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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 86.5
Global UL speed 86.4
Average time to connect 2 s
Server locations 29 countries
Servers 30 +
IP addresses 3 000 +
Dynamic server switching -
E-mail response time 2d 2h 25m
Live chat -
Knowledge base +

The service supports

    Feature Parameter
    Windows +
    Mac +
    Linux -
    iOS +
    Android +
    Router -
    Games consoles -
    E-book -

    ZenMate: A reliable VPN for all Devices

    Today VPN has become the biggest necessity of life. There are many people who are planning to use the VPN services available online. However, they get confused between the free and paid services. The reason is that there are several service providers that do not provide the features in the free version as they are provided in the paid version.

    However, there are some VPN service providers that know what their customers want. This is why they will provide the best services to their clients in all situations. ZenMate is one the best VPN services that are providing the free and paid services. It is a German-based company that gives their customers the protection they deserve.

    The parent company of ZenMate is ZenGuard. You might be surprised to hear this name because when you go to Google, there is a chance that you will get the results from the mouth guard that will protect you from snoring. Therefore, you better directly look for ZenMate and get the VPN that will provide you with reliable protection.

    For such new companies with a higher level of growth, this means that they are providing their customers with the best services. Perhaps you were wondering what makes ZenMate better than the rest. Here we have the complete review to help you.


    Before choosing any services on the Internet, it is important that to check the product rating to assure that it is reliable or not. After complete research and understanding, the reviews that were provided by different customers, the best rating for ZenMate will be the following.

    Security 4.9

    When it comes to security, there are many amazing features that were introduced by the system. They will not share your information with any third party or any other person to assure that you remain safe. However, it was noticed that there are some minor issues in the security that need to be recovered in order to ensure that they will get a 5-star rating. Nevertheless, the security of ZenMate is trustworthy and reliable.

    Feature 4.5

    One of the most important things to consider is the features of ZenMate. It has some of the best functions that are not easily accessible to the VPN service providers that are readily available on the market. They have some of the high-tech specifications that make it easy to use the system without any problems. One of the most interesting things is its mobile application. This means that if you do not have the desktop, there is nothing to worry about because you can easily use the system on your mobile phone with the app. However, they still improve some of their functions to assure that ZenMate will always remain the best.

    Speed 5

    The biggest feature of ZenMate is its high speed. You do not have to wait for the time to load the website because everything will be efficiently managed. It will not reduce your speed during operation.

    Overall 4.9

    The overall rating of ZenMate is 4.9 because it is a reliable system that will provide the services according to the demands of customers. It is durable, therefore, you can use it anytime and anywhere you like. Connect to the server that is compatible with your device and enjoy the restriction-free Internet that you will not be able to get into any other system.


    The only problem most users face is that there are only 30 ZenMate servers in the world. The strongest servers are available in the UK, USA, Germany, and Hong Kong. Over the past few years, there are no new servers that have been introduced by the company. The users are wondering if there are chances that they will remain tied to the 30 servers. They do not know that the company is working hard to introduce new servers to assure that they can meet the requirements of their customers. However, with the development of technologies, it often becomes difficult for them to work on the new servers.

    It was noticed that there are no different types of servers in ZenMate. You will receive the same strength and services from all the servers. This means that it does not matter with which server you connected the platform because, in the end, you will get the same speed. Most users complained that at first the server speed is excellent but sometimes it stops responding. The reason behind it is that there are millions of ZenMate users and when most of them are connected to the same server, the speed decreases.

    They should try to change the server because it can affect the speed. However, the change will be not enough because there are chances that other users are also doing the same. It was found that if you disconnect the VPN for a few seconds and then reconnect it once again there are chances that you will get better services that will allow you to use the system the way you want.

    ZenMate reviews

    Speed Test

    It is important to check the speed of the system because this is the only way to find out whether ZenMate will provide the speed necessary for online browsing or not. Different speed tests were conducted to find out the speed of ZenMate and here are the results you should consider.

    Download and Upload Speed

    When the files were downloaded after connecting the system with ZenMate, it was found that the download speed was slightly reduced. Similarly, the upload speed was affected. It was found that it depends on the location of the person using the VPN services and whether the Internet speed is strong or not. In general, if all the Internet speed and the location are fine, you will not feel any problems with the download and upload speed of the flies. It will allow you to efficiently process files.

    DNS Speed

    It is important to consider the DNS speed of the websites. After the tests, it was found that the loading time of the websites was not affected by ZenMate. There are some customers who complained that the loading time of the restricted website is reduced after using ZenMate. You will access the websites at the same speed without the VPN connection. When using ZenMate, you do not have to deal with any delays or connection errors because it will maintain a stable connection.

    Connectivity Speed

    Most people ignore the connection speed of the VPN server because they think it is not important. They should know that when they have to wait until the VPN connects, especially when they are in a hurry, then they will understand the importance of the VPN speed. The connection speed of ZenMate is reliable. It takes only a few seconds to establish the connection with the server.


    Most users ask about ZenMate compatibility. The best thing about the product is that it is compatible with all the software and systems that you may have used. Some of the common platforms that you can consider are:

    • Windows,
    • Linux
    • Mac OS,
    • Android,
    • Chrome,
    • iPhone,
    • Opera,
    • Firefox,
    • Much more.

    You can easily connect it to any platform that you like. The main reason why ZenMate is highly compatible is that all you need – is Chrome or any other browser that you have and there is nothing else to worry about. The mobile VPN application is also available. It will allow you to enjoy the services like a pro. The best thing about ZenMate is that it allows you to connect 5 devices to the same account. This means that there is no need to buy different packages. It is an ideal opportunity for a home business because you will only have your devices to connect to the VPN. If there are other services that you are looking for, you can contact the customer support team.

    ZenMate rating

    You will be amazed to know that there are tutorials available with ZenMate. This means that if you are confused about how you can use the services, you can just check the tutorials and get the information you were looking for. So, there will be no confusion and you will easily find out how you need to use the system. ZenMate made everything simple and amazing for its users. This is the reason why it is so easy to use and loved by the customers.

    Protocols and Encryption

    ZenMate was recently introduced to the market and this is the reason why you might not be able to find most of the protocols that are used by the other VPN companies. However, it was noted that some of the protocols and encryption information that ZenMate uses are high-quality. They used the latest technology to develop their services. The company was able to provide the services that are better than most famous VPN service providers that you will find on the market.

    The biggest attraction of their services is that they have the latest protocol. The encryption data used by ZenMate is the best quality that is not yet utilized by any other VPN service provider that you might come across.

    • TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) is the latest protocol used by ZenMate;
    • The encryption algorithm for ZenMate is AES 128 bit;
    • AES 256 bit is used to encrypt traffic.

    If you are wondering whether they will implement new services or not, it was noticed that soon the company will introduce more encryption services to assure that their customers will have the best experience using the online VPN system. The best thing about ZenMate is that if you do not need to install it on your computer, you can easily add the extension to your Chrome and it will be good-to-go. You will enjoy all the services available online with the simple click of the option.

     ZenMate and Netflix

    Netflix is the best online streaming platform that allows users to access their favorite shows and movies. All Netflix services are paid but they are affordable and you do not have to deal with annoying commercial and other issues. Most of the available VPN servers are blocked by Netflix due to which you might not be able to enjoy the services. However, with ZenMate you do not have to solve this problem. However, Netflix is not available in all countries and this is the biggest reason why most people use VPN. They hide their IP address and change their location to the country where the services are provided. It allows them to use Netflix services according to their requirements.

    The system was developed using the latest technology to provide users with the access to Netflix from any platform they want. The process of accessing Netflix is very simple because all you need to do is to make sure that your system is connected to ZenMate. After that, you have to search for Netflix and within a few seconds, you will watch your favorite TV show or the movie you always wanted. However, it is important to remember that you must be connected to the US or UK server. This is the only way to get the most reliable services of ZenMate. Otherwise, it may be difficult for you to access the services. The important thing is that it will not reduce the load and download speed of the video that you plan to enjoy. It means that you will feel like you are watching Netflix at the regular speed of the Internet that you have always used. With ZenMate, your overall Netflix experience will be enhanced and you do not have to deal with the issues that come with it. You can also use other streaming services with the help of ZenMate, even your favorite sports channels.

    ZenMate Additional Services

    We all know that ZenMate is the VPN service provider and most people think that it is similar to other VPN only hiding the person’s online presence. However, ZenMate is not all about the protection because there are many other additional services that you will get from the service.

    IP will be Hidden

    It will hide your IP address and no one will be able to find out your location and the device that you may have used to access the website. It means that you not only get the simple browsing protection. It will keep you safe in all forms and authorities will not be able to detect what you are using.

    Accessibility to any Website You Want

    The biggest attraction of ZenMate is that will get access to a limited website. You can access any website on the Internet regardless of whether it was restricted by your government, Internet service provider or any other authorities. Your location will be hidden and you will receive a fake location while you are using the services.

    Payment Methods are Completely Safe

    A common issue that most people face is insecure transactions. Their credit card number and other information get stolen that leads to other issues. However, with ZenMate you will receive the safe online transactions. You do not have to worry about your credit card information being stolen because everything will be secured with ZenMate.

    No Cybercrime can Happen

    Today cyber-attacks are common and ZenMate will protect you from all such issues. It will protect your entire system with a secure firewall. All the viruses and emails sent to you will be checked to assure that you do not have to deal with any virus attacks.

    The Devices will be Secured

    There is no need for additional packages for each device you have. After selecting the package that you want to use, there is nothing to worry about anymore. You can use the same package for all your devices. It is compatible with the entire system because this is the only to get pleasure from the services that come with it.

    Privacy Policy and Security

    They regularly update the system according to the changing rules and regulations of the Internet. They understand the protection requirements of their users and this is the reason why they are not ready to take any risks. You will not be able to notice the VPN downtime because they update everything very quickly. The users are able to enjoy the completely protected VPN servers.

    ZenMate pays special attention to the security and privacy policy of its system. They want the users to feel safe and this is why they use the best security policy.

    When it comes to ZenMate’s privacy policy, the company changes the game. You may have noticed several times that most VPN service provider will use your information and sell it to 3rd party vendors. The entire system was developed using the latest algorithms and codes to assure that the hackers cannot get access to the system while clients are using it. We all know how fast the Internet is being updated, which means that the system will be vulnerable to attacks. However, the developers of ZenMate are taking this matter seriously.

    ZenMate Support System

    ZenMate does not have active support. However, there are other available services that you can use to get connected with the customer support team. You can email the management team if you have any issues. They will assure to resolve it in a limited time.

    ZenMate: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, Refund Policy

    There is a free version of ZenMate but it is better to know about the paid version as well. There is a possibility that you may need the paid version for commercial use as it will provide you with some interesting features and services that you will not find anywhere else.


    There are different types of plans that ensure the fulfillment of your requirements. You have to remember this to select the one that meets your requirements perfectly. Some of the important plans that you can consider are:

    • 1 month for $8.99 per month,
    • 6 months for $7.49 per month,
    • 1 year for $4.99 per month.

    You will get the freedom to select the plan that you want. There is no limit to what type of plan you can choose from. The best thing is that all the paid plans have the same services. You do not have to deal with any issues when you use ZenMate. You will receive everything for 1 month and the similar services for 1 year. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. It is your choice whether you want to pay the monthly amount or if you are comfortable paying the total amount for a year.

    Payment Methods

    To ensure that the customers can easily make the payments for the packages they plan to purchase, the company provides different types of payment methods. The most common methods that you can use are:

    • All types of credit cards,
    • PayPal,
    • Others.

    However, in this category of others, the name of Bitcoin payment is not included. The company does not provide the digital payment technology. There are chances that they could upgrade their system so they can provide the effective services, however, their customers have to wait.

    Refund Policy

    Compared to many other services, the ZenMate return policy is slightly lower. The reason is justified by the fact that customers have already used the long-term free version and if they plan to buy the paid version it means that they are satisfied with the services. This is the reason why the refund policy for ZenMate is only 14 days. You will not have enough time to experience the paid version if you are planning a refund. It would be better if you first buy the 1-month version so if you have delayed the time to refund you will not have to deal with other payments.

    ZenMate Free Trial

    There are many people who are looking for the most reliable VPN services. It was noted that there are many VP service providers that will ask the customers to pay for the services even without the trial version. They will promise the best services but there is no refund policy. It means that if you are not satisfied with the services that you bought, there are chances that you have wasted your money and time.

    There are some VPN service providers that give a free trial version from 7 to 10 days. They want the customers to properly examine their site. They know the importance of examination because they understand that once the customer is satisfied he/she will pay for the services that he/she wants. There is a possibility that the services you receive in the free version are not available in the paid version that will make it hard for you to manage the online browsing time. First of all, when you buy the package, you can pay for the services that you do not even want.

    Once you have ZenMate, there is no need to worry about such problems. The reason is that ZenMate is completely free. You can use the free version of ZenMate for as long as you like. There are some special services in the paid version that are not available in the free version. Nevertheless, all services were clearly explained. It means that you can select the paid version only when you need it. If you do not want to use the paid version, you can continue to use the free version and there will be no restrictions that you may have to suffer from. So enjoy your free protected Internet.

    Pros and Cons of using ZenMate

    Remember that there are several VPN providers on the market and if they claim to be 100% perfect, you should know that it is a fake. The reason is that there are some minor drawbacks even in the top VPNs. The best thing about ZenMate is that it is reliable because there are no false claims. The company understands the drawbacks and they are working on the technology to assure that they can provide the customers with the best results. Lower we have some of the important pros and cons of the system that you will have to consider.


    • The biggest attraction of ZenMate is that it is available in the free version that you can use as long as you like.
    • It is very easy to install and use, making it a perfect choice for people who do not have tech knowledge – you will quickly learn how to use the system.
    • It is easily compatible with all types of gadgets and devices so that you can enjoy the secured Internet.
    • AES128 encryption is provided in ZenMate for the best protection.
    • There is no traffic or logs that you will have to deal with.
    • Turbo speed and unlimited bandwidth allow you to enjoy the online browsing as much as you like.
    • The price of ZenMate is affordable and with the different discount offers you can easily manage payments on time.


    • There is no live support available, which may make it difficult for you to connect to the customer support.
    • The location of the servers is limited.
    • The customers will not get any type of control over the VPN settings, which often make it hard to use.


    The greatest thing about ZenMate is that you will get maximum protection. If you plan to upgrade to the pro or paid version but you do not have money, you have nothing to be confused with. On every special occasion, you will receive the discounts from ZenMate. It will give you the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version at an affordable price.

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