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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 71.50
Global UL speed 28.65
Average time to connect 110 seconds
Server locations 50 countries
Servers 670 +
IP addresses 160 000 +
Dynamic server switching -
E-mail response time 58 m
Live chat -
Knowledge base +

The service supports

Feature Parameter
Windows +
Mac +
Linux + / -
iOS +
Android +
Router -
Games consoles -
E-book -

StrongVPN: Reliable VPN to Protect Your Online Presence

The StrongVPN is available in more than 22 countries and the developers are planning to increase the number of servers so that they can cover more area. It is good for technical users and will provide the services that you are looking for. However, you might have wondered why you need a VPN.

There are many people who have to deal with several issues when it comes to using the Internet. Over the past few years, due to the threat of hacking activities and virus attacks, most countries have increased their level of protection when it comes to the usability of the Internet. Most of their websites are not easily accessible and you will not be able to use any Internet services even if you need some help in education.

In addition, hackers make it difficult to use the Internet. One wrong click and all your data will be shared with the hackers. They can access your computer and it will be hard for you to restore your device. The only solution available to solve this problem is the use of VPN.

This is the virtual private network that will protect your IP address. It will change your IP address to a random number that no one will recognize and so you can access everything you want on the Internet. The best thing about VPN is that you can change the country from where you are using the services. Thus, you can access even protected websites because they will receive the image that belongs to the same country or city.

There are different types of VPN available on the market and the choice of the best one can be confusing and tough. The reason is that there are several services that you will be confused about as to which one will be the best for you. In this situation, StrongVPN will be your best choice.

Rating 7/10

Most customers prefer to check the ratings of the services they plan to invest. It is the right approach because you get the perfect idea whether the services you are planning to invest in are worth your time and money or not. It is also important to check the StrongVPN ratings so you can find out if the VPN will provide you with the necessary protection or not.

Features 4.0/5.0

StrongVPN features are not very attractive. The reason is that developers have been working on the basic security functions to assure that the user will get proper protection when using the VPN services. However, the system lacks some of the additional features. Most customers want the advanced features, which is why they gave it a lower rating.

Ease of Use 4.3/5.0

The biggest attraction of StrongVPN is that it is easy to use. There are no special tricks or techniques that you will need to learn in order to use the system properly. You can easily start the VPN and connect it to the server to assure that you can use the services. However, the only problem that you will have to deal with is that you will have to change the protocols or the servers. In this situation, you may face some technical requirements that will make it hard for you to switch the server.

Pricing 3.4/5.0

The biggest issue with StrongVPN is its prices. Most users complained that the tariffs on the packages are expensive. The reason is that there are many other online VPN service providers that have the same or better services available at many affordable rates. That is why the developers need to focus on the cost of the services.

Reliability and Support 4.2/5.0

Clients trust StrongVPN support system because their customer support team is highly responsive. They will give you an answer to your questions for a limited time and will assure that your issues are resolved as soon as possible. StrongVPN is very reliable and you will enjoy using the system.

Servers, Server Status Page

During the selection of the VPN services, the first thing you need to consider is the availability of the server. The common mistake most people make is that they do not pay attention to the servers and when they try to connect to the VPN, the services are not available in their state because the server is unavailable. StrongVPN has 24 servers worldwide, which are available in more than 44 countries. Even with the small number of servers, they were able to cover most countries in the world. The server system of the company is very strong and that is why they were able to provide the best services. However, they are working to assure that they can increase the number of servers, as this will allow them to increase the coverage and provide the services to a greater number of customers. There are some users who have complained about the number of servers. They think that the company should consider having more servers.

Speed Test

One of the most important points that you should consider when choosing the system that you would like to work with is the speed test. When you know the working speed on the VPN only then you can choose whether the VPN speed is good according to your tasks or not. When the speed test of StrongVPN was done, the following results were obtained from the system.

Connection with Server

The connection speed on the system was slightly lower at the initial stages. However, once it is connected to the server, you do not have to solve any issues. The reason is that the first connection takes a little time but after that, the system will start working at the speed that you want.

Uploading Speed

Regarding the uploading speed of StrongVPN, it was found to be average. It was noticed that most of the time the VPN quickly uploads all the documents and helps you send the files but sometimes the system is delayed for the unknown reason. There is a possibility that more people are connected to the server or there may be some problems with the Internet. Whatever it may be, the speed of StrongVPN depends on this.

Downloading Speed

An important speed to consider is the download speed of the system. It was found that the download speed of StrongVPN is not very attractive. The problem arises from the lack of a number of servers that the system has.


It is important to pay attention to the compatibility of StrongVPN. Most people mistakenly believe that VPN is compatible with all devices. They used only the web-based VPN and this is the reason why they think that the VPN they are planning to use will be easily compatible with their device.

However, they are wrong because the device must have the latest type of VPN available on the market. It helps to protect the system properly. Most people use the smartphones to access the Internet and they can use the VPN services only if they have the VPN application on their system. To assure that all customers receive the best services, StrongVPN is manufactured using the latest technology that makes it compatible with all the services that you might notice.

You can easily connect the VPN with all types of different operating systems that you like:

  1. Mac,
  2. Windows,
  3. Android,
  4. iOS.

You can easily use StrongVPN because there are no specific instructions that you will have to deal with if you plan to change your device or operating system because it has the similar interface and usability on all types of devices that you may have used.

There is a possibility that the user interface for the entire software will be slightly different according to the requirements of the system. However, there are not many changes that you will have to deal with so you can enjoy using StrongVPN on any device that you like without worrying about any compatibility issues.

Protocols and Encryption

The biggest attraction of StrongVPN that you will come across is the 2048-bit encryption. It provides the best security services to all customers. In addition, the protocols that you will get from the servers are:

  1. Open VPN,
  2. L2TP,
  3. PPTP,
  4. SSTP,
  5. IPSec.

To assure that the clients get the best services, StrongVPN uses the latest encryption technology. It was developed with the latest protocols so that users receive the highest protection they have always desired.

When it comes to protocols and encryption it becomes clear that you will not be able to find a better one than StrongVPN. Therefore, make sure that you compare the server’s protocols and security services with other VPN services available on the market

The developers are working hard to assure that they can regularly update the encryption framework because this is the best way to provide their customers with the best services. It was noticed that sometimes the hackers find some loopholes in the system due to which they can even crack the VPN system codes. However, StrongVPN developers do their best to assure that they do not give hackers this chance to break into their system. Perhaps they could not increase the number of servers, but when it comes to security, you will not find a better alternative because StrongVPN is ready to support high protection.

StrongVPN and Netflix

Netflix is the best Internet source that allows customers to get their favorite shows and movies. Each of the Netflix administrators is paid, however, they are reasonable and additionally you won’t need to manage the chafing business and different issues. A large portion of the VPN servers is obstructed by Netflix because of which you won’t have the capacity to appreciate the administrations. With StrongVPN you won’t need to manage this issue.

The framework was created with the latest innovations to guarantee that the clients can access Netflix from any stage they need. The way toward getting to Netflix is extremely simple since you just have to ensure that your framework is connected to StrongVPN. From that point onward, you need to look at Netflix and inside seconds you will watch your favorite TV or movie that you constantly need. In any case, it’s important to remember that you must be connected to the US or UK server. Despite this, Netflix isn’t accessible in every country and this is the main motivation that the vast majority of the population uses the VPN. They hide their IP address and change their area to the country where the administrations are provided. It allows them to use Netflix administration as indicated by their prerequisites.

That is the main way to get the most reliable StrongVPN administrations. Otherwise, it may be difficult for you to get to the administrations. Something imperative is that it won’t reduce the stacking and downloading speed of the video that you want to evaluate. It implies that you will feel like you are browsing Netflix at the consistent speed of web that you are permanently using. With StrongVPN, your general understanding of using Netflix will be upgraded and you do not have to manage the problems that accompany it. You can also use other gushing administrations with the assistance of StrongVPN, even your most loved game channels.

StrongVPN Additional Services

We generally understand that StrongVPN a specialized organization of VPN, and the overwhelming majority of the population believes that it is similar to other VPNs that just conceal the online nearness of the person. In any case, StrongVPN does not apply to insurance in the light of the fact that there are many other additional features that you receive from the administration.

IP will be covered up with applications for all stages

It will protect your IP address so that nobody will be able to find out your area and the gadget that you may have used to get to the site. It implies that you do not just get the direct insurance, it will keep you safe in all structures and experts won’t have an opportunity to discover what you are using.

With enhanced server systems access to any site you need

The greatest fascination of StrongVPN is that you get the confined site availability. It means that you can access any site on the Internet whether it is limited by your administration, Internet provider or some other experts. Your area will be kept covered up and you will receive a fake area while using the administration.

Totally sheltered exchanges

A typical issue that a large part of the general population has been managing is uncertain exchanges. Their Visa number and other data are stolen, which causes different problems. In any case, with StrongVPN you will get the secure online exchanges. You won’t need to emphasize that the details of your payment card are stolen in the light of the fact that everything will be protected with the help of StrongVPN.

Digital attacks are normal nowadays. StrongVPN will protect you from every such issue. It will ensure your whole framework with a safe firewall. All files and messages that are sent to you will be checked to guarantee that you do not need to manage any virus attacks.

No logging necessities to guard gadget and data

No additional packages are required for every gadget you have. When you chose the package that you might want to use there is nothing else to stress over. You can use a similar package for each of your gadgets. It is ideal for all frameworks as this is the main way you will appreciate the administration that accompanies it.

Privacy Policy and Security

They redesign the framework on a consistent basis as indicated by the changing standards and directions of the web. StrongVPN carefully studies the approach to the security and protection of its framework. They need the clients to feel safe and that’s why they use the best security strategy.

They comprehend the security necessities of their clients and this is the reason they are not prepared to go to hacking. You won’t be able to see the VPN downtime, which they rebuild so quickly. The customers have the ability to evaluate fully-secured VPN server.

The whole framework was produced with the latest calculations and codes to guarantee that the programmers can’t access the framework while clients are using it. We generally realize how rapidly the network is updated, which implies that the framework will be defenseless against attacks. StrongVPN designers view this issue as important.

As for the StrongVPN protection approach, the organization is changing the diversion. Perhaps you have seen several times that the vast majority of the specialized VPN organization will use your data and they will hand it over to third-party traders.

StrongVPN Support System

StrongVPN customer support system is the best. They can respond to their customers as soon as possible. They understand that customers need a quick answer to their questions and that is why the customer support team will assure to give you the response ASAP. The company’s customer support system is available 24/7.

It does not matter what part of the world you are from, as well as the time of the day you are writing. You can contact the specialists anytime you like and they will give you the best response to all the questions you have.

StrongVPN: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, Refund Policy

There is a totally free form of StrongVPN accessible yet it is better than you think about the paid form also. There are chances that you may require the paid rendition for business utilize on the grounds that it will give you some intriguing highlights and administrations that you won’t discover anyplace else.


There are various types of plans to guarantee that your necessities will be met. You need to choose the one that suits your needs in full. A portion of the critical plans that you can consider are:

  • 1 month for $10,
  • 12 months for $5.83 per every month that encourages you to save42%.

You will get the flexibility to choose what you need. There are no limitations on which plan you can choose. The best thing is that all the paid plans have similar administrations. You won’t need to manage any issues when you use StrongVPN. You will receive everything within 1 month and the comparative administrations for 1 year. So there is nothing to be stressed over. It is your decision whether you want to pay a monthly fee or buy a 1-year plan.

Installment Strategies

With a definite ultimate goal to guarantee that the clients can undoubtedly make the installments for the bundles that they want to buy, the organization gives distinctive kinds of installment strategies. The most well-known strategies that you can use:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express),
  • Paypal,
  • Others (for example, Bitcoin).

In any case, in this classification of others, the name of Bitcoin is included. The organization provides the computerized installment procedure. The gift vouchers and virtual CC are acknowledged. There are chances that they may have redesigned their framework so they can give the viable administrations, in any case, till then clients should pause.

Discount Strategy

Unlike many different administrations, the StrongVPN discount strategy is slightly lower. The reason is confirmed by the fact that clients effectively used the long haul free form and in case they want to purchase paid rendition it implies that they are satisfied with the administrations. This is the reason that the discount arrangement of StrongVPN is 30 days long. You won’t get enough time to encounter the paid form in the case you make arrangements for a discount. It would be better if you first purchase the 1-month form. If you postponed an opportunity to discount you won’t need to manage alternate installments.

StrongVPN Free Trial

The only issue that you will have to face when using StrongVPN is that they do not have any free trial. It means that if you want to use the services you will have to purchase one of the available packages. However, in order to compensate for this issue, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. It means that even if you are not satisfied with the services in 20 days and you can give the authentic reason you have, then you can get your money back.

Pros and Cons of using StrongVPN

No doubt StrongVPN was developed using the latest technology but, nevertheless, there are some drawbacks over which the company works to assure that you get the best results. Here we have some pros and cons that you get using StrongVPN. This will help you decide that whether it is the right platform for you or not.


  1. It will allow you to unblock Netflix and Hulu.
  2. You can easily bypass the biggest firewall in China.
  3. The mobile application comes with the kill switch and scrambling features.
  4. It has the fastest and most responsive customer support team.
  5. There is no logs policy that you have to worry about.
  6. StrongVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee; you will not waste your money.
  7. There are servers available in 24 countries.
  8. You will get up to 5 connections at the same time.
  9. Connections are fast and reliable.
  10. Fast DNS services are included in the system.


  1. If you plan to change the server and protocol you will have to deal with several instructions that will make the process buggy and time taking.
  2. StrongVPN download speed is only average that can create some issues for the users.
  3. Some of the servers may not work depending on your location.
  4. Services of Open protection are not available on all servers.
  5. Sometimes the system works very slowly.
  6. There are some rules about the allocation of servers that are very complicated.
  7. The VPN protocol allocation is random.
  8. Some of the customers may find it quite expensive.


At this age, assurance of your online nearness is vital. There are a lot of different VPN servers on the market, however, StrongVPN is the most reliable and solid since it provides its clients with the best administrations. It will be justified regardless of your chances and cash on the grounds that such remarkable administrations are not accessible at some other stage. You will appreciate the use of StrongVPN. There are several disadvantages to using StrongVPN, however, the organization is striving to determine these issues.

There are many VPNs but none of them has the ability to implement the measures set by StrongVPN. It was composed with such impeccability that it will meet all customers’ prerequisites.

The best thing about StrongVPN is that it is updated on customary premise with the latest administrations and assurances that the clients will adore. The main issue with StrongVPN is that its packages are somewhat expensive and the organization comprehends this problem. They have strived to guarantee that they can reduce the cost of packages so that the clients can manage their cost without significant cost.

Most likely, StrongVPN is outstanding among other VPN specialist co-ops that you will find on the market. The product of the framework is not difficult in use and there are no uncommon strategies that you should learn to use the administrations. With the liberality of 5 associations and the solid encryption administrations, it is useful for individual and commercial use.

The main issue is that there are some product interface niggles that you may need to manage. However, this will not affect the performance of the VPN. The snappy execution and capable highlights make it worth an attempt. Along these lines, stop wasting your chance and try a virtual specialized VPN organization, such as StrongVPN, for your home and business web exploring.

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