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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 90.55
Global UL speed 90.56
Average time to connect 29 seconds
Server locations 36 countries
Servers 210+
IP addresses 210+
Dynamic server switching +
E-mail response time -
Live chat -
Knowledge base +

The service supports

Feature Parameter
Windows +
Mac +
Linux +
iOS +
Android +
Router + / -
Games consoles -
E-book -

AirVPN: Get the best online flexibility and protection

AirVPN was begun in 2010 as an undertaking of a little gathering of activists or hacktivists who were worried about online flexibility and protection. It was made as a free support of assistance activists in nations which did not regard human rights. Before long it was discharged financially under the bearing of Iridium. In 2012 it was relocated to a committed organization, Air. All through this whole period, AirVPN’s central goal has continued as before; to give the services and tools important to give well-built anonymity, ensure online protection, and save the idea of the net neutrality for all the Internet clients.


AirVPN has a fabulous attitude to protection, as well as has the specialized knowledge and expertise to back it up. Not exclusively is bona fide security conceivable because of the help for VPN via Tor, however in terms of unwavering quality and speed no other supplier truly touches the AirVPN.


AirVPN includes a layer of security for your IP privacy by giving an alternate login and logout IP address. This exceptionally inconspicuous detail is extremely esteemed, as high security is subject to layering of various security strategies and procedures. Your information is kept anonymous and for anonymity the users of AirVPN has given it 5 stars.


There is positively no issue around there! AirVPN offers propelled encryption at quick speed, with negligible turbulence amid top hours and such. With full similarity in regards to OS and gadgets, you can expect nothing not as much as first class security and incomparable consistency. The users have given 5 stars rating to the performance of AirVPN.


AirVPN is offering the users a number of excellent features and the users are satisfied with the services and features they are offering such as no log policy, p2p support, ability to run the VPN over Tor and vice versa along with so many other features and that’s why the users have give it excellent rating.


One you agree to accept AirVPN, they have a simple speedy download and setup programming customer for all platforms as well as simple to take after the guidelines to go ahead. Reaching AirVPN was simple and the reaction time was quick. General input from client surveys is by all accounts for the most part on the positive end. The group is committed to the reason for privacy, unhindered internet and information security, and treats their clients with a similar enthusiasm which gives more than 4.5 out of 5 to the client support of AirVPN.

Value for Money

With so many pricing plans including monthly, quarterly, and half yearly and yearly, you can choose the best that suits you. The users are satisfied with their pricing strategy as they are offering so many features and that’s why the users have given it a 5-star rating regarding the value for money.

Overall AirVPN has a 9.8 out of 10 rating and that makes it the best.

Servers, Server Status Page

AirVPN is situated in Italy and incorporates servers in 30+ urban communities of 16 nations on three unique landmasses. Despite the fact that the lion’s share of their servers are in Europe, they likewise have servers in America as well as in Asia.

The rundown of nations incorporate Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, the UK, and the USA.

AirVPN’s site additionally contains a devoted status page where you can screen the infrastructure of the services.

In spite of the fact that AirVPN might not have the quantity of servers that some VPN suppliers do, they have numerous server areas in the US and servers deliberately put in Asia and Europe. As should be obvious, everything except a couple of the AirVPN servers has high speed of 1000 Mbit/s. This, alongside keeping server stack low, helps the overall execution of their system.

Speed Test

AirVPN did well in the most of the speed tests. The speed of their server in Jacksonville, FL was great. It demonstrated just around 7% diminish versus the speed of the ISP without the VPN. Although, the execution of some different servers in their system was not comparable to the Jacksonville one from the area where it was checked but they do make it simple to see the present status of every one of their servers in their customer. In the event that the execution of the one you associate with isn’t what you might want, take an attempt at interfacing with another near one with low ping time as well as load percentage. This should give you the execution you need.

AirVPN reviews

As should be obvious there was a 7% contrast in speed between the association straightforwardly to the ISP and the association with a server in Jacksonville FL. Contrasts between servers we tested differed as much as 30% relying upon the separation from us. Some misfortune in association speed is normal, however it is well justified, despite all the trouble for the additional security gave via AirVPN’s abnormal state of encryption. With a speed of right around 52 Mbps or even 37 Mbps (accepting 30% more abatement), you ought to be content with the execution of the AirVPN benefit. Due to the irregularities in ISP speeds, your execution could fluctuate so make certain to test it yourself.


In addition to the Eddie work area customer, AirVPN gives set-up guidelines to MacOS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android. It additionally underpins different switches, including DD-WRT, AsusWRT, Tomato, pfSense as well as TOR. The services accessible are perfect – their OpenVPN for the Android have been tested while carrying out the research for the AirVPN and you couldn’t whine about a single thing. The application rapidly reconnects when the gadget moves between switches or changes from portable to WiFi associations and there are positively no DNS leaks.

Connecting from Windows

AirVPN has a custom customer for Windows called Eddie which will give you a chance to associate with any server in their system utilizing the OpenVPN convention. You can download the customer from their site. It can be keep running on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Connect with the Mac OS X and Linux Clients

AirVPN additionally has “Eddie” customer programming for Mac OS X and Linux. These customers work likewise to the Windows programming with the special case that they utilize capacities and highlights of their particular OSs to execute the system lock as well as different highlights. They can likewise be downloaded from the AirVPN site. Both additionally utilize a safe rendition of the OpenVPN convention for encryption and system verification. The Mac customer is intended to keep running on Mac OS X Mavericks or later. Different adaptations of Linux are supported by the AirVPN programming including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE.

Using the AirVPN Service on Mobile Devices

Despite the fact that they don’t have their own particular applications for iOS and Android gadgets, they support the OpenVPN applications from different hotspots for these cell phones. Also, they have advisers to install as well as configure them to utilize their administration on the AirVPN site. They have a document generator to make it less demanding for you to produce the ovp records expected to run their service on the iOS as well as Android gadgets. Aides for designing their service with the pfSense programming, Asus-WRT, DD-WRT, and Tomato switches could likewise be found there.

Protocols and Encryption

AirVPN just backings the OpenVPN convention, which it says is the most dependable and secure answer for encoded burrows, offering “a higher than military degree” of security. OpenVPN is offered on ports 443 TCP/UDP, 80 TCP/UDP as well as 53 TCP/UDP. Furthermore, OpenVPN over SSL, OpenVPN over SSH, and OpenVPN over Tor are additionally supported by all the AirVPN servers.

The AirVPN OpenVPN convention utilizes an AES 256 CBC figure, with the RSA-4096 handshake, with HMAC SHA-1 verification. It additionally executes the forward secrecy utilizing the 4096-piece Diffie-Hellman keys that are refreshes after every hour by default. This could be changed in the customer programming. It ought to be noticed that it has been suggested that SHA-1 must be supplanted as it might never again be secure against very much financed sources such as governments. Thus for those utilizing OpenVPN 2.3.3 or higher AirVPN OpenVPN will default to AES-256-GCM with the HMAC-SHA384 for validation

AirVPN and Netflix

As you would anticipate from a VPN, you will or ought to have the capacity to get to any geo-confined websites that you may run over, for example, the iPlayer, Netflix or wherever. When utilizing the AirVPN, you aren’t required to be signed in to a server for the nation in which the website you are endeavoring to get to is found, for example, a server in the nation for the district of Netflix that you need to get to, a US server to get to Hulu or a UK server to get to iPlayer. In any case, a few locales truly make a good attempt with regards to blocking access to their substance and will effectively try to block the IP addresses from the VPN services, the same number of individuals are beginning to utilize VPN services to watch these.

In any case, there is a workaround for getting to Netflix utilizing AirVPN and that is to introduce the Data Saver (Beta) extension for Chrome. Disappointingly this is just for Chrome the extent that the greater part of the clients knows, and there is no data on the extension with respect to Privacy. All things considered, when it is introduced to Chrome and you are associated with the AirVPN server, you can get to Netflix and view some of the free Movies and TV Shows that they offer.

One thing that individuals have seen about utilizing the Data Saver application from Google is in the event that they are not associating with the AirVPN and the application is still empowered in the program then a few destinations that are typically available to them like TVCatchup, at that point it will express that the client has drop out of the geographic area for that channel. This is expected to the application utilizing the Google servers, which the vast majority of the general population would accept are steering activity by means of US based Google servers, subsequently the webpage being referred to trusts that they are situated in the US, despite the fact that they are in the UK and utilizing their standard internet connection.

All in all, enable the application to get to locales like Netflix that still block despite the fact that you are associated with the AirVPN. When you have completed, finish the application.

AirVPN Additional Services

As we have specified before in this AirVPN guide, this organization offers solid encryption, it is perfect with a fairly extensive variety of operating systems and platform, and what’s more, it can be utilized on up to 5 gadgets in the meantime. AirVPN guarantees the complete anonymity with the strong encryption as well as Perfect Forward Secrecy, zero-logs strategy and shared IP locations. It likewise offers you the likelihood to pay using the BitCoin, so you never need to share any of your own information.

DNS Leak Protection

It highlights DNS leak insurance and the Android adaptation can go about as the killswitch, which is somewhat helpful. It additionally shields you from the IPv6 and WebRTC breaks and Logjam programmer assaults. You get the opportunity to appreciate boundless data transfer capacity and boundless server switches. There are no extreme speed limits while the base speed restrain is 4 Mbit for every second for the download as well as transfer. Dissimilar to some other VPN services, the AirVPN permits P2P sharing. This is certain to make the torrent clients exceptionally upbeat, as there are definitely no restrictions as far as sharing information between peers.

With everything taken into account, AirVPN offers an unbelievable scope of highlights you are probably not going to discover in different VPN service of this kind. It guarantees supreme insurance and secrecy, with its exclusive drawback being the way that the specialized language they use in their directions and clarifications might be hard to see, particularly in the event that you are a first-time client.

Privacy Policy and Security

In addition to guarding the obscurity through more mysterious installment strategies, AirVPN will enable you to associate with their services from Tor which will make it unimaginable for even them to know your actual IP address. Their administration underpins just the OpenVPN UDP/TCP convention. This is by and large considered the most secure VPN convention if implemented accurately.

AirVPN does not keep any logs and just offers shared IP addresses, which ensure the highest amount of privacy. Because of the way that it just backings OpenVPN, AirVPN executes Perfect Forward Secrecy, which boosts the security of OpenVPN.

  • Data Transmission

Data transmission is performed between the Air servers arrange solely with a specific end goal to arrogate productively the AirVPN benefit. Information is erased when they are not any more vital for such purposes. During the transmission between the servers, information is safely encoded. Under no situation information are kept outside the European Union.

  • Data is Collected in Unknown Form

Data are collected in unknown shape for factual reports on the server’s usage, technical issues, CPU stress, with the specific end goal to enhance the administration, settle bugs and as a countermeasure against net assaults.

  • Cookies

When the clients interface with AirVPN Virtual Private Network, no cookies are put away on their framework. Actually, when clients get to AirVPN site (for instance to enter the discussion) cookies are put away on their frameworks keeping in mind the end goal to make access to such extra services conceivable. The cookies are put away just for the specialized reasons and can be erased whenever by the client. The cookies are particularly implied for the technical help. Under no situation airs utilize cookies to track or profile the clients.

  • Free to Send Personal Information

Users are allowed to send their own data to the middle person social orders which perform physical installment keeping in mind the end goal to get to AirVPN services. Inability to do as such might anticipate access to AirVPN business services; however, those data is not under Air control.

Users may alternatively, expressly and deliberately send their email deliver to get the technical help. Email addresses are put away in Air servers for help purposes as long as the client membership terminates or the client demands erasure. Email addresses are not utilized via Air to recognize or gather some other data about the clients.

  • Security Measures are Taken to Protect the leakage of Data

Data are treated with the programmed frameworks for the time being important to arrogate the service. Security measures are taken to ensure information leakage, unlawful utilization of information, unapproved access to the information.

Because of this, AirVPN is for all intents and purposes insusceptible to essentially everything. It shields you from the latest and most exceptional programmer attacks, including the Logjam assaults. Not at all like numerous other VPN services, it is safe to the current “port fizzle” helplessness, on account of its utilization of independent passage and leave IP addresses on every one of their VPN servers. Over that, AirVPN is additionally ready to secure its clients against the WebRTC bug.

AirVPN Support System

With regards to the technical help, AirVPN offers help through email and discussions. In the event that you get in touch with them by means of email, you can expect a point by point answer to the question in less than 24 hours. The staff is exceptionally proficient and comprised of specialists who can enable you to determine any issue. In the event that you have utilized a VPN previously, you presumably realize this isn’t the situation with most VPN benefits out there, whose help groups regularly do not have the vital information.

As far as the discussions are concerned, even though they offer an abundance of data, they are not very prone to be useful to the beginners. The discourses are loaded with cutting edge technical discussion, making them difficult for the beginners to follow.

AirVPN: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, Refund Policy

AirVPN has different pricing plans, payment methods and a defined refund policy so that the customers won’t face any problem.

Pricing Plans

AirVPN offers a sum of five membership bundles: three days, month to month, quarterly, half yearly, and yearly. The 3 day membership costs around € 1 or $1.12, while the monthly one membership costs € 7 or $7.82. Choosing a quarterly membership package will set you back € 15 or $16.75, whereas the half yearly and the annual membership plans carry a price tag of € 30 or $33.51 and € 54 or $60.32, respectively. By having quarterly and half yearly plan you can save up to 28% while having annual plan you can save up to 35%.

The good thing is that independent of the arrangement you pick, you gain admittance to all the AirVPN features.

Payment Methods

AirVPN acknowledges installment by means of PayPal and an amazingly extensive variety of installment processors, implying that clients in parts of the world generally frequently victimized when making global installments should experience no issues when acquiring a membership. It likewise acknowledges installment by means of Bitcoin, as well as by means of some other cryptocurrency you want to name.

Refund policy

AirVPN offers a 3-day unconditional money back guarantee on the Premium VPN services. This will permit you an opportunity to utilize the services and check whether it suits your necessities. In case that you are not happy with their services for any reason, they will happily refund the membership expense within the three days time period of the original installment. The method to ask for a refund is as per the following:

  • Make a composed discount demand to the email address given in the AirVPN Privacy Notice.
  • You don’t need to give a reason.
  • The request must be made close to three days after the original installment.
  • You can’t have utilized in excess of five gigabytes of aggregate data transfer capacity.

No discount will be issued following three days from the first membership installment.

AirVPN Free Trial

Proceeding onward, a free trial is just accessible with the three-day membership bundle, however, to benefit from the facility, you have to send a request to the AirVPN site managers through their Contact Form. Free trials, justifiably, come with the data transfer capacity constraint.

It merits saying that AirVPN offers free access to activists in human rights antagonistic locales.

Pros and Cons of using AirVPN

Everything has its pros and cons and so does the AirVPN and here we have listed the pros and cons of AirVPN.

Pros of AirVPN

AirVPN isn’t really a standout amongst the most surely understood the VPN services; however, it has a few highlights that make it a contender against its bigger rivals. Here are few of the advantages of AirVPN. Have a look.

  • Pricing Options

AirVPN offers an exceptional, 3-day trial plan so you can ensure it offers what you require and is as easy to understand as you require it to be. The 3-day trial is 1€, so it’s a decent cost to pay to test the services before entering an installment plan. Moreover, AirVPN offers a scope of installment alternatives – including digital money. In case that you are hoping to ensure your personality notwithstanding your privacy, AirVPN enables you to do only that.

  • Five Connections Per Account

AirVPN enables you five synchronous associations with the VPN so you can interface your PC, cell phone, and tablet in the meantime. Despite the fact that it doesn’t offer the same number of associations as a few suppliers, five is a strong number that would suit an average individual.

  • No Logs or Compliance for Requests

AirVPN puts all that you do on the web behind an obstruction. It makes no logs of anything you do with its services, as you surf the web or do some other online activities. Privacy is the principle reason you, as a web client, believe a VPN, so it’s vital to guarantee that your supplier really keeps you unknown and all that you do private on the web. Not all VPN suppliers keep your data as secure as they assert. Some will keep logs of your action for no less than a couple of days, and some may give your data if a legitimate court arrange demands it. An advantage of AirVPN is that it keeps no logs and, in this manner, will have no data to give the court framework, regardless of whether the court demands data.

  • Strong Encryption

AirVPN gives 256-bit strong encryption, which is higher as compared to what different supplier’s offer. For the normal client, a 128-bit encryption might be okay, yet in the event that you’re centered on getting the most ideal encryption, the 256-bit encryption is the one to pick. AirVPN’s encryption is for all intents and purposes unbreakable. The sheer disturbance of breaking the encryption to access the data is so high with 256-bit that it’s impossible that somebody would even try it.

Cons of AirVPN

Like AirVPN has so many pros, it has few cons as well and some of the cons of AirVPN include:

  • Speed

AirVPN is Italy-based, so in case that you live in the UK, its UK servers have great transfer and download speeds, if not superior to other VPN services. Clients who attempt to change to a non-nearby server that is less clouded, for instance, may end up with much slower transfer and download speeds. In case you’re utilizing VPN through Tor with AirVPN, you may even observe to a greater degree a negative effect on your speed.

  • Small Number of Server Locations

AirVPN is one of the littler VPN organizations that people have utilized, yet despite everything it has more than 80 servers in 16 distinct areas worldwide to serve its clients. The absence of server areas is a noteworthy motivation behind why AirVPN endures in speed contrasted with other VPN suppliers. Truly, AirVPN is a littler organization, so fewer server areas bode well. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t bode well for future extension needs as more clients jump on board and mess the servers.


AirVPN has been in the privacy space for around 6 years. They have a decent notoriety for the services that they give. They are resolved to Internet freedom and net neutrality through obscurity. Their site isn’t the jazziest in the VPN space however it is useful. Their system isn’t one of the greatest yet they have servers set deliberately over the world with areas in 16 distinct nations. Their no log approach, the straightforward way they handle demands for data, and their help for installments utilizing the cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin shows that their individual’s privacy is critical to them. Their administration permits P2P movement on all servers and they don’t oppress any sort of Internet activity.

AirVPN just supports OpenVPN. They feel that it’s the only extremely secure VPN convention in light of the fact that the others are feeble or have perhaps been traded off by organizations like the GCHQ and NSA. They have custom customer programming for Mac OS X as well as Windows and different Linux operating systems. They support different supplier’s applications for Android as well as iOS gadgets. They make establishment and arrangement of their services on cell phones less demanding by giving a document generator to the VPN records expected to get to it. They additionally have well ordered establishment advisers to enable you to plan their services with a few switches along with other software.

You can utilize the AirVPN services to lead the VPN needs without stress in light of their OpenVPN convention. It will keep your movement secure and let you defeat control of social sites such as Twitter and Facebook by a few governments and in addition conquer neighborhood firewall blocks. It ought to be appropriate for the majority of the Internet needs. They offer a 3-day unconditional trial package. Test their services yourself. In the event that you are content with its execution, you can agree to accept boundless access and look over their pricing plan the one that you believe is the best.

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