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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 65.70
Global UL speed 25.65
Average time to connect 8 seconds
Server locations 279 countries
Servers 880 +
IP addresses 100 000 +
Dynamic server switching
E-mail response time 40 m
Live chat +
Knowledge base +

The service supports

    Feature Parameter
    Windows +
    Mac +
    Linux +
    iOS +
    Android +
    Router + / -
    Games consoles -
    E-book -

    Hide My Ass

    In the event that you tune in to predominant press, the main purpose behind a Virtual Private Network is to eradicate your web-based browsing habits and disguise unlawful or corrupt action. There is an orderly battle in progress, intended to darken the idea of the VPN and guarantee that no one aside from hoodlums and deviants would even consider utilizing it. Picking a name like “Hide My Ass” doesn’t generally give the picture of a “white cap” benefit, either. However, a VPN resembles a firearm – it’s not what it will be, it’s the way it’s utilized that has the effect.

    HideMyAss is a VPN specialist organization that was propelled in 2005 by organization originator as well as CEO Jack Cator. It offers 120,000 IP locations and administrations of 190 nations with 940 VPN servers situated crosswise over 300 server areas around the world.

    The organization was produced out of Jack Cator’s energy against web control. At age 16, he made a free intermediary server to unblock mainstream sites in his school when one of his schoolmates whined against its web restrictions. This energy developed as time passed and his ambition to enable individuals around the globe to dodge online oversight prompted the establishment of his organization, HideMyAss.

    HideMyAss developed from a free intermediary benefit into a standout amongst other VPN specialist co-ops on the planet. It gives a quick VPN association with more than ten million endorsers worldwide and at an exhibit, has more than 80 workers situated in their London head office.


    HideMyAss is claimed by driving hostile to infection programming organization Avast and on account of that budgetary sponsorship has extraordinary compared to other outlined VPN applications in the market. The UK-based administration was launched in 2010 and emerges as a sterling decision for anybody searching for a VPN with a wide scope of server areas. With more than 120,000 IP addresses crosswise over more than 940 servers, the sheer size of the HMA! Systems ensure execution as well as unwavering quality. The decision of more than 60 US urban areas makes HMA a brilliant choice for clients requiring particular US areas to beat live games power outages. The corporate sponsorship likewise furnishes brilliant customer bolster with smart reaction times and rich online assets.

    The straightforward, smooth application makes HMA an incredible decision for individuals who simply need to associate and move on instead of tinkering with settings. By the same stroke, in the event that you are searching for the largest amounts of privacy and secrecy then HMA may not be the most flawlessly awesome decision because of its consolidation in the UK, which abandons it subject to EU information maintenance directions and knowledge imparting agreements to the US.


    In the event that supreme namelessness is your need then HMA isn’t the best alternative accessible to you. It’s situated in the UK, which not just means it falls under EU information manages yet in addition secured by insight sharing agreements between the UK and the privacy-unpleasant US.

    HMA doesn’t screen or keep a record of to what you associate over its administration yet it logs your association timestamps, the measure of information transmitted per session and your IP address alongside the IP address of the VPN server to which you associated. For its privacy, the users have given a score of 7 out of 10.

    Speed & Performance

    HideMyAss has ventured up its speed game and is demonstrating the sort of execution to coordinate its pleasantly planned applications. Its US servers have checked colossal speed increments in our latest tests, conveying them up to an exclusive expectation to coordinate whatever remains of the system.

    It’s additionally incredible to see comparative execution on far-off servers like Mexico, which is extraordinary, sign for the general execution of the worldwide system whatever your entrance area. The China-based server has additionally conveyed a knock in speed and keeping in mind that moderate by western benchmarks, it’s presently more like what you would anticipate. We will watch out for HMA to check whether there is yet greater improvement in their execution. For its speed and performance it has acquired a score of 10 on 10.


    HMA has a fantastic selection of servers areas spread over the globe, commonly with various alternatives per nation. We cherish how you can pick a nation and enable the product to advance server decision for best execution or pick your own particular city physically. The US is especially very much presented with decisions – 65 to be exact – from areas in Alabama to Wyoming and bounty in the middle. It’s an execution promoter for any US-based client as the nearer the server, the better the execution.

    HMA doesn’t simply sparkle in the US, as it offers numerous nations that get neglected by its opponents. HMA is basically unparalleled with regards to genuinely worldwide nature of its server organize. You can look over city-level servers in 24 nations over the globe, including generally less well known areas, for example, Israel, Malaysia, Slovakia as well as Poland. For its server locations, the HMA users have given it 10 out of 10 scores.

    Customer Support

    We were extremely inspired by the customer support from HideMyAss; by means of email, it was inconceivably fast and exceptionally supportive. Live visit support is likewise astounding and is an accessible day in and day out. The information base on the HMA site is surely thorough and the main thing keeping them away from an ideal score here is that it could be all the more obviously composed for perusing. There’s a huge amount of data here that numerous clients won’t discover unless they go looking. For its responsive and fast customer support services the users have given a score of 8.

    Servers, Server Status Page

    HideMyAss has a different tab on the home page touting ‘Servers’. Not a ton of VPN specialist co-ops can do that, however, HideMyAss does it with satisfaction. I’m talking 890+ VPN servers spread out crosswise over in 310 areas in 190+ nations. That enables HideMyAss to make more than 121060+ IP tends to accessible for its VPN clients.

    HideMyAss VPN

    A substantial convergence of HideMyAss’ servers is situated in the United States (Over 300). The second biggest grouping of HideMyAss’ servers is situated in European nations, trailed by server tallies in the UK area as well as the North American or Canadian areas. South American, Asian, Central American as well as African districts have no less than one server in every nation.

    HideMyAss reviews

    The server locator on the site is truly clever yet I somehow feel that it would have been exceptional if HideMyAss had exhibited a server-stack circulation rather than a basic rundown boasting server account.

    Speed Test

    The last makes it the VPN coordinate with the most stretched out geological scope that we have experienced, and furthermore settles on it an extraordinary decision for clients that need some more abnormal association choices (servers are accessible in the Kirbati, Cook Islands as well as in the Maldives, for instance!).

    HideMyAss rating

    Speed-wise, we could accomplish execution that was more than satisfactory for both normal perusing and multimedia utilize – in spite of the fact that we wouldn’t exactly portray them as blazingly quick or the best that we’ve seen. We accomplished 26.93Mbps on a 40Mbps pattern through Turkey and accomplished comparable speeds by means of associations on the European mainland.

    HideMyAss coupons


    HideMyAss strikingly pronounces HideMyAss’ apps as extremely easy to understand. In the commendable yellow/green theme, the HideMyAss apps offer a broad assortment of highlights and are extremely straightforward to explore.

    HideMyAss offers the VPN customers for Windows as well as Mac platforms as well as also Android as well as iOS gadgets. There isn’t customer handy app for the Linux. Clients wishing to plan HideMyAss on the Linux OS could download the interface-construct HMA customer for the Linux on demand.

    In the PDA classification, HMA advanced mobile phone apps are additionally available for the iPad and iPhone on iTunes as well as the HideMyAss app for the android is likewise out.

    Android app is the latest development to the HideMyAss programming family as well as much like the iOS app; it comes with the full capacity of HideMyAss highlights.

    Setting up HMA on the router could get marginally muddled. HideMyAss website has a page with the rundown of recommended switches.

    Encryption and Protocols

    Sadly, Hide VPN My Ass doesn’t make it simple to discover data on their conventions and encryption on their site. Essentially, all it lets you know is that the OpenVPN with the 256 bits encryption is the most secure. HMA offers a wide range of conventions, including L2TP/IPSec and PPTP.

    No place on Hide VPN My Ass’s site does it say what level of encryption they are utilizing, the sort of key trade, or some other security-related data. Their assistance area infers that they utilize the 256-bit encryption with the OpenVPN, however, it’s not expressed unequivocally. This abandons some inquiry with reference to how secure HMA’s encryption is.

    In the event that they are, actually, utilizing the 256-bit encryption with the OpenVPN protocol, you can be extremely certain about the security of your information. OpenVPN is the most developed convention out there and brings about protected strong associations. L2TP/IPSec and PPTP, which are likewise offered, aren’t as great however are sometimes important for running a VPN on a more seasoned gadget.

    With respect to DNS and IPv6 spills, Hide VPN My Ass gives various recommendations to clients with respect to how they can secure themselves. It’s a word of wisdom, however, we’d much rather observe security for those issues incorporated with the VPN. You can explore through their help pages to discover guidance on the best way to set up those measures, however, when different VPNs give the out-of-the-case, it’s difficult to legitimize that pursuit.

    Hide VPN My Ass and Netflix

    Getting to geo-blocked substance on the Netflix is obviously one of the significant reasons clients come to the VPN benefits in any case. So how HMA’s is citations in this regard?

    At one time HMA was known as the fundamental VPNs Netflix focused on due to its huge ubiquity among watchers. Although that has changed as now the HMA has as of late added the server particularly to be utilized to unblock the US Netflix –New York. It works for the work area as well as Android and iOS applications. In any case, clients have been revealing extremely ease back speeds because of congestion on a server. At the testing time of the VPN, we didn’t see moderate speeds or any buffering; however, it’s something you ought to be cognizant about.

    One thing we enjoyed is the activity Hide VPN My Ass takes with unblocking the Netflix – if the Netflix becomes doubtful that IP address you’re utilizing is, indeed, from the VPN then HMA will change you to another IP deliver with next to zero drops.

    Hide VPN My Ass Additional Services

    Other than ProVPN, Hide VPN My Ass gives the accompanying administrations:

    • WebProxy

    This is a free element that got HMA off the ground. HMA still uses it as the platform to advertise VPN administrations to the natives that are new to the idea of IP juggling.

    • Anonymous Email

    In the event that you are OK with the email id that closures with ‘@hmamail.com’, at that point Hide VPN My Ass’ unknown email is certain to speak to you. The element enables you to deliver the messages while remaining unknown. The email record will act naturally erasing as well as you could set the auto-erase timer as per your inclination.

    • IP – Port Proxies

    HMA offers a variety of intermediary servers accessible for a community and utilize. Utilizing these intermediaries is a brisk method to sidestep get to hinders at the sidestep level. This isn’t another element but rather Hide VPN My Ass utilizes it further supporting its good fortune by giving a rundown of Free proxies on the site, trailed by the district of an area, speed, association time, intermediary compose and obscurity level that every intermediary is fit for giving.

    • Privacy Software

    There’re three privacy programs that HMA offers. These products basically work as program modules as well as can be introduced for nothing.

    The ever well known HMA Web Proxy Browser Extension is Hide VPN My Ass’ a single tick answer for people hoping to coordinate their web program movement via one of Hide VPN My Ass’ free intermediaries with a single tick.

    • File Upload

    File Upload feature of HMA is kinda clever. It gives you a chance to transfer records and after that ensure them with password that no one but you can impart to anyone who you need to enable the access to the document. To additionally fix the clip, the HMA File Upload highlight gives you a chance to set areas as well as the IP address for which the download of the file will be permitted.

    You can likewise set the record on the timed self-destruct or set the download tally after which documents will auto-erase. This is maybe the main extra component on Hide VPN My Ass site that has any extraordinary attributes.

    Privacy Policy and Security

    Hide VPN My Ass has more terms, conditions and arrangements pages than pretty much some other VPN supplier, yet in the event that you set aside the opportunity to peruse them you’ll locate some fascinating subtle elements.

    When you enlist for a record, the organization gathers your unique IP address and amasses for up to two years after you’ve shut your record. Different VPNs commonly keep your email address just, and a couple doesn’t do that.

    Some payment subtle elements are likewise held for a long time, and correspondences with help are hidden away up to a half year. Live visit points of interest, again including your IP address, are held for a considerable length of time by another organization totally.

    Like different administrations, Hide VPN My Ass doesn’t log your web movement. Dissimilar to numerous different administrations, it logs your approaching IP address when you begin a VPN session and the IP address of the server you’re utilizing. This information is kept for in the vicinity of two and three months.

    This sort of session logging won’t make any difference in case you’re simply utilizing the VPN to secure normal web exercises like gathering email or internet shopping. In any case, in case you’re downloading downpours or doing whatever else where someone may record and research your IP address, it gives a means to them to relate those activities back to your Hide VPN My Ass account.

    In any case, every one of these endeavors appears a bit silly in the event that we memorize the organization is situated in the UK. This means HMA is obliged to keep the logs (yet incomplete) as well as hand them over to the experts upon ask. All things considered, privacy security that HMA offers ought to be sufficient for general clients. In case that you do need supreme untouchable privacy then this might not be the perfect VPN supplier for you.

    Hide VPN My Ass Support System

    Hide VPN My Ass utilizes the multi-pillared customer supportive network:

    • Email (Support Ticket)

    You could get to ‘Email’ include through the HMA support page (by clicking on ‘Help option’). The email webpage contains a simple and easy frame where you could choose the idea of your question as well as give the insights about the concern.

    • Blog

    Hide VPN My Ass distributes benefit updates and public statements on its Blog constantly. The Blog is a superb and snappy approach to find out about latest updates and offers.

    The quick method to get to Hide VPN My Ass Blog is to scroll directly down once you get to the authority Hide VPN My Ass site. The second method is to ‘Apparatuses and Contact’ on the yellow bar over the page to uncover the drop-down ban from where you can choose ‘Blog’ under ‘Associate with us’.

    • Community

    Tapping on Tools and Contact’ will uncover the drop-down ban from where you can choose the option Community under the option Connect with us’.  Tapping on ‘Group’ here will take you to the authority Hide VPN My Ass Forum where Hide VPN My Ass clients examine benefit related issues and issues. Veteran Hide VPN My Ass clients and Hide VPN My Ass workforce appears to be exceptionally dynamic on the Forums, which is dependably a decent sign and demonstrates a steady task.

    • Hide VPN My Ass Support Page:

    You can get to Hide VPN My Ass bolster page by tapping on ‘Help’ on the yellow bar over the Hide VPN My Ass page. The is an extraordinary place to begin on the off chance that you are a first time VPN client. The help page is fundamentally the headquarter of the Hide VPN My Ass learning bank. Here you can get the hang of everything there is to think about administration highlights and capacities.

    • Live Chat:

    For every one of readers who won’t be sufficiently blessed to be up in the course of the 12 hours when Hide VPN My Ass live talk support is accessible, I risked taking a screenshot of how the Hide VPN My Ass live visit symbol will look. At the point when the live chat staff chooses to effortlessness the live site guests with its gifts, you will have the capacity to see the accompanying realistic in the lower right corner of your screen.

    Hide VPN My Ass: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, refund policy:

    Hide VPN My Ass has marginally expanded its costs since last time we audited it. It offers one basic “in with no reservations” design, which now begins at $11.52 every month. This cost goes down for six or year memberships, dropping to $6.56 every month for the yearly membership.

    At time of composing, a summer deal is in progress. This gives investment funds of up to 56% on the costs recorded previously.

    HMA gives the accompanying advantages to the greater part of their endorsers paying little heed to their picked design:

    • Free custom VPN Software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
    • 2 Simultaneous associations
    • Unlimited VPN data transmission and utilization
    • Worldwide virtual IPs from in excess of 900 servers in 190+ unique nations
    • Dynamic IP tending to with a decision of more than 120000 IP addresses in geologically differing areas
    • Choice of VPN conventions: IPsec, OpenVPN, and PPTP
    • The capacity to sidestep control and geo-limitations
    • Wi-Fi hotspot security against programmers and wholesale fraud
    • VoIP support to save money on long separation costs

    A 30-day unconditional promise is accessible, yet there are critical confinements on this. Most strikingly, you may not surpass 10GB of transfer speed. It is significant that this certification does not cover buys influenced by means of to Google Play or iTunes. If it’s not too much trouble additionally observe the comments area underneath this survey, the same number of readers report not accepting a discount to which they felt entitled.

    If it’s not too much trouble additionally knows that auto-recharging of memberships is empowered of course, and should be physically changed by means of the online record control board.

    • Payment methods

    Payments are by means of PayPal, credit or debit card, iDEAL, UnionPay, bank/wire exchange, and SOFORT saving money. No Bitcoin payment alternative is accessible, however then HMA isn’t an administration to utilize if privacy matters to you in any case.

    • Refund Policy

    New requests are secured by the HMA unconditional promise, aside from orders made by means of OneBip or through the Apple iTunes Store, which they can’t discount. You are qualified for a full discount if the majority of the accompanying apply:

    • It is the principal arrange made for you (e.g. reestablishments don’t qualify);
    • You guarantee your discount within 30 days of your request date;
    • You have agreed completely with the HMA TOS;
    • You send an email to info@hidemyass.com expressing your VPN client name and the purpose behind your scratching off the administration;
    • You have utilized under 10GB of transfer speed (counting transfer and download);
    • You have not surpassed 100 sessions;
    • You have not beforehand claimed a discount from HMA under this arrangement utilizing another record.

    In the event that you have surpassed the 10GB transfer speed restraint however your unique request is for over one month, they may issue you a fractional discount in light of your utilization. Such incomplete discounts are made at their sole carefulness. Thirty days ought to be sufficient time for you to totally test out their VPN administration and support. On the off chance that for any reason, you are not totally happy with it and you meet the other criteria, they will discount your full price tag. No discounts will be given following thirty days from the buy date.

    Hide VPN Protect My Ass  Free Trial

    Hide VPN Protect My Ass does not offer any free or paid trial. You should get reassurance from the way that Hide VPN Protect My Ass offers a 30-day unconditional promise on all buys.

    While nothing can compensate for the nonappearance of a free trial, the 30-day unconditional promise comes truly close when considered notwithstanding the steady accessibility of Hide VPN Protect My Ass ‘ Free Web Proxy.

    Pros and Cons of using Hide VPN Protect My Ass :

    Every software or device has some pros and some cons. Nothing is perfect like HMA. Here are few of the pros and cons of HMA that we found while using the software.


    Have a look at the pros of HMA:

    • Huge amounts of Servers

    The quantity of servers, as well as locations represented by the HMA, is dumbfounding. 6 continents and just about 200 nations are accessible for clients. Some landmasses don’t have the same number of servers as others; however, in the event that you’re hoping to get to European or North American destinations, this is an awesome decision.

    This is particularly profitable for clients intrigued by battling against restriction from their nations. There are heaps of alternatives, and you don’t have to associate with a server over the world to escape from under the thumb of the nearby government.

    • Usability

    The HMA application is anything but difficult to utilize; simply open it, log in, pick a server, and you are ready to use the VPN. Setting most loved servers gives you a chance to reach the areas you need rapidly. The application is additionally accessible in a wide range of dialects crosswise over stages, which is incredible for the non-local English-dialect companions.

    What’s more, the way that you could purchase a switch with HMA pre-introduced on it’s awesome. We certainly suggest setting up a switch based VPN as well as that just makes it simpler.

    • Load Balancing

    At the point when every one of the clients of VPN administrations is associated utilizing a particular server, it becomes unreasonably stacked. This time speed of the specific server is diminished after a specific time. So Hide VPN Protect My Ass comes with a heap adjusting highlight that exchanges your VPN association with a without further ado stacked server. Obviously, this change is made after your favored local setting. With the goal that you will have the capacity to appreciate a speedier speed than previously.

    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Hide VPN Protect My Ass offers a money back guarantee for 30 days for your total fulfillment with their administrations. In case that you are not happy with the administration of this item, there is a 30-day discount arrangement to get back the buy sum completely. By this element, it can be effortlessly comprehended that the amount they are certain about their administrations.


    With pros, there are some cons of HMA and we have listed few cons of HMA below:

    • Logging

    The HMA has a past filled with logging data and giving it over to the law enforcement. In case you’re utilizing this VPN for the privacy, you need to ask why the supplier is keeping the logs of the activity of the users.  It’s not consoling, as well as it makes the users exceptionally hesitant to suggest Hide VPN Protect My Ass!

    • Spotty Torrenting and Netflix Streaming

    Hide VPN Protect My Ass was an exceptionally well-known decision for gushing Netflix a couple of years back. Although, its adequacy for the Netflix-watching has done the downhill as the Netflix has become better at distinguishing the VPNs. Utilizing Hide VPN Protect My Ass to watch Netflix is at times powerful. From time to time it works, however, it’s presumably not something you could depend on.


    In spite of a prominent among the VPN clients, Hide VPN Protect My Ass is ineffectively respected by those aware of everything. A major explanation behind this is its record of deceiving the clients to the specialists. It might be contended that being situated in Britain means that Hide VPN Protect My Ass has a minimal decision in such circumstances, yet whatever. It isn’t an administration that you could trust with the privacy.

    The principle motivation to pick Hide VPN Protect My Ass is the size as well as the decent variety of the VPN server arrange. It has VPN servers in more than 190 nations, so in the event that you truly require a VPN server in Equatorial Guinea, the Cook Islands, Lebanon, Haiti, or a large group of other unordinary areas, at that point Hide VPN Protect My Ass is practically the main alternative accessible.

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