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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 55.25
Global UL speed 56.20
Average time to connect 12 seconds
Server locations 42 countries
Servers 42 +
IP addresses 500 +
Dynamic server switching
E-mail response time 1 h 40 m
Live chat
Knowledge base +

The service supports

Feature Parameter
Windows +
Mac +
Linux +
iOS +
Android +
Router +
Games consoles -
E-book -

Zoog VPN in 2013 began up. The organization is situated in Isle of Man as well as the administration was initially called Zoog TV. The organization has developed the administration, changing and enhancing numerous parts of its activities. This has included conveying the cost down to an exceptionally enticing level. Despite the fact that not impeccable, this VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK has a considerable measure letting it all out and might well suit the requirements.
Zoog VPN is a four years of age VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK specialist organization which is accessible for a wide range of gadgets such as Windows, iOS and Android. It is a fast VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK service through which its clients could get to the blocked web content with full security along with the security.

Its free edition comes up with a couple of constraints whereas the paid versions have distinctive alternatives, and we will examine it later here.


Zoog VPN so many incredible features and because of its features and service, it has overall good rating. Let’s have a look at the detail rating of Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK.

Website Design:

Zoog TV has clearly given careful consideration to the impression that their site sets aside the first time guests, and it has unquestionably paid off. Their site is very intuitive as well as appealing while at the same time being instructive also. They give an entire list of their administration on the home webpage and incorporate the animations and designs that catch a client’s eye. They have the search bar on the home webpage where you could enter the URL of the site you wish to open. It is very effective as well as quick and the users have given a score of 8 out of 10.


Zoog has a 24/7 help service for its customers. They don’t have an online live chat support, however, their email inquiry, as well as ticket framework, work great. The help group returned to the messages inside a couple of hours of sending them the inquiry. The response was to the point, and the help group addressed the questions appropriately. Their customer support area and learning base are amazing also. Paid clients are dealt with on a need premise, yet free clients don’t feel any postpone in getting notification from the help group and for their customer support services the users have to give a score of 8 out of 10.


Zoog offers the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK service on Windows as well as on Mac OS. For portable customers, they give iOS and Android applications which could be utilized on iOS and Android gadgets separately. VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK customers are accessible just for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android gadgets. Even though, there are itemized manual setup guides for different stages as well as gadgets such as Apple TV, Linux, gaming consoles etc, and so on. For its compatibility with a number of devices, the users have given a score of 9.

Value for money:

Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK’s membership bundles are very great and they are not costly. 1 month of administration will cost you $5.99, the half year subscription plan will cost you $3.99 per month and the 1 year subscription plan will be $2.49 every month. Zoog VPN customers could pay for their administrations using debit and Visas such as American Express, Maestro, MasterCard, and Visa. They likewise acknowledge payments with Delta and PayPal. Also, clients will get the chance to appreciate a 7-day day money back guarantee that comes with every one of the plans. The users liked its pricing plans and that’s why they gave a score of 8.5.

Servers, Server Status Webpage:

Zoog VPN has 27 servers in 18 nations. That is quite low we would say, frankly. Gratefully, Zoog VPN includes a large number of the real urban communities in Asia, North America and Europe. Down underneath you will find a summary with each and every open server.

Speed Test:

We directed speed tests of Zoog VPN application with the convention of the framework set to the OpenVIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK over the UDP.
For each situation, we performed 5 test keeps running with the testmy.net from an inn in the London. Download speeds of uncovered association were slower as compared to a customary privatized web access in the UK, whereas the transfer speeds were particularly high.
We utilized IPLocation.net to verify the real physical area of the 3 Zoog VPN servers that we tested. These were 3 servers accessible to free application –, Amsterdam, Colorado and London.
We tested the Amsterdam and London servers on associations with the London server in the UK. We likewise tested the association speeds on the unprotected association with the London server for correlation. The tests of Texas server hurried to the test server in the Miami as well as contrasted with the tests of the speeds to the similar server without the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK.

ZoogVPN reviewsZoogVPN rating

The diagrams demonstrate the most noteworthy, least, and normal speeds for every server as well as area.
The transfer speeds of European VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK servers were highly regarded as well as came inside the scope of speeds offered by web access without the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK. The Zoog VPN server in the US made the transfer speeds of connection a lot slower. The virtual execution of the European servers and the US server demonstrated the contrary effect on download speeds. In these tests, European servers drew down exchange speeds to around 66% of the normal speed of basic web access. US server figured out how to coordinate the download speed of the insecure connection in some of the test runs.
We performed a few more tests with the ipleak.net whereas the connection with the Zoog VPN server in Colorado. This test website verified that the server’s area in the McAllen, Texas. Call to the Domain Name System known as DNS servers all set off to areas in the US; therefore there’re no holes to demonstrate that we were in the UK.
While still associated with Colorado server, we got to doileak.net that identified the area as the US. All the DNS locations went to the servers in the US. This site saw that the time zone settings of the PC were contradictory with the revealed area in the center of US.


The Zoog VPN application is accessible for Windows, MacOS, Mac OS X, iOS, as well as Android.
Setup wizards make IKEv2 and L2TP accessible for Blackberry, Linux, smart TVs, switches and games consoles. PPTP is accessible for the greater part of the above with the exception of MacOS.


The installer that downloads from the site customer region will make a work area alternate route for the Zoog VPN application.
Annoyingly, the installer needs to restart the PC before it completes the installation. Once you’ve again into the work area, tap on the shortcut icon to get to the application.
The first time you open the application, you will have to enter the email id as well as the password that you set up when you enlisted. Check the “remember me” box so that you won’t need to enter these certifications on consequent visits.

Protocols and Encryption:

OpenVIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK execution of the Zoog VPN is accessible using its custom application. OpenVIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK standard could be executed with a variety of levels of the security. Implementers could browse a scope of the encryption figures, therefore the excellence of the safety offered by the OpenVIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK changes from application to application. Even though, the OpenVIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK is most likely the best VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK method accessible.


The utilization of the Advanced Encryption Standard is a decent decision. This is most generally utilized as well as the most protected encryption figure in the commercial utilize today. One distinction among the free edition of the Zoog VPN as well as the paid administration is that figure key for the free application is 128 bit in length whereas the key for the paid administration is 256 bit in length. The best VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORKs on planet utilize AES along with the 256-bit key.
Some of the security specialists support the 128-bit key. They say that the AES with the 128-bit keys have never been broken, therefore it is sufficient. They contend that there isn’t any position in endeavoring to compose something more protected as compared to uncrackable. These individuals have a point in light of the fact that a more extended key requires all the more preparing. Additional preparing makes superfluous postponements and will deplete the cell phone batteries fastly.


With regards to the protocols, you won’t have anything not as much as the best from Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK. They offer an assortment of them, including the mainstream OpenVIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK that keeps running on UDP or TCP 443 expansions. They additionally incorporate the PPTP protocols, the IKEv2 protocols and the L2TP or IPsec protocols. These protocols offer CBC and AES 256-bit encryption.

VPN Zoog and Netflix:

Our examination shows that in the event that you associated with the VPN of Zoog server situated in London as well as after that attempt to stream something from the streaming locales in the UK, you will fizzle. Our exploration shows that BBC iPlayer and Net flix UK would have no issues in distinguishing that you’re utilizing a VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK service. Henceforth they would obstruct the connection with their gushing administrations. In any case, the VPN of Zoog will work with other streaming administrations, for example, ITV Hub and Channel 4.
The Net flix US website will disclose to you that you’re utilizing the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK server and thus will obstruct the connection withNet flix. As such, it won’t convey you any entertainment. You ought to anticipate that the same thing will transpire in the event that you attempt the above strategy with different US gushing websites.
In the event that you’re subscribed to Net flix then you will know at this point the prominent streaming administration doesn’t offer the same substance in each nation where it is accessible. Some variants of Net flix offer increasingly as well as better substance. The issue is that the Net flix has implemented solid limitations to keep the access to content from different areas. Gratefully, the VPN of Zoog is sufficiently intense to sidestep these pieces, allowing you to get to a more extensive choice of the substance. Despite of your area, you’ll have the capacity to interface with the Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK’s US VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK servers, which enable you to access to Net flix in the United States and appreciate a broad library of TV shows as well as movies.

Zoog Additional Services:

Some nations have solid Internet oversight and force confinements on what you could state or do on the web. The VPN of Zoog gives you back the privilege to talk uninhibitedly and gives you a chance to get to prominent sites that might be hindered from where you are. The VPN of Zoog markets itself, and constructs it features appropriately, as the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK for content streamers who either need to sidestep geographic confinements on sites or at any rate get to content typically inaccessible through the proxy servers.
 • Wi-Fi Security:
With the Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK, nobody could get hold of the character, area or IP address. Become genuinely unknown on the Web, and maintain a strategic distance from programmers, identity thieves, ISPs, and other awful folks particularly when utilizing open Wi-Fi hot spots. The 256-bits key length with 14 numbers of hashes is used which sets aside quite a while for the programmer to execute a lexicon assault. At present there are no known instances of someone perusing accurately implemented AES-256 scrambled information.
• Anonymous IP Address:
When you associate with the VPN of Zoog organize, they give you an unknown IP as well as hide the genuine one. The new IP address is utilized by numerous other individuals, which makes a pool of mysterious action. It is difficult to connect anything back to you.
• VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK for all the devices
Utilize the VPN of Zoog for online security, security and freedom at home, when voyaging, or essentially in a hurry. It works incredible with the PC, iPad, Mac, iPhone as well as on Android.

Security and Security policy:

The security terms of the services on VPN of Zoog site express that the clients shouldn’t associate with the P2P arranges on the servers that aren’t particularly marked as being for that reason. This is uplifting news since it means that an organization shares risk for torrenting on the servers that are set apart for that action.
The security approach is praiseworthy and sets a case for all the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORKs. The organization holds the email id, therefore it is vital that you provide a genuine email id when you subscribe. All records identifying with the use are hooked on the identifier.

Connection Log:

The organization doesn’t record the activities as well as doesn’t keep the association logs. The main proceedings that it keeps include information throughput aggregates for transfers as well as download. This is especially critical for observing the free clients who have an information throughput restrain. The application could log you inconsequently in light of the fact that it stores cookie on the PC with the testimonials in it.
The information that the VPN of Zoog holds couldn’t in any way identify the activities, therefore, the security is guaranteed regardless of whether copyright legal counselors or the law enforcement officers give the court orders to the organization for the greater part of its data.

Personal Information:

Because of the idea of the administration, they should gather the email ID for account management reason. The email address will never be given away or sold. The email will be utilized just to convey VPN of Zoog administrations, speak with you about the membership, support as well as by and large keep up the record with them. The VPN of Zoog entirely don’t share, offer, exchange, or lease your data to the outsiders.

Session Records:

Zoog has received ‘Zero Logs’ arrangement. This means they don’t keep any logs of your online action, therefore, you could peruse with 100% security as well as certainty.

VPN of Zoog entirely don’t gather or keep any data on the client activity, the sites or applications the client utilizes, client log in or log-out sessions or client IP locations.


Cookie is a little information document that specific sites write to the hard drive when you visit them. VPN of Zoog also utilizes cookies to track the client traffic patterns on the site as well as hold certain enlistment data. While enlisting at the Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK, they utilize the cookies to store the login data empowering the users to login into the account without having to re-enter data each time.

Extra Security Features:

VPN of Zoog group missed a major chance to coordinate the additional security highlights into their application. The best VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK services on the planet incorporate an off button choice. This utility squares off the web if the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK association isn’t dynamic. This keeps applications on the gadget from associating with the web without the security set up. It is a circumstance that could sometimes happen when the web association breaks and after that profits rapidly. All things considered, you need to make certain that the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK is the primary application to reconnect.
Another decent to-have highlight that is absent from VPN of Zoog application is programmed WiFi security. This is basic these days since programmers set up open WiFi hot spots to access the cell phones. In the event that you have WiFi exchanged on, the cell phone, workstation or tablet will always look for accessible hot spots as well as connect any point it could. That means that it’ll interface with a hot spot that has no secret key, regardless of whether it’s in sleep mode. This could make the gadget powerless against downloads of controlling programming from programmers without knowing it has even associated. It is great to see programmed WiFi security added to Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK.

Zoog Support System:

Regardless of whether you’ve any record with VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK services or are simply perusing, you get to the support segment of VPN of Zoog site by means of the same course. The help menu thing at the uppermost side of the website takes you to the support capacities. There’re likewise links to installation and setup guidelines, support contact webpages as well as the question webpage in the footer of the site.
Support Customer Center goes about as the menu for the organization’s help assets. The four help fundamentals that you could access from this webpage include the Resources webpage, question webpage, setup guides, and an assistance ticket and contact webpage.
• The Resources webpage is the learning base, with the connections to the articles about the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORKs when all is said in done, arrangements offered by VPN of Zoog as well as fixes for some specialized issues.
• On the question webpage has a number of brisk replies about the administration.
• VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK Setup Wizard webpage have the guidelines for setting up the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK.
• There’s a different webpage that offers right to use to the VPN of Zoog application. You could likewise get to the interface of the software of your Account webpage as soon as you sign in.
• The only thing that you could access from and contact form to get engaged with Support Customer Center.
The users could likewise send a help request at this email id info@ZoogVIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK.com.

Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, refund policy:

VPN of Zoog offers a variety of pricing plan as well as a number of payment methods for its users. Let’s have a look what they have to offer to their customers.

Pricing plans:
VPN of Zoog is one of the least expensive VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORKs in the market offering its new supporters 4 unique bundles including a free bundle, a month to month membership, a semi-yearly membership, and a yearly membership.
VPN of Zoog offers a point by point undertaking evaluating structure with the accompanying plans:
• Free Plan:
The free edition of the VPN of Zoog gives you the chance to experiment with the administration without taking a chance with any cash. The constraints of the free administration are that you don’t gain admittance to the majority of the servers that the organization works, only three of them. Nonetheless, you might be fortunate and find that those three servers are the ones you require in light of the fact that they are in exceptionally prominent areas: the UK, the US, and the Netherlands.
The organization doesn’t ensure top speeds to its free clients. It limits the data transfer capacity accessible to free clients with a specific end goal to keep up top speeds for paying customers. That is sufficiently fair. In any case, finished the period that I utilized this framework, the server report webpage demonstrated that none of the servers were anyplace nears their full limit. Therefore there would have been no throttling of transmission capacity to free clients.
The one confinement on the free administration that may compel you to spend cash for the paid administration is the month to month information throughput restrict. This is set at 2GB every month. In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to stream video or play internet games, you could go through that allotment in an only a couple of hours.
• Monthly Plan:
The monthly plan if offered at 4.99 dollars per month with 27 plus VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK servers. You can connect up to 5 devices with unlimited bandwidth. There will be no logs with 256-bit encryption and you can access the full content.
• 6 months plan:
The semiannual plan is offered at $3.74 per month billed as $22.49 for 6 months and it includes everything that is included in monthly plan.
• Yearly Plan:
The annual plan is offered at $2.49 per month billed as $29.99 for 12 months and it includes everything that is included in monthly plan.

Payment Methods:

Zoog acknowledges payments via all the real credit as well as debit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and so on. They likewise acknowledge the PayPal payments. Be that as it may, in this day and age of security as well as secrecy, if the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK service doesn’t acknowledge the anonymous expenses then it doesn’t look good with some clients, and which is all well and good. Zoog does not acknowledge unknown payments as Bitcoins, which influences clients to settle on those VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK services that do support the Bitcoin payments in the event that they are extremely worried about their anonymity as well as security.

Refund Policy:

For any specialized issues please visit Support Customer Center before guaranteeing a discount under this arrangement. The supportive and speedy staff is constantly upbeat to help with any issue. In the event that you’ve a specialized issue, which hasn’t been settled in the wake of liaising with help and following all recommendations, you could be qualified for a full discount giving the accompanying conditions are met.
You are qualified for a full discount on another membership if the greater parts of the accompanying apply:
• You guarantee the discount inside 7 days of the membership date
• You sent an email to sales@ZoogVIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK.com expressing the username as well as the purpose behind the planned cancelation
• The account hasn’t been suspended by Zoog for the break of terms of administration
• You have utilized fewer than 2GB of the transmission capacity of information through the VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK
• You have allowed the help to determine any specialized issues you were confronting
• You have not beforehand claimed a discount from Zoog under this approach
• Your membership was obtained specifically from Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK.com site and not from outsiders
In case that you have surpassed the 2GB data transfer capacity restricts, however, your unique membership is fewer than 7 days old we may issue an incomplete discount at the sole tact.
In the event that exclusive some of the coveted administrations are not accessible for reasons unknown at all and your unique membership is less than 7 days and Zoog may issue a fractional discount at the sole watchfulness.

VPN of Zoog Free Trial:

VPN of Zoog maintains whatever authority is needed to end or alter trial and unique limited time offers at our sole watchfulness. The Free Trial offer related with VPN of Zoog singular record entitles new, enrolled endorsers of a one-time/per-individual, free trial use of the administration. Endeavors to manhandle the free trial offer by joining with various records for the same individual may bring about relinquishment of the free trial. Free Trial terms fluctuate by limited time special. Toward the finish of the time for testing, you should buy in to one of the value intends to keep on using the Service. All lapsed Free Trial records will be separated from the Service.

Pros and Cons of using Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK:

Everything has its pros and cons and so does the VPN of Zoog and here we have listed the pros and cons of Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK.


Here are few of the advantages of Zoog VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK. Have a look.
• VPN of Zoog is cheap
• VPN of Zoog encryption is strong enough
• Seven Days Money-Back Guarantee
• No Logging
• All Protocols
• Unlimited Speed
• Simple Setup


Like VPN of Zoog has so many pros, it has few cons as well and some of the cons of VPN of Zoog include:
• VPN of Zoog software is a bit clumsy
• Slow speeds on some servers
• VPN of Zoog customer support has No live chat
• No kill switch
• Can’t get into many video streaming services
• No automatic WiFi protection


VPN of Zoog offers a decent administration that is exceptionally cheap, or even free. The information exchange security of this VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK is great and its security techniques are fantastic. The application is anything but difficult to utilize, yet misses some vital highlights – especially an off button and programmed WiFi security.
All in all, Zoog isn’t set to make colossal waves in the realm of VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORKs. Its fundamental interest is the capacity to get to an assortment of spilling destinations, even crosswise over areas – they are exceptionally dedicated to conveying this, including aides and instructional exercises on the most proficient method to remain one stage ahead should the intermediary checking ofNet flix, et al. change. In the event that this is a major need, and you aren’t searching for blasting quick speeds for web based gaming or torrenting, at that point VPN of Zoog may give all of you require in a straightforward, moderate bundle.
Look at this VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK hazard free by taking advantage of its seven-day money back guarantee. That will give you the best chance to ensure this VIRTUAL PRIVATIZED NETWORK could satisfy the greater part of your requirements.

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