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High speed, ultra secure, and easy to use. GOOSE VPN suitable for:

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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 67.25
Global UL speed 85.20
Average time to connect 12 seconds
Server locations 30 countries
Servers 72 +
IP addresses 75 +
Dynamic server switching -
E-mail response time 2 h 40 m
Live chat -
Knowledge base +

The service supports

Feature Parameter
Windows +
Mac +
Linux +
iOS +
Android +
Router +
Games consoles + / -
E-book +

Goose VPN: Get Extra Privacy and Access to all Websites

GOOSE VPN is the relative beginner in the race of the VPN market, being established in mid-2015 moreover the services having gone live in 2016. The organization is arranged in the Netherlands, a nation known for its dynamic and liberal political atmosphere. The youthful business people behind the organization thought that the GOOSE represents the best security protect one could have, as it welcomes uninvited guests with noisy gaggling as well as will never enable others to get to the premises.

A significant smart relationship for what the GOOSE VPN is attempting to give its clients in the advanced world; finish security of web activity and the protecting of one’s privacy and individual data. The users of the VPN have encountered GOOSE VPN to be an incredible choice for those looking for an astounding VPN that is too easy to utilize. It is ideal for the non-specialized clients and families.


Goose VPN has a marvelous mentality to assurance and has the particular learning and mastery to back it up. However, as far as immovable quality and speed no other provider really touches the Goose VPN.

Privacy and Logs

Goose VPN has super quick and secure servers which convey satisfactory encryption to protect your obscurity and secure your own data on the web. The administration uses the immense 256-piece encryption innovation which offers strong encryption and assurance. The clients have given an 8.5 out of 10 rating.


The Goose VPN has servers in Asia, Africa, and Europe and in addition the United States. There are 24 servers in various areas and the clients of Goose VPN have given an 8 out of 10 rating to the servers.


The fortunate thing about Goose VPN is that they have extremely stable servers that enable you to utilize their assets at full speed. Along these lines, you don’t have to stress over speed confinement while getting to specific sites, for example, sites that can typically just be gotten to in specific districts. Due to its speed, the clients have given an 8.5 out of 10.

Client Support

Fortunately, Goose VPN’s client bolster is prepared to help you with any inquiries you may have. The clients were extremely awed with how their request was taken care of — subsequent to reaching by means of ticket and email, the clients heard once more from help in a little more than 20 minutes. Because of their great client bolster benefit, the clients have given 9 out of 10 rating.

Servers, Server Status Page

Goose VPN has servers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. At present 24 servers are accessible and this rundown is consistently developing. Obviously, a portion of the huge contending suppliers right now have more servers accessible, yet GOOSE is a still a youthful organization which is growing quickly. As expressed before we tested their present servers and finished up they are exceptionally steady and offer incredible association speeds. Moreover, in the event that you are intrigued to have another server introduced in a particular area, you can flag this to Goose and they will think about your demand for future updates.

Down beneath you will discover a rundown with every single accessible server. It is demonstrated whether a server supports P2P, which means one can utilize these servers to download securely and namelessly.

GOOSEVPN reviews

Speed Test

At the GOOSE VPN they utilize two distinctive security conventions you can look over. You have the decision among the OpenVPN convention as well as the IKEv2 convention. The OpenVPN has an upside of being founded on the OpenSSL, empowering it to completely use the related encryption procedures of that convention. Also, it’s open source which implies that there’re steady security refreshes. Then again you have the IKEv2 convention which by and large offers strong encryption as well as offers higher association speed.

A few speed tests were led from the office in the Netherlands utilizing IKEv2 Protocol. At the point when associated with the VPN server, one generally loses some association pace as the web movement is going through an outer server while being encoded. As could be found in the picture underneath, on account of the GOOSE VPN speed misfortune is exceptionally negligible.


Another thing that hit the users was the time duration that it takes to associate with the servers; the way toward beginning the application as well as interfacing with the server is madly quick. Associating with servers in a similar nation takes roughly 1 second, whereas interfacing with the servers at the opposite side of the globe takes almost 2 to 3 seconds. The users were entirely awed, as they have tested numerous VPN administrations and the association procedure can, for the most part, be very tedious.


At the point when Goose VPN first began they were just accessible with a couple of gadgets. However, they have as of late redesigned and are presently good with an entire scope of frameworks and programming. It is vital for a VPN to be good with a scope of gadgets to guarantee to claim web security on our cell phones and our PCs, particularly on open Wi-Fi.

Goose VPN enables people to interface with all the standard frameworks, including Mac, Windows, IOS as well as Android. They additionally enable you to associate with Chrome, NAS, Linux, and even your course which they prescribe for extreme security. What we particularly preferred about the administration is they offer boundless associations with every one of your gadgets. This implies you can have assurance on every one of the gadgets, regardless of whether you claim over the standard 3 to 5. It additionally implies that you can loan your record to loved ones yet I don’t figure Goose VPN would need you doing this.

In the wake of enlisting on the site, you will have the capacity to download as well as launch the GOOSE VPN client. The establishment strategy is simple and clear as crystal, and after establishment, you are online with the new VPN in a matter of seconds.

In the event that you think that it’s hard to set up the VPN on any of the previously mentioned stages then you could go to their official site for nitty-gritty aides on the best way to set every framework for the Goose VPN. Obviously, this data is just accessible in the individuals Download area. Perusers ought to likewise realize that the product application is fundamentally the same as overall stages. Introducing Goose VPN over any stages is as basic and speedy as it is on the Windows platform.

Protocols and Encryption

The application of Goose VPN gives you the access to the IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec VPN conventions. Out of all these alternatives, you are in an ideal situation utilizing the OpenVPN. This provides most complete security as well as most grounded privacy assurance of the greater part of the accessible VPN frameworks.

The Goose VPN execution of the OpenVPN utilizes the AES figure. This encryption framework was authorized by US government for its own particular utilize as well as it offers great assurance. The quality of the encryption figure lies in the key. A programmer can utilize robotized techniques to go through each conceivable blend of the characters in the way to split it. The more extended a key, the more it might take to get it by savage power. Goose VPN’s AES encryption utilizes the 256-bit input. This is equivalent to the length utilized by the finest VPNs in the business as well as it is un-crackable.

One issue with the AES is that a similar key is utilized to encode and decode information. This implies the two closures in the association need to have a similar key. Things being what they are, the issue is, how would you send the encryption key over the web without giving snoopers a chance to get it? The appropriate response is open key encryption. The OpenVPN utilizes the RSA figure to secure the dispersion of the AES keys. An open key figure has an alternate key to decode messages to the individual that scrambled them.

You can’t get the unscrambling key from an encryption enter out in the open key frameworks, so there’s no hazard when an encryption key is propelled over a decoded association. Likewise, with the AES, the quality of RSA encryption lies in the key length that is utilized. Most VPNs utilize a 2048-bits RSA key. This is the length of key utilized by the Goose VPN application. The most excellent VPNs utilize 4098-bits keys for the RSA. In any case, the 2048-bits key is sufficiently strong.

Goose VPN and Netflix

Even though high association speeds, the GOOSE VPN enabled the users to watch Netflix while being associated by means of VPN. Numerous VPN suppliers don’t support this component any longer since the Netflix has been currently attempting to block the clients from watching their services while utilizing the VPN. It appears GOOSE VPN has so far possessed the capacity to sidestep the Netflix barricade. In principle, one should utilize the OpenVPN for viewing Netflix with the Goose, as that is the convention with Netflix similarity. Be that as it may, for the users the Netflix filled in too with the speedier IKEv2, which was a charming however unforeseen amazement.

Goose VPN Additional Services

With a specific end goal to defend your secrecy and your own data on the web, sufficient encryption of the web activity is fundamental. GOOSE VPN uses the 256-bit encryption innovation, offering strong insurance and encryption. Rest guaranteed that you can peruse, download and stream in entire obscurity when Goose is dynamic on your PC, tablet or Smartphone.

  • P2P convention

GOOSE VPN underpins the P2P convention on some of its servers. In the customer application, this is shown with “P2P (download)” behind the servers where this applies. This implies associating with these servers empowers you to download by means of downpour destinations like ThePirateBay with no issues. On the off chance that a server does not bolster the P2P convention, this is demonstrated behind the server with “No P2P (no download)”.

  • OpenVPN and IKEv2 convention

At GOOSE VPN they utilize two diverse security conventions you can browse. You have the decision between the OpenVPN convention and the IKEv2 convention. OpenVPN has the benefit of being founded on OpenSSL, empowering it to completely use the related encryption systems of that convention. Moreover, it’s open source which implies that there are steady security refreshes. Then again you have the IKEv2 convention which for the most part offers strong encryption and offers a higher association speed.

Privacy Policy and Security

The privacy dealings of Goose VPN are strong. You have 2 levels of “secrecy” with the service. Initially, the organization provides you a scope of chances to conceal your personality in the record creation arranges. By choosing the correct installment choices, you could give a phony name and utilize the burner email record to make the user totally untraceable via the organization’s participation record.

Payment Options Policy

Installment alternatives incorporate a Bitcoin and Mint prepaid card. With the Mint, you could go into the store as well as put money on a card, so there’s no connection between the installment card as well as the name or the address. Bitcoin is likewise totally mysterious. The organization doesn’t log the IP address when the user agrees to accept the services, so there’s no connection amongst you as well as the record.

You need to enter the email deliver to set up a record. Nonetheless, you could without much of a stretch make a webmail represent that reason. In spite of the fact that you needn’t bother with any data from the appreciated email that will be sent to the user and the user don’t need to confirm the email deliver to actuate the record, it is smarter to have genuine email address for interchanges with a VPN organization just in the event that you have to contact the help group. Be that as it may, it doesn’t need to be the general email address.

Logging Policy

The 2nd level of obscurity that these services give you lies in the logging approach. The organization expresses that no information is hung on the servers that the user interface through. This implies law requirement organizations or legal advisors in the purviews of server areas have no expectation of regularly grabbing any data about the user or the user’s activities on the web.

There’re logs held at the organization’s base camp in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, those logs don’t contain any data on your exercises. That is, there’s no logging of locales the user visit via the services and there’s no recognition of the sort of information that goes through VPN servers.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of services is refreshingly clear. Organization doesn’t store the user’s IP address, and doesn’t record the starting s well as ending times of each and every session. This would form an “association log.” This sort of the log might help anybody seeking after you to follow your associations through the VPN to the ISP as well as on to the PC in home.

There’s imperative live information that must be held in a VPN server over the span of your association. This procedural data is unavoidable on the grounds that generally the VPN server wouldn’t have the capacity to forward on to the user reactions to the PC’s solicitations for website pages and web administrations. Notwithstanding, this information is lost at the time when you end the session.

The logs that the organization keeps can be portrayed as “activity logs.” That is the record of the measure of information that has goes through the administration for your sake. This data is enlisted against your record name and not the IP address. In this manner, in the event that the user utilize a transitory email address for the record as well as pay using Mint or Bitcoin, it’s extremely unlikely that an outsider that gets the court arrange for a VPN organization’s records would ever trail you down.

Goose VPN Support System

The FAQ page and contact form of the site are joined. The highest point of the page contains the FAQ area.

Contact Form or Email

Scroll the website page down to get to the detail of the points of interest of organization and furthermore discover the contact form that will empower you to put in a help ask. In the event that you would prefer not to fill in the contact form then you could send an email to the address given on the website page. Despite the fact that the organization gives its phone number on their page, it doesn’t offer help by telephone.

Live Chat

There’s a live chat framework for help. In any case, this isn’t manned all day and all night and is additionally exceptionally hard to get hold of. A button at the base right of the site offers access to the live chat window.

When the user hit on the button, he will be taken to the help page. The header of the visit interface flies up underneath the help talk button when you land on the page. Although, there is a programming bug in this procedure and the chat window header vanishes inside a few seconds, making it relatively difficult to tap on it. In the event that you go over the way toward tapping on the help button a couple of times you will develop the expertise to be sufficiently brisk to open up the chat window. At the point when nobody is keeping an eye on the assistance work area, this interface will give you the contact form.

User Forum

One more divert for help is in the user forum. The user can peruse through discussion themes to see whether any other individual has experienced an issue that they may require an answer for. Individuals who post inquiries at the user forum find solutions from different individuals and furthermore from the care staff. In the event that a user doesn’t see a current inquiry that matches their concern then they can post the question.

Goose VPN: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, Refund Policy

The Goose VPN offers the user different pricing plans, payment methods and a good refund policy. The details of each are mentioned below. Have a look

Pricing Plans

GOOSE VPN chooses an open approach and keeps it membership structure basic. There are essentially 2 bundles to browse: the Basic Package for €2.99 every month and an Unlimited Package for €6.99 every month. Installment strategies incorporate Creditcard, IDEAL, PayPal as well as GiroPay. The service enables the users to experiment with the VPN for 30 days without any fee, in spite of the fact that this free trial accompanies the data limit of 100 MB.

  • Basic subscription (€2.99 monthly)

The essential membership has a neighborly sticker price of just €2.99 every month. This membership accompanies an information point of confinement of 50 GB for each month, which could get the job done for easygoing web clients. More exceptional web clients will require in excess of 50 GB however, including the individuals who like downloading huge documents and those much of the time spilling by means of Youtube, Netflix or Kodi. When you achieve the 50 GB confine, you should pay to acquire additional information. The user can buy this additional information through the site or by means of the customer (which is very simple). A 5 GB knock in the data will set the user back an extra €0.49 over the month to month expense.

  • Unlimited subscription (€6.99 monthly)

In addition to the Basic bundle there is an Unlimited Package, with which you will have boundless information and P2P-similarity (downloading by means of downpours). The Unlimited membership (called Unlimited GOOSE) costs €6.99 every month. Same concerning the Basic membership, you are permitted a free 30 day trial with the boundless membership. This membership is perfect for families and general clients that like downloading and spilling, for instance through Netflix or Kodi.

Payment Methods

The users could pay for their membership with MasterCard or Visa card (credit or charge), PayPal, or the Mint online prepayment framework. The Mint alternative would be the best option in the event that the user needs something somewhat more unknown. This framework is a prepaid card, which the user can stack up with a trade out a nearby store. The users can likewise pay with Bitcoin, yet that installment choice is accessible for yearly memberships.

Refund Policy

All new GOOSE VPN accounts have a no-questions-asked 30-day unconditional trial if under 100MB of data has been utilized. In the event that a client scratches off their GOOSE VPN membership, they will have their installment discounted if the above conditions are met.

Discount of installments for memberships where transmission capacity utilization surpassed 100MB are at the watchfulness of the GOOSE VPN service. As a dependable guideline, they do issue discounts for the services with the abused data transfer capacity in situations when the clients encounter continuous uncertain specialized issues with the GOOSE VPN programming. All the deposit installments to the GOOSE VPN are non-refundable.

This does not influence the 30 Day trial for testing. These conditions apply after the principal installment to a membership has been made. Cancelation is conceivable whenever before the end of a free trial.

To claim the refund, the user must:

  1. Go to the GOOSE VPN customer region and demand a prompt service cancelation.
  2. Open another charging support ticket and educate the billing division that you ask for the refund.

The refund will be prepared within 10 working days.

Goose VPN Free Trial

The Goose VPN has an amazing 30-day free trial which enables the clients to try the services hazard free. They simply need to make sure to scratch off the agreement before their one month from now begins else they will lose this reward. They do need to put down a couple of pennies before taking the free trial yet this isn’t an issue. The GOOSE VPN doesn’t offer a refund approach, which is fine thinking about the extensive free trial.

Pros and Cons of using Goose VPN

Everything has its pros and cons and so does the Goose VPN and here we have listed the pros and cons of Goose VPN.


The Goose VPN isn’t really a standout amongst the best VPN services; however, it has a few highlights that make it a contender against its bigger rivals. Here are few of the advantages of Goose VPN. Have a look.

  • Almost free trial

The trial period of 30 days offered by GOOSE VPN is almost free and the users of the VPN don’t have to pay the money to try their VPN services.

  • Wide platform support

The GOOSE VPN is offered for a variety of platforms such as Windows, MAC OS, Android, iOS, Linux as well as many other platforms and this is what the users like about this.

  • Supports unlimited devices

Like some other VPN service providers, there is no restriction on the number of devices that the users can connect with the VPN. They can connect as many devices as they want to.

  • Unblocks Netflix

The users of GOOSE VPN can watch their favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix as it unblocks the site and makes it easier for the users.

The fortunate thing about Goose VPN is that they have extremely stable servers that enable you to utilize their assets at full speed. Along these lines, you don’t have to stress over speed confinement while getting to specific sites, for example, sites that can normally just be gotten to in specific areas.


Like Goose VPN has so many pros, it has few cons as well and some of the cons of Goose VPN include:

  • Pricey

Truth is that when the users take a look at the valuing, it might be somewhat expensive, particularly thinking about its restricted scope of highlights and accessible servers, despite the fact that it isn’t extremely normal that a VPN supplier offers such huge numbers of P2P servers at a very early stage in its reality.

  • Only two available protocols

Unlike other VPN service provider the GOOSE VPN has just 2 available protocols known as OpenVPN and IKEv2 and the users of this VPN consider this a major drawback.

  • Short on additional features

The Goose VPN doesn’t offer so many additional features like the other VPN service providers and that’s why the users don’t like this.


GOOSE VPN is anything but difficult to utilize; the customer interface just contains the vital data and settings and is extremely intelligible for easygoing VPN clients. The servers are quick and you are permitted to download deluges on numerous committed P2P servers. We likewise figured out how to watch the American form of Netflix by associating with a USA server from the Netherlands.

With GOOSE VPN it is just conceivable to get a full discount amid the 30 day trial in the event that you have not utilized in excess of 100 MB information while associated with Goose. This implies that the user’s €0.45 check charge to enroll for the free trial won’t be repaid on the off chance that the user surpasses 100 MB, which does not strike us as a major issue. Having encountered GOOSE VPN ourselves we don’t expect that numerous clients will ask for a discount, as Goose appears to offer an extremely focused bundle at an exceptionally sensible cost.

To finish up, Goose VPN is particularly fascinating for the ones looking for a straightforward, subjective and quick VPN. P2P and Netflix similarity are additionally essential resources. Memberships begin at €2.99 every month, despite the fact that we anticipate that most clients will settle on the unlimited bundle of €6.99 every month, for boundless surfing, spilling and downloading delight.

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