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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 69.25
Global UL speed 82.20
Average time to connect 11 seconds
Server locations 40 countries
Servers 45 +
IP addresses 1000 +
Dynamic server switching -
E-mail response time 1 h 40 m
Live chat +
Knowledge base +

The service supports

    Feature Parameter
    Windows +
    Mac +
    Linux +
    iOS +
    Android +
    Router +
    Games consoles -
    E-book -


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  • Hotspot Shield VPN: All You Need to Know

    AnchorFree first discharged Hotspot as a VPN in the year 2008. From that point forward, its administration has been part into two items: a free administration as well as a premium VPN known as Hotspot Shield Elite. Altogether, in excess of 500 million clients around the world have introduced the VPN.

    By far most of those clients utilize the free edition, and there could be presumed that the Hotspot has been an important apparatus for the individuals living in the places experiencing site power outages. It was a fundamental VPN utilized during Arab spring protests.


    Hotspot Shield is a straightforward VPN application that offers sensible speeds, a perfect interface and boundless data transfer capacity for paying clients. While alluring at first glance, the administration has a few warnings that potential endorsers ought to know about before purchasing, particularly given its unattractive estimating.

    Speed and Performance

    Hotspot achieves shocking speeds on the dominant part of its servers, particularly those in Europe and Asia. Strong exchange speeds settle on it a good choice for European torrenters and gamers. Due its speed and execution the customers of Hotspot has assessed it 9.2 out of 10.

    Customer Support

    The territory in which Hotspot Shield is probably not going to wow clients is its customer support system which has gotten under the skin of numerous online commentators who have taken to customer survey sites to assail the organization’s “horrifying” responsiveness and achievement rate in helping clients settle issues.

    The organization operates the online customer support center with elegantly composed learning to base articles for interfacing with all the organization’s supported devices and platforms as well as also an online ticket framework where clients can submit the support demands.

    Missing, obviously, are both telephone and live chat support choices. Given that the former is about widespread among VPN suppliers, this is one zone where the organization could truly.

    The customers have given a score of 7.5 out 10 for their assistance organizations.

    Value for Money

    Hotspot Shield as of now offers two administration levels: Hotspot Shield Free, which is all that the administration initially was offered as, as well as Hotspot Shield Elite.

    Hotspot Shield Free is a promotion supported VPN as well as clients are probably going to discover the storm of publicizing it tosses at them disappointing. Given the moderate evaluating structure of Elite along with the capacity to buy a lifetime membership for the little over $100, clients would be all around encouraged to spend for the superior variant.

    The customers are content with their evaluating methodology as they are advancing such a substantial number of features and that is the reason the customers have given it a score of 7 out of 10 concerning the motivator for money.


    Hotspot has a fairly limited choice of server zones appeared differently in relation to some of its adversaries. Make an effort not to plan to have the ability to connect with the most fascinating territories or peruse specific urban groups in numerous illustrations. In any case, Hotspot has most of the more noticeable zones secured with new servers included routinely and for their server territories the customer have given a 5 score out of 10.

    Ease of Use

    Setting up the account with Hotspot Shield is basic, requiring just an email id as well as password. After making a record and confirming the email address, you are ready to immediately log in to any of Hotspot Shield customers. The entire procedure is brisk; it takes just a couple of minutes to linked with Hotspot shield. The clients have given an 8.5 score out of 10.

    Servers, Server Status Page

    Hotspot Shield offers 20 virtual areas with the elite service, yet does not indicate what number of servers it has or where they are found. As indicated by what we know, they have no less than 20 servers situated in 20 nations and locales, spreading over North America, Asia, Great Britain, Europe and Australia.

    Sadly, there are no servers in South America, Africa, or Greenland, and there is just a single server each in Australia, China and Russia.

    Speed Test

    Speed tests for Hotspot VPN were embraced utilizing Hotspot Shield Elite version. The speed tests were carried out from the UK, utilizing the London server on the beta.speedtest.net. Association speeds were checked with no VPN associated initially, to get the base level outcomes for the US and UK. We tested the US VPN server utilizing the New York server on the beta.speedtest.net.

    We tested the UK and Netherlands from UK server in the London. For each situation, we amassed the outcomes from the 5 tests. Each shaded square in the diagrams speaks to the scope of speeds experienced, from most astounding to the least. It would be ideal if you look at the full speed test clarification for more subtle elements.

    Hotspot Shield reviewsHotspot Shield rating

    The Hotspot Shield Elite version performed at madly quick speeds, which came tremendously near the association speeds without the VPN. This raises some inquiries regarding the quality of encryption that the Hotspot Shield Elite has executed. Unfortunately, there is no real approach to recognize whether the speeds of the VPN are exceptionally quick because of extremely great activity steering or as a result of junk encryption measures.

    We are wavering; however, the gut intuition discloses to us that these VPN speeds are too quick to be in any way very much implemented the encryption up to the models of OpenVPN.


    Hotspot VPN has customers for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and also the browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, so customers could actuate their Hotspot VPN without leaving the browser.

    Be that as it may, Hotspot Shield’s platform support is defective with conflicting server’s access. For instance, while you have 20 servers on Mac, Windows, iOS, as well as Android versions, the Firefox and Chrome extensions, just have four to five servers, separately. Likewise important is that while the Windows Phone application is accessible, it at present isn’t practical on the latest update as well as the usefulness of Android application relies upon which gadget you are utilizing.

    Hotspot Shield doesn’t offer help for the switches either which means that gadgets that don’t have customers accessible are totally unfit to interface with its administrations. This means clients on Windows Phone, Linux, or less ordinary platforms are not supported as well as unprotected.

    Protocols and Encryption

    Hotspot Shield utilizes the OpenVPN convention, which is the favored choice since it offers the most extreme security level among every single other option.

    It utilizes the AES-256 encryption, which is an industry standard additionally implemented by the military. When you read that VPNs utilize the “military review” encryption, this is what they are discussing.

    The association is likewise secured with the 2048-bit open key encryption. This is as yet an industry standard albeit numerous organizations are gradually changing to the 4096-bit keys for the control channel. This is caused by the current advances made by Chinese experts in breaking the session keys.

    Proceeding onward with the Hotspot VPN survey, security is of principal significance. All things considered, one of the significant reasons why individuals have swung to VPN is to defend their secrecy, their online flexibility and obviously extend their conceivable outcomes on the web. Despite the fact that it isn’t that simple to characterize as you witness through the site of Hotspot VPN, to be sure there is progressed the OpenVPN encryption required of the 256-bit AES.

    This is positively awesome, as the decoded movement could prompt a few vulnerabilities that could prompt hacking endeavors as well as victories at the awful on-the screen characters’ end. No logs are kept as well as no data is put away, with regards to the Elite clients from the organization. In any case, there is focused on the content as far as advertisements for the free clients as well as this are something that you must consider preceding going free!

    The way that Hotspot Shield possesses their own VPN server foundation and don’t depend upon outsiders for this. Along these lines they can ensure the clients 100% privacy and security. At the point when contrasted with other VPN suppliers going for giving comparable administrations, some of them out themselves in the heated water on account of specific holes. As just as of late Hola VPN discovered utilizing its clients as leave hubs and for DDOS assaults. The people at the Hotspot Shield appear to ensure they give their clients and in addition other potential VPN clients the unmistakable picture that Hotspot Shield doesn’t do any such practices. In this way, it’s a decent choice for clients searching for a reliable VPN.

    Hotspot Shield VPN and Netflix     

    The users got to Netflix US with Hotspot Shield Elite associated with US VPN server. It worked flawlessly. The users associated with the UK server attempted BBC iPlayer and again had no issue. This is magnificent. It exhibits that the tip top rendition of the VPN works for unblocking content.

    Sadly, the free version didn’t fare as well: it blocked Netflix as well as iPlayer and told them to upgrade to the paid version.

    Hotspot Shield Additional Services

    Hotspot Shield is accessible both as a free as well as a paid variant known as the Hotspot Shield Elite, both of which support all the major working frameworks along with the gadgets.

    • Two Encryptions

    The two forms highlight a 128-bit as well as a 256-bit AES encryption by means of, its own exclusive information compressions, which fundamentally lessens the span of the information documents, enabling them to be transmitted rapidly.

    With more than 30 licenses, Hydra likewise fundamentally enhances execution over long-separate associations.  It additionally diminishes the time to set up the VPN association and the dormancy of little record downloads. The “mystery sauce” of the convention that gives it an extensive execution advantage is the manner by which the payload is conveyed inside the protected passages between the customer as well as the server.

    • Free Version Limitations

    The free edition has a couple, expected confinements, including restricted transmission capacity as well as a paywall that forestalls access to Hulu, Netflix, and other prominent streaming locales.

    • No Logs for paid Clients

    Hotspot Shield keeps positively no logs, neither for paid nor free clients. So, the free edition is upheld by the advertisements, which may make one wonder of how mysterious the administration is, however an official privacy statement from Hotspot Shield rapidly settle any uncertainty about clients’ information privacy.

    While they do gather anonymous data about the sites as well as the gadgets that are most well known among the clients, none of this information is identifiable as well as can’t be credited to a particular individual utilizing the services.

    The free edition of the Hotspot Shield arrangement transparently as well as obviously expresses that it is subsidized by the promotions; be that as it may, they gather no by and by identifiable client information as well as capture no traffic neither with the free version nor with the superior adaptation of the solutions. They never share any by and by identifiable data with any of the promoters. The clients’ online privacy has dependably been the absolute need of Hotspot.

    Obviously, the Hotspot Shield’s Elite arrangement is the most solid option. You will get boundless data transfer capacity for the ultra-quick spilling as well as downloading, support for up to five synchronous associations, access to more than 2,500 premium servers in 25 nations, and also promotion blocking along with the malware location highlights.

    Privacy Policy and Security

    Security is effortlessly the greatest concern when utilizing the Hotspot VPN, and there isn’t a considerable measure of information about what the encryption composes it employments. Relatively every VPN supplier subtle elements their encryption methods, and the way that we’re not able discover which methods the Hotspot Shield utilizes, even in the wake of hunting their site down hours, is worried to state indisputably the slightest.

    The main information Hotspot gives is that it encodes all perusing information through a “safe association burrow,” however this doesn’t mean much as the methods of encryption being utilized could as of now be obsolete or split. Hotspot Shield doesn’t give any data to us or the clients to realize that its safety measures are state-of-the-art.

    We chose to contact the support for additional data.

    Around 20 hours after the fact we got this answer, itemizing what type of methods for encryption are utilized: AES-256 bits. This is a strong encryption decision, and it is a marvel why they don’t straightforwardly publicize it.

    Hotspot Shield’s privacy arrangement opens up with the statement reminiscent of amazing infomercials, which doesn’t precisely rouse certainty; moreover, it’s additionally a troublesome perused. This is reasonable, as it’s an authoritative document, however, what isn’t as passable is the measure of faulty statements inside it.

    Privacy policy

    In the privacy strategy, the Hotspot Shield expresses that it could gather the IP address as well as utilizes it to recognize the general area, which isn’t precisely what you need when utilizing a VPN. The VPN administrations should never gather the IP address as well as this raises doubt about its cases of no logging.

    The Hotspot Shield additionally expresses that, if asked for, it could give any of the data to government experts, including the individual data gave during the join. Hotspot Shield doesn’t detail how they deal with these solicitations, so clients are left aimlessly assuming that their data is ensured.

    Additionally expressed is that outsider promoters might in any case track the browsing when utilizing Hotspot Shield, alongside a sentence which needs its clients recognize that the Hotspot Shield doesn’t scramble all web activity to and from the gadget, or give an intermediary IP to all sites.

    Hotspot Shield Support System

    Hotspot Shield’s customer support isn’t the strong point of the services offered by them. These days, premium VPNs is great at managing consumers continuously. The absolute best administrations give every minute of every day live chat to enable the customers to utilize the administration as well as manage the issues.

    For clients using free administration, help desk replies are moderate in reality. World class clients should show signs of improvement in their service. In any case, customer support is by all accounts under strain because of the huge number of clients that the VPN has. Considering the expenditure of the world class services – which is fundamentally the same as different administrations that give exceptional help?

    Consumers encountering issues would be savvy to first try to comprehend them utilizing the information base in Hotspot VPN Help Center. This asset could be valuable, yet it doesn’t have that numerous aides and is quite restricted.

    With a specific end goal to present the request for the help, you will need to tap on the “Contact Support” button and then open the help ticket. The request ticket will be taken care of by means of the email id that you have subscribed in to the Hotspot VPN with.

    When you write in the Subject field of the form, it provides a rundown of information base piece of writings that it supposes might help.

    Hotspot Shield: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, refund policy

    Hotspot Shield’s month to month choice is more costly as compared to most VPNs, yet its semi-yearly and yearly choices fall more in accordance with what we have come to anticipate from different suppliers.

    • Free Users Plan

    Free clients of the Hotspot Shield could just access the solitary server; have restricted data transmission, flag promotions as well as a paywall hindering all the video streaming.

    Clients hoping to obstruct those promotions will be repulsively shocked, as the Hotspot Shield’s terms enable it to reject the access to the clients who endeavor to utilize the adblockers.

    When the free clients pass the 500MB, access to all the video streaming websites is hindered for the 24 hours by the “share with companions” walls, which could be lifted by the sharing Hotspot Shield with 10 companions. In the wake of outperforming as far as possible, free clients will be disengaged following five minutes and their data transmission top will reset following 24 hours.

    After exceeding the 750MB limit, the free users will be disengaged after 5 minutes as well as their bandwidth limit will reset after 1 day.

    • Hotspot Elite VPN Plan

    The Elite Hotspot plan lifts every one of the confinements and offers a definitive VPN involvement with a moderate cost. You can pick the yearly plan at $29.99, in the event that you live outside the United States or on the other hand $29.95 for US natives. For the semiannual plan, the charge is  $49.95. There are likewise semi-yearly memberships accessible for the US and even month to month memberships for the general population abroad. All designs come with 45-day full cash discount ensure.

    • Payment Options

    Maybe the coolest part about the valuing is the wonderful adaptability in payment methods. You could pick credit or debit cards as well as PayPal, UCB and Discover. It is important that there are coupons offered to you for bringing down the cost significantly further and this is certainly something to pay special attention to. You would be advised to check the payment choices accessible in your nation, however, as there may be slight contrasts.

    Clients hoping to begin on utilizing Bitcoin will be disillusioned by its absence as an acknowledged type of payment.

    Clients who buy one of the world class bundles have 45 days to ask for a discount, yet Hotspot Shield could deny these requests also.

    • Hotspot Shield Free Trial

    Tap on the “Get Hotspot Shield” button to get to the download page. The installer file download will start automatically.

    This is the free version of the application. When you first start it, you will be given the choice to agree and to accept a seven-day free trial of the paid variant. Enter the Visa details with a specific end goal to get to the free trial of the Hotspot Shield Elite.

    In the event that you choose to go down this street, please remember to wipe out before the week is done on the off chance that you choose the administration isn’t for you – or you’ll be charged for your first month. Note that utilizing the seven-day free trial takes away your entitlement to the 45-day unconditional promise.

    Utilize a legitimate email id, as you’ve to activate the administration. In the event that you just need to utilize the Hotspot Shield free VPN, tap on the back bolt in the upper left corner of the seven-day free trial window.

    If you decide to go down this road, please remember to cancel before the week is up if you decide the service isn’t for you – or you’ll be charged for your first month. Note that using the seven-day free trial takes away your entitlement to the 45-day money-back guarantee.

    Pros and Cons

    Every software has it benefits as well as some disadvantages and before installing or using the software these pros and cons helps you in making the decision that whether you should use it or not.


    Hot spot VPN has so many pros and some of them are listed here. Have a look.

    • Unlocked Websites

    Libraries, Schools, and spots of employment, for the most part, put confinements on specific sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. With Hotspot VPN, they could access these sites and more since the application bypasses such the firewalls and filters.

    • Anonymous Web Use

    Our Hotspot VPN makes the walls around the client to secure their character. Due to such encryptions, leading on the web activities is more private as well as secure since clients never again need to fear being followed or snooped on by their ISPs, managers, and governments and in addition programmers.

    • Hidden IP Address

    Programmers and pernicious people or organizations utilize the individuals’ IP address to screen how they utilize the web. Over that, they could utilize the strategies by means of the IP address to pick up the data about the credit cards, financial balances, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. By having Hotspot VPN empowered, the clients could veil their IP addresses by picking an alternate or remote area gave by the VPN’s servers.

    • Improved Online Security

    With Hotspot VPN, clients appreciate helped security on the web. At whatever point they get to the web through the VPN, they could rest guaranteed that individual information, including on the web records and passwords, are unequivocally encoded.

    • Protected Public Browsing

    At whatever point a client is on an open Hotspot VPN or unsecured system, the VPN application guarantees that there are no snoopers or aggressors looking on the client’s PC or activities.


    With pros there are cons as well and some of the cons of Hotspot VPN are listed below:

    • Questionable Policies and Privacy

    Anchor Free is transparently connected with various outsider promoting organizations that influence the Hotspot VPN and shield free of cost.

    While this is a really basic demand for free VPN services and benefit, when you begin delving into privacy arrangement, things can get difficult and confusing.

    Regardless of whether you overlook, the way that the expression “individual data” is deliberately uncertain all through their approach and obviously does exclude your own IP address, that might create some issues for you in future.

    They likewise found that Hotspot VPN will routinely divert client movement through one of their subsidiary systems keeping in mind the end goal to benefit from buying the services that customers will be utilizing.

    • Ticketed Customer Support 

    It is copiously obvious to us that entire Hotspot VPN’s assets have been piped into just three things.

    1. Creating a stellar performance of the services at exceptionally quick speeds
    2. Designing a wonderful UI
    3. Finding approaches to legitimately misuse an uncertain privacy arrangement to benefit as much as humanly conceivable.

    While the Hotspot VPN offers an in fact comprehensive rundown of investigating assets and aides, their customer support group is everything except nonexistent.

    In case that you are having any issues, the best way to contact with the help group is feared support ticket services.

    • Compatibility and No TOR

    With client based that is as extensive and various as the one bragged by Hotspot VPN, you would envision that they would make an item that is similarly differing as well as versatile to any need or situation. Shockingly, this isn’t the situation.

    Not exclusively does Hotspot VPN not offer similarity with The Orion Router or some other outsider intermediaries; however, they restrain all clients to OpenVPN protocol.

    Despite the fact that OpenVPN is my default VPN convention it’s not an across the board arrangement.


    Hotspot VPN is anything but difficult to utilize and quick to set up, yet the high costs, as well as worrisome weaknesses, will exceed those advantages for general clients. Netflix UK, as well as BBC’s iPlayer, work exceptionally well, fulfilling clients looking for the geo blocked content, however, Netflix U.S. clients are up the creek without a paddle.

    Speed is fair yet experiences poor association issues as well as customer support leaves a great deal to be wanted, with protracted response times and a confounding site.

    Agree to accept the newsletter to get the latest on new discharges and that’s just the beginning.

    Data on the Hotspot VPN’s privacy and security is confounding as well as elusive, with worrisome arrangements along with the terms and clients searching for a VPN supplier will probably get themselves worried to join. More regrettable, the organization logs IP address data and doesn’t ensure secrecy during browsing, crushing its basic reason.

    On the drawback, support could be a bit more flexible and the free arrangement could be a bit less prohibitive. In general, however, Hotspot Elite VPN and the free arrangement that is accessible for the unlimited time period could cover the requirements of PCs, and in addition little to medium sized organizations, with no issue at all!

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