjoy satisfactory services with free VPN servers. Best VPN can serve you better as compared to proxy based internet traffic on tor. The classic encryption policies with advanced protocols can help you to establish secure connections over public Wi-Fi and personal home network as well.