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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 45.75
Global UL speed 29.65
Average time to connect 9 seconds
Server locations 85 countries
Servers 1340 +
IP addresses 1 400 +
Dynamic server switching -
E-mail response time 1h 25 m
Live chat +
Knowledge base +

The service supports

Feature Parameter
Windows +
Mac +
Linux +
iOS +
Android +
Router -
Games consoles -
E-book -

CyberGhost VPN: The Mainstream VPN with a Free Account

CyberGhost is a VPN service provider founded in 2009. It is known for being one of the only VPN service providers that offer a free account with their paid subscriptions. CyberGhost has not yet reached the popularity of the world scale, however, the number of its customers has already crossed the line of 10 million users.

CyberGhost is offering its services in more than 58 countries. Its server coverage includes more than 700 servers, which try to meet the requirements of their customers to the maximum. CyberGhost is available in a wide range of devices, including iPhone, Android, Desktop, and Mac. They are using all the latest technologies to guarantee their customers the best services. The company focuses on additional features and the usability of the VPN. There are many amazing features that you get when using CyberGhost. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • CyberGhost pays special attention to the privacy of the customers. They have an excellent policy of no logs, which will allow users to surf the Internet without any monitoring of their online activity by the Internet provider.
  • The company was previously based in Romania and now in Israel. This provides complete protection of private information because there is no NSA or government spying.
  • The main feature of CyberGhost is that it is easy to use and has a very attractive interface.
  • Users can have up to 5 simultaneous connections.
  • CyberGhost provides assistance at any time you need, as it has 24/7 customer support.

cyberghost review


After a detailed study of the system, its performance and the protection it provides, it was rated at 9.5 points out of 10. If you read reviews of regular customers, you will understand why it is a reliable network. We found only a few users who were left unsatisfied with VPN because of problems in the interface. In general, CyberGhost VPN is great and provides the perfect protection of your online presence in the digital world.


The company provides its services in 58 countries. Currently, they are working hard to expand their server coverage and provide their services in even more countries. You may have noticed that when you receive the VPN service package, you need to assure that your system is installed in your home or office in order to get the required services. However, the most important feature of CyberGhost is that it knows how to work on the Internet and will do everything for you. It means that you do not have to deal with the installation of any systems or other set-top boxes. All you have to is get the access to their system online and you will be able to get the services that you are looking for.

Regardless of whether you use a free account or the paid services once you have connected to the server of CyberGhost, you will not have to deal with anything. CyberGhost was able to present the latest no-spy server. The company has installed the entire setup of the server in Romania and they have claimed that it is not available to NSA agencies. The best thing about this newly launched server is that it controls all other servers of the company that is available to us.

They have made their company spy free, as well as make the online browsing of their customers out of reach. The company wants to provide its services globally so everyone can have a protected and private online time. It is very easy to get connected to the server of CyberGhost because there are no special requirements that you will have to deal with. All you need is your account on CyberGhost.

Speed Test

A common problem most VPN users have been dealing with is the decreased speed. The reason is that once they are connected to the nearby serverб the system is already overloaded since most of the connection speed is being used by the server. That is why the overall loading speed of the websites is reduced. In order to deal with this situation, CyberGhost was developed using the latest tools and technology to assure that the user will not be affected by the slow speed. The company claimed to provide extremely fast speed. After conducting different speed tests on the system, the following results were generated.

Download Speed

The first thing that the server slowdowns are the download speed of the system. After conducting the speed test, it was found that the speed of CyberGhost is 73.5 Mbits/s. Compared to the general downloading speed on the Internet it may seem slow. However, you have to consider the fact that the server has to use some of your speed to make the connection secure. This is the reason why speed can be reduced. Nevertheless, when you actually download something, having the server, you will not feel any reduction and it will look like the server is working perfectly.

DNS Speed

One of the most important things that the users have to consider is how long it will take to load the web pages and websites. When this test was performed on CyberGhost, it scored very well. Search and loading time of the websites have been reduced. It means that the websites were quickly loaded even after the servers were connected. It is the upside of the system because you will not have to waste your time waiting for the websites to be loaded so you can continue to work.

VPN Connectivity Speed

It is important for users to know how long it takes for the VPN to establish the connection when the connection button is clicked. In this category, the performance of CyberGhost was somewhat disappointing. Some of the servers were connected quickly while others took a little longer to connect. However, once a successful connection was established, the system’s speed was stabilized.


It is important to pay attention to the compatibility of CyberGhost. There are many other servers on the market that are connected with only a few systems just because they were developed for this software. The main feature of CyberGhost is that it is compatible with the following software:

  • Android,
  • iOS for iPhone and iPad,
  • Windows Desktop,
  • Mac.

cyberghost vpn review

It means that you can use the system on any device you like. The developers paid special attention to the compatibility of the servers. They understand that the pace of development and modern technologies will allow creating new software, rather than individual elements compatible with this software. Finally, this will reduce the number of customers of the company. Thus, in order to avoid such a situation, the company regularly updates the servers. They are working with all the technologies to assure that they will not have to deal with any problems.

Most of the users complained that when they are using a VPN server the system is easily connected to one software and it takes time to connect to other software. However, with CyberGhost, you do not have to solve such issues. The reason is that they have developed a unique system for every available software. Despite what device or system you use, you no longer have to wait. You will quickly get the link for your software and device.

Protocols and Encryption

In order to provide proper protection and security to the users, the company is using the latest security protocols. Presently, CyberGhost uses OpenVPN protocols. However, the company claims that they use the system primarily because soon they will upgrade it to the latest version to assure they can provide their customers with the best services.

To get the secured connection, they are providing the following services to their customers:

  • AES-256-CBC encryption,
  • SHA256 hash authentication,
  • RSA-4096 key encryption,
  • AES-256 encryption,
  • SHA384 hash authentication,
  • ECDH-4096 key exchange.

These are the data and control channel protocols that allow the users to have the best effects. They provide perfect direct confidentiality for the customers to assure that they do not have to deal with any issues while using the VPN server.

The OpenVPN network system of the server is amazing and it will never disappoint you at any time. They do not use any pre-shared keys for the L2TP connections. It is a worthy approach taken by the system because it helps to get the system connected in a limited time. The more you will use CyberGhost the better you will understand how the security system was protected.

To assure that the users will get the fastest speed, they will soon change their protocols. However, you should know that the payments and orders are not processed by CyberGhost. Perhaps they provided the benefits of different payment methods but you must be careful during the system to assure that you do not have to deal with any fake payment system because they will only rob your money. This is the reason that the entire payment process has been clarified by the system to assure that users receive the services they need. The customers are free to use any payment technique they need.

CyberGhost and Netflix

Netflix is one of the largest online providers of streaming services where you can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, Netflix is not available in most countries which is why users go to the VPN servers. They use the VPN to assure that they can access Netflix and all the shows that they want to enjoy.

However, considering this issue, Netflix improved its protection to block all other VPNs that are used to access its services in parts of the world where they are not available. This is the reason why most of the people were deprived of using Netflix and different amazing services that comes with it.

To cope with this situation, CyberGhost has expanded its security protocol in the same way as Netflix. This is the reason that the users were not able to access Netflix. The system has been upgraded with such services to assure that all the users can easily access Netflix from anywhere in the world.

It is very easy to access VPN with the help of the server provided by the VPN. First, you have to assure that you are connecting to the server. There are different servers available on CyberGhost and there is a possibility that you will not be able to access Netflix on each server. So, it will be better if you change them. In accordance with the security level, you will get one that will allow you to use Netflix without any errors. It depends on the location of the server that you are using.

When the system is connected to Netflix and you are able to enjoy the movies that come with it, you need to make sure that the CyberGhost connection is not disabled. The moment your connection disconnects you will lose the streaming and there are chances that you will have to watch it all over again. It would be better if you use the proxy so that you will not have to deal with the same issues again.

CyberGhost Additional Services

Most people think that CyberGhost is similar to other VPNs, which can only hide the user’s online presence. However, CyberGhost is not only protecting your data but providing many other additional services.

cyberghost free

Hide IP

It will hide your IP address. This means that no one will be able to know your location and the device that you may have used to access the website.  You not only get a simple browser protection but also full protection of your personal data. Neither hackers nor authorities will be able to find out what you are doing in the digital world.

Restricted Website Accessibility

With CyberGhost you will get the restricted website accessibility. It means that you can access any website on the Internet whether it has been restricted by your government, Internet service provider or any other authorities. Your location will be hidden and you will receive a fake location while you are using the services.

Safe Transactions

A common issue that people face is unsafe transactions. Their credit card number and other information can be stolen that leads to other issues. However, with CyberGhost you will receive secure online transactions. You do not have to worry about your credit card information being stolen because everything will be highly protected with CyberGhost.

Protection against Hackers and Virus

Cyber-attacks are common these days, and CyberGhost will protect you from all such problems. It will guard your entire system with a secure firewall. All the viruses and emails that are sent to you will be checked to assure that you will not have to deal with any kind of viral attacks.

Protection for all Devices

There is no need for extra packages for every device you have. After selecting the package that you want to use, there is nothing to worry about anymore. You can use the same package for all your devices. It is compatible with the entire system because this is the only way to get pleasure from the services that come with it.

Privacy Policy and Security

CyberGhost pays special attention to the security and privacy policy of its system. They want the users to feel safe and that’s why they use the best security policy. The entire system was developed using the latest algorithms and codes to assure that the hackers cannot access the system while customers are using it. We all know how fast the Internet is updated, which means that the system will be vulnerable to attacks. However, the developers of CyberGhost are taking this matter seriously.

They upgrade the system on regular basis according to the changing rules and regulations of the Internet. They understand the protection requirements of their users and this is the reason they are not ready to take any risks. You will not be able to notice the downtime of the VPN during updates since they do everything very quickly. As a result, users are able to enjoy the completely protected VPN servers 24/7.

When it comes to the privacy policy of CyberGhost, the company is changing the game. You may have noticed several times that most of the VPN service provider will use your information and they will sell it to 3rd party vendors. However, this does not apply to CyberGhost. They will not ask you for any personal information but you will have to give your credit card number to the company and be sure it will be completely protected. You do not have to deal with any issues when using the CyberGhost services. The best thing about the services is that when they upgrade their privacy policy they inform their customers to assure that they can continue to use the system if they are satisfied with the policy, and if not, they can quit anytime they like.

CyberGhost Support System

One of the most important things you have to consider is the support system for CyberGhost. Most users are satisfied with the customer support system of the company because they are providing the following services:

  • Their customer support system is available 24/7. They understand that they have different customers from all over the world, and they have to manage their services accordingly. The only way to satisfy the requirements of the customers is to maintain the 24/7 customer support service.
  • The team is highly responsive. They will make sure to reply to your question as soon as possible. You do not have to wait extra-long because they understand that you can deal with some problem, and the only way to solve your problem is to give you a quick response.
  • CyberGhost provides live chat services. It means that you do not even have to wait for a few seconds to get the answers to the questions that you were looking for. You will notice that the company services will respond whether the answer is available on their FAQ page or they will connect you with the authorities so that you can get a reliable solution. In case the solution for your answer is not available, they will simply ask you for some patience and you will surely get the answer to your question within limited time because that is the best way for CyberGhost to meet the demands of its customers.
  • Some users have previously complained that the customer support of CyberGhost was not very responsive. They did not understand that sometimes the server is disconnected or the user’s Internet connection is low due to which they cannot get the answer to their question. It is important that you wait for a few minutes because the developers of CyberGhost are doing their best to assure that they will never disappoint their clients.

CyberGhost: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, Refund Policy

To assure that all types of customers can easily use the services that come with CyberGhost, the company has developed different types of payment plans and a refund policy. Below there are some of the things you have to consider.


There are three different plans of CyberGhost that you can choose:

  • 1 month for $11.99 per month;
  • 1 year for $5.99 per month;
  • 2 years for $3.50 per month.

You can select the plan that meets your requirements perfectly. However, you need the continuous VPN for your home or office because of the limitations that your country has. 1 or 2 years plan would be ideal because it will allow you to use the secure Internet at an affordable price. If you need the server once in a while then the monthly subscription would be more affordable because you do not have to pay for the whole year. Choose the most convenient plan for you.

Payment Methods

To meet the requirements of the customers, they select different payment methods. It helps customers from different countries to choose the method that would be most affordable for them. Some of the common payment methods are:

  • Credit cards of all types, whether it is a MasterCard or Visa,
  • PayPal,
  • Bitpay,
  • Others.

There are no restrictions on which type of payment method you can select. Each user is free to choose any technique.

cyberghost premium

Refund Policy

Most users are concerned about the refund policy in case they are not satisfied with the services. CyberGhost understands that you may have some other requirements that the company is not yet able to meet. This is the reason that they are providing the 30-day money-back guarantee. It means that you will return your money within 30 days of payment. The best part is that the refund policy is available for all CyberGhost plans. It does not matter whether you choose a monthly or an annual package, if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back.

CyberGhost Free Trial

There are many customers who like to test the services first because they can pay for the package that they would like to choose. To satisfy the customers, CyberGhost is available with the 7-day free trial. You can use the system free for 7 days without any restrictions.

Even within 7 days of a free trial, you will enjoy all the services that you are looking for. They do not limit any services to the paid package. The company wants to fully acquaint the customers with how their services can benefit them and this is why they provide all types of available services. Once you get access to CyberGhost you do not have to deal with any issue. You will get the full possibility of the device whether you will use CyberGhost in the future or not. All CyberGhost services are the same for everyone. There are no hidden charges. All the services of CyberGhost are transparent and of high quality.

Pros and Cons of using CyberGhost

The developers of CyberGhost have assured that they provide the customers with the best services but there are still some disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons you will have to deal with while using CyberGhost VPN.


  • It is completely private with an amazing logs policy;
  • Due to the hidden location, there are no threats of spying, which means you will get the VPN service for a long time;
  • 5 connections with the easy-to-use software;
  • Live chat support is available 24/7;
  • P2P torrenting services are available;
  • Designed with many wonderful features;
  • Speed is greater than average;
  • The free plan is available for the customers;
  • There are several bonus features available;
  • It comes with 30-day money back guarantee;
  • CyberGhost accepts Bitcoin, which means that you can pay with the digital currency anytime you like.


  • In CyberGhost there are several servers that can sometimes be slow;
  • Live chat is sometimes slow to respond;
  • There are some drawbacks in the software interface that you will have to deal with.


Currently, the protection of your online presence is very important. There are many other VPNs available on the market but CyberGhost is the most trustworthy and reliable because it provides the customers with the best services. It will worth your time and money because such extraordinary services are not available on any other platform. You will enjoy using CyberGhost. There are some disadvantages to using CyberGhost but the company is working hard to resolve these issues.

Undoubtedly, CyberGhost is one of the best VPN service providers that you will find. The software of the system is easy to use and there are no special techniques that you will need to learn in order to use the services. With the generosity of 5 connections and the strong encryption services, it is good for personal and commercial use.

The only issue is that there are some software interface bugs that you might have to deal with. However, it does not affect the performance of the VPN. Fast performance and powerful features make it worth a try. So, don’t wast your time and try an authentic VPN service provider such as CyberGhost for your home and commercial online browsing.

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