About Us

About Us

We rate and review the best VPN services to help you protect your privacy online. To keep this site free, we get paid when you click one of our links and buy a VPN.


— Reviews and Ratings

Our VPN review ratings are impartial. The scores and order of our top lists may be influenced by commercial factors, such as conversion rates and popularity, but always take into account how well a VPN performs for each specific purpose, such as use on mobile or in the US.


— Always Testing

We pay for all our VPNs to ensure we experience the same performance as you do. We test every aspect of the VPNs listed and publish the results in our reviews. We regularly update reviews with the latest test results. Our motto is “always testing!”


— Reviews

Need a VPN for privacy? We got you covered. A VPN for the US? That too. Yep. Our testing means we know VPN services inside and out. Whether you need a VPN for security, traveling abroad or for Android, we have a Top 10 list for you.


— Easy to Understand

We cut through the techno-waffle around VPNs. We want everyone to know that using a VPN is as easy as checking your email. But if you want to be able to tell the difference between your PPTP and L2TP or why latency is important when assessing VPN performance, we can help with that too.