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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 50.08
Global UL speed 64.80
Average time to connect 11 seconds
Server locations 90 countries
Servers 1010 +
IP addresses 41 000 +
Dynamic server switching +
E-mail response time 1 h 40 m
Live chat -
Knowledge base +

The service supports

Feature Parameter
Windows +
Mac +
Linux +
iOS +
Android +
Router +
Games consoles -
E-book +

IP protection Vanish

Headquartered in Florida, IP protection Vanish is one of the main VPN organizations on the planet. The organization claims and deals with the majority of its own foundation, so there are no subcontracted benefit organizations associated with conveying this framework.

I P protection Vanish is always growing and enhancing their system of servers to give the quickest, most secure, and most dependable overall VPN benefit. Their system traverses more than 40,000 I P addresses on more than 1,000 servers in 60+ nations. It incorporates access to relatively every real mainland including Europe, North America, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. It is likely that regardless of where you are on the planet, you will have the capacity to locate a quick and solid I P protection Vanish server to ensure your privacy and secure your Internet exchanges.


I P protection Vanish was launched in the year 2012 and is a piece of Highwinds Network Group. And in addition giving tech foundation to PC gaming’s Steam, the Highwinds was one of the pioneer of the UseNet, the first document sharing innovation. I P protection Vanish is additionally part of Electronic Frontier Foundation that crusades for an open as well as safe Internet. In 2017 February, the Highwinds was gained by the Stackpath.

I P protection Vanish is amazingly quick, which is awesome for record sharing, gaming as well as streaming (despite the fact that entrance to Netflix as well as the BBC I Player is exceptionally conflicting). Its applications are intense however not generally the most straightforward to utilize. Customer support is fairly deficient. Experienced clients will probably ignore these issues because of the execution, propelled security choices, engaging server decision as well as zero logs approach.


I P protection Vanish is overflowing with the privacy positives. It has quality encryption that runs its very own blend and outsider DNS servers, underpins port 443, killswitch, DNS spill blocking and bounty more. It additionally has zero-logs strategy, affirming to the users that it doesn’t even briefly log fundamental points of interest of your association. For its privacy the users have given it a score of 9.5.

Speed and Performance

I P protection Vanish has been timing blasting quick association speeds, both up as well as the downstream with low idleness on adjacent servers. This makes it a gamer and torrenter’s fantasy. The latest tests indicated much greater improvement with extraordinary execution on Canada server.

Transfer speeds were likewise reliably solid, essential to P2P innovation and internet gaming. For the P2P clients particularly, I P protection Vanish does likewise offer SOCKS5 intermediary access for much speedier association speeds despite the fact that these associations don’t utilize VPN innovation. For its speed and performance the users have given it a score of 9.5 out of 10.


I P protection Vanish might not have sheer expansiveness of scope of some adversaries with the server arrange however it completes an exceptionally strong activity of covering the most famous areas over the larger part of the continents. For the majority clients, I P protection Vanish will have server in their nation as well as often more than one. US are secured all around ok for most clients’ needs with east as well as west drifts areas in addition to southern states. The northern states as well as Midwest between the coasts aren’t secured in any case, which might have an effect for some of the US sports fans. The server locations have gained a score of 8.9 from its users.

Customer Support

I P protection Vanish falls somewhat short on customer support contrasted with the absolute best suppliers. We were frustrated to see no live chat alternative, which is the best channel for unraveling straightforward issues. The absence of video instructional exercises is another possess objective.

Email support is great. What it needs in the individual touch, it compensates for in elegantly composed and straightforward reactions. The FAQ area and information base extensive yet not the most effortless to explore. For the customer support services the users have given a score of 8.2.

Servers, Server Status Page

While choosing a VPN specialist co-op, one must assess every one of the angles related with the administration gave and benefits advertised. Number of servers gave by a VPN specialist organization and areas spoke to by those servers is the key element that infers the buy choice of most clients looking for a VPN.

IP protection Vanish servers must be assessed in such manner. In this manner, we considered IP protection Vanish’s servers completely keeping in mind the end goal to exhibit point by point discoveries that can control all the VPN searchers out there.

IPVanish reviews

There are differing explanations behind acquiring a VPN. Number of servers situated in dissimilar nations is one of the key viewpoints that are related with relatively every reason for which a VPN is favored. I P protection Vanish VPN gives an entrance to in excess of 225+ servers topographically scattered in 60 nations.

This means you can associate with any server you need – from any nation you lean toward. This decent variety of decision can change you to get to various type of substance either limited for you to access or restricted to a specific geographic area. Moreover, you can get to 25,000+ I Ps with the included highlights gave by I P protection Vanish VPN.

Speed Test

I P protection Vanish cases to be the quickest VPN in the business, and our speed test demonstrate that this claim is legitimate.

The DNS query time could back off the way toward bringing a page from a web server. I P protection Vanish doesn’t do too well in this regard.

IPVanish rating

Despite that, I P protection Vanish’s association times place it in the best rank of VPNs.

IPVanish coupons

In general, I P protection Vanish scores extremely well in these tests and claims the crown of the quickest VPN on the planet.

We associated with one of the I P protection Vanish London VPN servers from the Dominican Republic. The site I PLocation.net references five area databases to provide details regarding the genuine area of an I P address. Two of these databases recognized the server’s area as Rugby. Two others had the I P tends to enrolled in the United Kingdom, yet couldn’t pinpoint a nation. The fifth database had this present reality address of the UK server I picked as really being in the Netherlands. None of the area databases set the I P address in London.

The test site I Pleak.net announced my area as in the Netherlands. This demonstrated the VPN had effectively shrouded my genuine area, which was in the Dominican Republic. Giving off an impression of being in the wrong nation would make it outlandish for me to get into area limited sites. A provide details regarding the DNS servers got to by my PC recognized only one, which was situated in the Netherlands.

Another test site, doileak.com put me in the United Kingdom and furthermore observed that the one DNS server that my PC got to was in the UK.


I P protection Vanish is good with Windows, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Chrome book and Ubuntu, DD-WRT as well as Tomato Routers. The most important working frameworks all have committed applications, which incorporate programmed setup, yet in the event that you like to complete the manual setup, which is additionally an alternative. Also, I P protection Vanish provides a devoted application for the Amazon Fire TV as well as a custom local Android TV interface. This makes the I P protection Vanish one of only a handful couple of suppliers to give gushing gadget programming.

OS Device Support

The I P protection Vanish underpins the majority of latest Windows working frameworks including Windows 7, 8, Vista as well as XP. Additionally supported are the Mac OS X, and also DD-WRT, Tomato switches and Ubuntu. Windows as well as Mac OSX clients could run I P protection Vanish work area customer that launches effortlessly and gives you a chance to arrange any association in only a couple of snaps, or you could decide on the manual setup utilizing their all around explained instructional exercises on the off chance that you like to do the things that way.

Mobile Applications

And also work area customers for Mac OSX as well as Windows working frameworks; I P protection Vanish has likewise built up its own particular portable and tablet apps for Android as well as iOS gadgets. Both of these applications are accessible as the free downloads in Google Play store and Apple’s App Store and give the same smooth UI and experience as work area customers.

For other good working frameworks, straightforward well ordered instructional exercises could be found on I P protection Vanish site. In case you’re to a greater extent a visual student, these well ordered instructional exercises are additionally joined by a shown manage for your advantage. The broadest applications are Windows along with the Mac OS customers. Their versatile applications for iOS and Android work like improved forms of the work area applications, which is ideal for in a hurry utilize. Overall, the set up is a breeze as well as the applications themselves are very easy to use.

The applications enable you to channel the way you choose a server. For instance, on the OS X application, you could choose a server by the city or by clicking the labels on the world guide. You can likewise alter your favored settings inside the application. In the event that you need to empower the off button highlight, this should be possible in “Settings” tab. Once there, you could likewise deal with the default VPN server choice, application startup inclinations, association diagnostics, as well as app update preferences under the “General.” If you tap over to the “connection,” you could choose your association protocol, the OpenVPN port as well as arrange custom DNS settings.

Protocols and Encryption

AES is an encryption methodology that was authorized by the government of the USA. The inspiration for the production of this security method was that the government stressed that no current encryption framework was sufficiently secure. AES is utilized by all US government departments to ensure their interchanges over the web. Different governments around the globe likewise utilize AES in light of the fact that it is viewed as the most secure encryption framework accessible.

Privacy advocates stress that any encryption framework that is advanced by the US government presumably has an indirect access to permit US security offices to peruse all messages scrambled by it. In spite of this, AES is the most broadly utilized encryption framework utilized for VPNs. I P protection Vanish utilizes a 256-bit key, which is the most grounded security accessible.

The VPN experts recommends OpenVPN most importantly VPN methodologies and we especially like OpenVPN frameworks that utilization AES encryption with a 256-bit key. This is the princI Ple motivation behind why I P protection Vanish routinely shows up in our arrangements of recommended VPN administrations.

One issue with AES is that the same key scrambles and unscrambles messages, so key must be sent over the web keeping in mind the end goal to organize encryption. Consequently, a moment encryption framework is essential with a specific end goal to shield the entry of that key from snoopers.

OpenVPN utilizes a framework known as the Transport Layer Security to ensure the organization messages of the protected association — including the transmission of the AES key. This “control channel” utilizes the RSA encryption cI Pher. RSA utilizes two distinctive keys for encryption and decoding and you can’t work out the unscrambling key on the off chance that you know the encryption key. This sort of cI Pher is termed “asymmetrical encryption.” The encryption key can be promoted, so it is known as an open key. The more drawn out the key, the more secure the encryption. RSA commonly utilizes key of 1024 bit, 2048 bit and 4096 bit long. RSA with the 1024 bit key isn’t secure. Most VPNs utilize a 2048 bit key as well as I P protection Vanish is in this division. The absolute best VPNs utilize 4098 bit keys for the RSA to future-evidence their security methods.

I P protection Vanish and Netflix

The latest reports in will be in: I P protection Vanish has succumbed to Netflix’s measures to square activity that it knows to exude from VPN servers. Those planning to I P protection Vanish Netflix are hence as of now going to be left disillusioned.

All things considered, a lot of suppliers have possessed the capacity to arrangement new servers rapidly to work around the Netflix intermediary blunder message. Given I P protection Vanish’s amazing system achieve we would not be astounded if the circumstance were to change in the new future. Those that need the latest data on whether Netflix can be gotten to through the program are encouraged to ask straightforwardly utilizing the live chat support.

IPVanish Additional Services

I P protection Vanish has a quite amazing rundown of highlights, which are not saved just for those ready to pay additional money. Truth be told, there are a lot of exceptionally alluring highlights incorporated into all valuing levels, including month to month designs. For instance, each I P protection Vanish client gets boundless data transmission. There is likewise 256 bit AES encryption, and additionally PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP or I PSec protocols for most extreme security and assurance.

  • NAT Firewall

The supplier additionally offers the NAT (Network Address Translation) firewall for a little additional assurance through shared open locations. This gives a radical new layer of privacy as well as security, yet not only that the firewall likewise squares or channels approaching movement and along these lines shields you from a wide range of malware.

  • VOIP Support

Another intriguing advantage that I P protection Vanish provides to their clients is VOI P known as the Voice Over I P support which causes you save money on long separation calls. Boundless unknown torrenting as well as P2P activity are supported that makes this supplier perfect for those intrigued by downloading the media from downpours and in different types of distributed sharing.

I P protection Vanish permits torrenting on all servers. P2P filesharers and regular streamers will be happy to realize that there is no top on transmission capacity or information. The I P protection Vanish applications come with a discretionary off button that stops web activity ought to the VPN association startlingly drop. DNS spill assurance is inherent, including I Pv6 spill insurance. The organization keeps no activity or use sign on its customers. It doesn’t record your source I P or any of your online movement.

  • 5 Simultaneous Connections:

I P protection Vanish permits five synchronous associations on multI Ple gadgets in the event that you need to remain secured on your work area, workstation and cell phones (cell phone, tablet, and so forth.). This is additionally advantageous for families as well as family units with a few gadgets. Over that, you could likewise set up the switch with the goal that you could really have boundless associations since every one of the gadgets running on that inside system will utilize VPN as well.

Privacy Policy and Security

I P protection Vanish has a great privacy and security policy for its customers and here we have discussed both of them separately.

  • Privacy

The US base of I P protection Vanish could be an issue. American organizations are powerless against weight from the NSA and other law enforcement offices. Copyright attorneys are additionally exceptionally dynamic in the USA and there is even a law against record partaking in the nation. That means you could really be sentenced and sent to jail for connivance to confer copyright infringement under the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act.

These variables ought to dishearten the individuals who need to download records with P2P systems from utilizing I P protection Vanish to secure their characters. Nonetheless, the logging approach of the organization should make that action safe. The organization proclaims that it keeps no logs by any stretch of the imagination, so if the NSA turned up with a court arrange for records of the associations of I P protection Vanish’s customers; it could just leave with an unfilled circle. This approach gives I P protection Vanish the certainty to promote its administrations for P2P exercises.

  • Security

The I P protection Vanish application has some additional security highlights, which you will discover especially helpful on cell phones. You can initiate a system square, which will keep the applications on your gadget from interfacing with the web without your VPN being turned on. You don’t need to stress over additional charges for information use on the grounds that the I P protection Vanish benefit incorporates boundless information throughput. Thusly, you ought to most likely leave the VPN turned on constantly.

When you leave the house with your workstation or cell phone, you will move out of scope of your home switch. Nonetheless, you will go through the flag impression of different switches and your gadget will attempt to interface. The system shut of I P protection Vanish solidifies out the system card until the VPN can set up its own particular association. This means you will be ensured against associations with dangerous open systems that have no watchword requirements, which is a method that programmers sometimes use to sneak malware onto cell phones.

I P protection Vanish Support System

Specialized help is accessible day in and day out during the time through different channels. Online help is accessible through a contact frame on their site that profits email reactions inside a couple of hours. The FAQ pages, accessible in various dialects, the well ordered video instructional exercises, and the broad instructional exercises per gadget and working framework are probably going to as of now answer any inquiries you may have in setting the administration up. There are additionally the help gatherings and the organization’s Facebook and Twitter pages, through which you can get immediate help or group support. I P protection Vanish is especially group arranged; it additionally includes a page where you can vote in which area it ought to include VPN servers.

I P protection Vanish: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, refund policy

I P protection Vanish keeps its estimating structure perfect and straightforward and is aggressively valued through the restrictive offer accessible for our perusers. The organization has a month-to-month subscrI Ption benefit accessible for $8 every month, sparing you 34% in correlation with the standard cost of $11.99 month to month. The 3-month design can be had at $7.20 every month while paying $21.59 altogether for this length, which is a 40% markdown on the typical offering cost of $35.97. The best esteem design is the yearly choice that costs you $5.20 every month through this unique offer, a 57% markdown on the ordinary cost of this arrangement. All designs come with a 7-day unconditional promise, which means you can attempt the administration completely hazard free for a week and demand a discount should you not be completely fulfilled.

Despite the fact that not the least expensive choice on the home VPN showcase, the evaluating is sensible yet we would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see a more extended term, two year design, for those seeking lock down the administration for the long haul at the most ideal cost.

Payment Methods

Normally VPN specialist organizations offer differing payment methods to browse. The explanation for offering assorted variety in payment is to facilitate the exchange procedure for clients. One might say that assortment of payment modes regularly contribute in improving customer fulfillment with regards to VPN industry; particularly, when a VPN specialist organization acknowledges payment through Bitcoin.

Bitcoin as we as a whole know is computerized cash which encourages mysterious exchanges. Henceforth, it best fills the need while making an exchange with a VPN specialist organization. In this situation, you can be unknown notwithstanding for the VPN specialist co-op. I P protection Vanish VPN offers three distinctive payment modes. It acknowledges payments either by means of a Credit Card, PayPal or WorldPay. They additionally acknowledge payment through Bitcoin.

I P protection Vanish Free Trial

The group at I P protection Vanish understands that planned customers will need to test their system. In this way, they offer every new client a 7-day money back guarantee. This will permit you time to completely test the speed and similarity of the I P protection Vanish coordinate with the greater part of the gadgets and sites that you frequently visit. You ought to likewise contact their specialized help with respect to any inquiries that you may have while testing their VPN organizes. In the event that for any reason, you are not totally happy with its execution, I P protection Vanish will discount the full price tag of your subscrI Ption. You should ask for this discount inside seven days of your buy date.

Pros and Cons of using I P protection Vanish

Every software or device has some pros and some cons. Nothing is perfect and so does I P protection Vanish. Here are few of the pros and cons of I P protection Vanish that we found while using the software.


All I P protection Vanish clients approach the accompanying advantages:

  • Custom software: Subscribers approach custom VPN applications for Windows, Mac OS X, I Phone and I Pad, Android gadgets, and Amazon Fire TV to interface with their VPN benefit from all around.
  • No logging: I P protection Vanish does not gather or log any activity or utilization of their VPN services.
  • Simultaneous connections: All clients can interface up to five gadgets at the same time on one record.
  • Network infrastructure: I P protection Vanish clients can interface with more than 1,000 servers in 60+ nations utilizing more than 40,000 I P shared locations.
  • Free NAT firewall: All I P protection Vanish servers utilize a NAT (Network Address Translation) firewall to share open I P addresses among clients. This secures their privacy and namelessness. It additionally squares inbound movement and shields you from undesirable malware and vindictive bots while utilizing the I P protection Vanish service.
  • Wi-Fi networks: You are ensured against noxious assaults at your most loved problem area or while voyaging and utilizing ineffectively secured inn and airport systems.
  • Uncensored Internet: Everyone approaches a more open and less prohibitive online experience from wherever they live or while going for business or delight.
  • SOCKS5 proxy: For the individuals who require it, I P protection Vanish gives a SOCKS5 intermediary to go about as a protected go between for your PC and the Internet utilizing advance innovations like UDP as well as I Pv6. This is a prevalent element for P2P or the Torrent clients.

This is only some of the numerous advantages that you have when utilizing the I P protection Vanish system of VPN servers. Others incorporate the capacity to muddle your Internet activity to help make preparations for profound parcel review of your information, utilize virtual areas to get to more differed entertainment assets, and to exploit geo-movement to spare cash on buys and geo-estimated products and administrations.


With pros there are some cons of I P protection Vanish and we have listed few cons of I P protection Vanish below:

  • No TOR Compatibility

TOR or The Orion Network is a system that scrambles and transfers your activity data over a few servers guaranteeing that it is troublesome (perused: unthinkable) to track your ongoing area. For those of you who require genuine security measures to battle against government observation or censorshI P laws, TOR enables you to make a moment layer of security with a current VPN to boost your privacy and guarantee that your area and character stays private.

Shockingly, I P protection Vanish does not have a TOR similarity. For most clients, this won’t be a major issue. Be that as it may, for customers living in more draconian nations like China or North Korea, this additional layer of security can actually be the contrast amongst life and demise.

  • No Netflix Compatibility

I P protection Vanish isn’t perfect with Netflix and this is a major issue for some future customers. Particularly when you consider that different administrations offer the same execution, support, and unwavering quality with Netflix similarity for half of the cost.

While the users for one had an incredible involvement with the I P protection Vanish’s administration, Netflix similarity is basic for any VPN supplier that needs to be viewed as the “Best”. Ideally, the group will figure out how to determine this issue sooner rather than later, be that as it may, as of right now, you’re SOL.


In general, I P protection Vanish offers a solid item for cutting edge clients hoping to approach a vast arrangement of I Ps. The administration is straightforward about its server areas and its common servers, and gives valuable metrics that can enable you to deal with your association. Extra devices, for example, I P exchanging as well as DNS spill security are all piece of a hearty arrangement of privacy controls.

While the interface and customer administration could utilize some work, I P protection Vanish offers a strong VPN at a respectable cost. While speed was a bit of an issue all through our test, it was insufficient to exclude this administration for torrenters or overwhelming streamers.

While it doesn’t offer a free-trial, the seven day unconditional promise should give you some trust in taking I P protection Vanish benefit for a turn. A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing, and let us knows in the comments what you consider this VPN.

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