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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 65.50
Global UL speed 29.41
Average time to connect 3 s
Server locations 35 countries
Servers 130 +
IP addresses 1 300 +
Dynamic server switching -
E-mail response time 45 m
Live chat +
Knowledge base +

The service supports

    Feature Parameter
    Windows +
    Mac +
    Linux +
    iOS +
    Android +
    Router + / -
    Games consoles -
    E-book -


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  • Hide.Me: A VPN that will protect your online presence

    Hide.Me is a Malaysian-based VPN benefit keep running by eVenture Ltd. The organization offers a free VPN and two levels of paid administration. To see if you can get the majority of the web privacy needs fulfilled by the free service or whether you require the Plus or Premium renditions then read this. You will realize what the highlights of Hide.Me are, the amount it costs, how to introduce and utilize it, and whether its execution confronts the cases on its site.

    Two of the greatest stresses while picking a VPN are whether its security methods are sufficiently solid and whether it keeps logs. This VPN benefit brought in an inspector to affirm that it keeps no movement or association logs by any stretch of the imagination, notwithstanding for the free form. The encryption alternatives offered by the administration incorporate 256-bit key known as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, which is the best standard that any VPN available offers. Straight off, this VPN resembles a decent bet.


    Hide.Me is yet another Virtual Private Network (VPN) angle in an extremely bustling stream. Indeed, the users might not have even known about this administration because of the span of this swarmed and exceptionally aggressive industry.

    Speed and Performance

    Hide.Me accomplishes stunning speeds on the majority of its servers, especially those in Europe and Asia. Solid transfer speeds settle on it a decent decision for European torrenters and gamers. Due its speed and execution the clients of Hide.Me has evaluated it 10 on 10.

    Customer Support

    Hide.Me is the straight-talking VPN service. Their privacy approach is powerful yet in addition written in straightforward dialect instead of thick legalese. This stretches out to the customer support. Make inquiries on live chat about the particulars of observing data transmission use for in addition to customers when you’ve a no-logging approach and you find straight solutions. That is reviving as well as not as basic as it ought to be. Live visit is great: brisk and benevolent without inclining too vigorously on canned reactions. Email wasn’t exactly as smart yet at the same time consummately sensible. The clients are happy with their customer support and they have given a score of 7.5 out 10 for their help administrations.

    Value for Money

    With such a significant number of estimating plans including in addition to and premium, the clients can pick the best that suits them. The clients are happy with their estimating methodology as they are putting forth such a large number of highlights and that is the reason the clients have given it a score of 7 out of 10 in regards to the incentive for cash.


    Hide.Me has a fairly restricted decision of server areas contrasted with some of its rivals. Try not to hope to have the capacity to associate with the most intriguing areas or browse particular urban communities in many examples. Be that as it may, Hide.Me has the greater part of the more prominent areas secured with new servers included routinely and for their server areas the client have given a 6.5 score out of 10.

    Servers, Server Status Page:

    With regards to estimate Hide.Me may not seem to have as expansive a system as some of their rivals yet looks can be deluding. They just utilize devoted exposed metal servers with 1 Giga bit uplinks. This surrenders them a leg on suppliers who utilize virtual servers. This audit additionally found that they have servers in key areas all through the world. Members approach different servers in well known nations like the Netherlands, the United States as well as Australia.

    Hide.Me has 84 servers installed in 28 locations in 22 countries.

    In the event that the users buy in to the premium VPN design, Hide.Me offers boundless data. That means you can use as much data as you need and associate with any server area. This is a genuine reward and permits the individuals who go to watch spilling content from home or different nations.

    hide.me vpn

    Hide.Me has servers in the accompanying nations:

    • Americas: United States, Mexico, Canada
    • Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Iceland, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Lithuania, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden and Turkey.
    • Rest of the World: Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and Singapore

    Speed Test:

    The speed of a VPN transmission is confined by picked VPN-Tunnel write, for example, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, SoftEther and in addition IKEv2 and IKEv1 alongside the encryption level. Likewise the ‘switch’ may assume a part in the VPN association as just the more costly and more up to date models bolster top speed. We have tested distinctive conventions with Hide.Me and they all perform best ever!! We get speeds up to at least 200mbps, which is the most astounding we have ever measured testing VPN suppliers.

    hide.me review

    Hide.Me was tested utilizing the IKEv2 convention utilizing the Windows customer. This gives the fastest speeds to the conventions that the free VPN approached. PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 were the main conventions upheld in their Windows customer utilizing the free VPN.

    hide.me vpn review

    As should be obvious there was around a 15% contrast in speed between the association specifically to the ISP and the association with a Hide.Me server around 1300 miles away. Encryption includes overhead so you can expect some abatement in execution. Execution is dependably an exchange off for privacy while considering a VPN benefit. In any case, with a speed of very nearly 43 Mbps the clients could without much of a stretch stream administrations like Hulu and HBO GO and additionally watch HD motion pictures or live streaming events.


    There is extraordinary and end similarity of Hide.Me VPN with all OS and gadgets. Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP and Mac OS X, iOS, iPad and iPhone, Linux and Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and BlackBerry can profit by the simple setup control gave on the official site of Hide.Me VPN. There are additionally guidelines for the switches.

    Windows VPN Client

    The left-hand figure beneath shows the association screen for their customer. This screen enables the clients to pick the server from a drop-down rundown box, associate or undo, and shows the online status. It likewise shows the present arrangement and how much transmission capacity the clients have utilized in the event that they don’t have a Premium record. It will likewise give them a chance to overhaul their present record.

    hide.me proxy

    The figure on the privilege above is the settings screen. It enables the client to choose the VPN association encryption compose. On account of the free customer you are restricted to simply IKEv2, SSTP and PPTP. It likewise has some broad settings to tell the customer the start-up inclinations. On the off chance that the clients begin the VPN with managerial benefits, at that point they can set the DNS spill controls. Likewise, the clients can see and set the essential and optional DNS servers if important. At last, the clients can verify whether they have the latest version for the client.

    Connect from Android App

    The clients can download it from Google Play. The versatile application requires Android 4.0 or above. The application keeps running on all Android gadgets.

    what is hide.me

    Initially enter the Username and Password to login. At that point the client can tap to empower the VPN security in theevent that they need the application to naturally pick a server for you. On the off chance that they select this, the application will consequently choose the one it supposes will be fastest for you in light of area and server stack. Else, the clients can pick a server themselves from the accessible areas and tap to empower security. The application likewise shows the present record compose and transfer speed utilization for the month. At last, it will verify that the clients have the latest adaptation of the application introduced.

    Protocols and Encryption:

    The OpenVPN implementation of the application is likely the best choice accessible. Be that as it may, there are different conventions accessible, as well. L2TP and in addition IKEv2 are great options, however, the IKEv2 implementation is just accessible on Windows and Linux. L2TP is accessible for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and iOS gadgets. This implementation utilizes AES encryption, however with a 128-bit key, which is less secure than the AES with a 258-bit key, which is utilized for OpenVPN.

    OpenVPN is accessible for Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android as well as Linux clients. The security subtle elements of this choice are appeared in the table close by. This is presumably your best security choice when you utilize Hide.Me.

    PPTP and SSTP are the two other convention alternatives accessible in the application. PPTP was an early VPN framework that was made by Microsoft. It is currently thought to be obsolete and to have powerless security. SSTP was designed by Microsoft to supplant PPTP. It’s a decent alternative if, for reasons unknown, you would prefer not to utilize OpenVPN. This convention copies the security methods utilized by HTTPS, which is the encryption framework used to secure website pages in travel.

    The application has one more VPN protocol alternative, which is SoftEther. This is a multi-convention stage that was made in 2014. It is another framework, and you would be in an ideal situation staying with OpenVPN in the Hide.Me customer interface.

    Hide.Me and Netflix:

    Shockingly, Hide.Me did not unblock Netflix utilizing any of the servers that the users tested such as US East, US West as well as London, UK. This is a progressing battle for some VPNs as spilling destinations like Netflix split down. When they identify an IP address is really one from a VPN supplier, they’ll piece utilization and convey a blunder message. On the off chance that this is a major issue for you, at that point you’ll have to look somewhere else.

    Hide.Me Additional Services:

    As we mentioned in the presentation of this Hide.Me VPN audit, it is a Malaysia-based organization that has 28 servers now. The Americas are spoken to by Canada, the United States, and Mexico. There is additionally one area in Brazil. In Europe, they have servers in Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, United Kingdom, Turkey, Romania, Sweden as well as Iceland. There are 2 servers in Australia and 1 in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Morocco each.

    Every one of the servers are get to controlled, claimed, and worked by Hide.Me VPN only, which means no outsider impedance at all. A large portion of the servers are P2P-accommodating. Every one of them supports every one of the protocols utilized by Hide.Me VPN and they all have low ping times.

    This VPN organization offers boundless transfer speed and server exchanging, yet just with their top notch bundles. Premium and Plus Plan clients additionally have the decision of the full convention suite, which means L2TP/IPsec, SoftEther, SSTP, PPTP, IKEv1 as well as IKEv2, and, obviously the OpenVPN.

    There is additionally an advantageous element called Kill Switch. What this component does is that it actually close down your association and all your applications and projects associated with the Internet if (or when) something turns out badly and you get disengaged from the VPN.

    With respect to torrenting, it is bolstered and supported. Clients can likewise appreciate SOCKS intermediary for the maximum download speed.

    All Hide.Me VPN clients, paying little respect to the bundle, get a free unknown intermediary program. What this fundamentally means is that, on the off chance that you are just inspired by getting to geo-confined substance and sites, you essentially utilize intermediary alone and get to any site you need, anyplace on the planet.

    Privacy Policy and Security:

    VPNs give you more noteworthy privacy on the web. However, add up to namelessness can never be accomplished on the grounds that the VPN organization realizes what you are doing on the web. In this way, when you buy in to a VPN, you should make certain that the organization won’t make data about the activities accessible to law enforcement offices, or attorneys with a court request to compel the VPN to hand over the data that it hangs on you.

    There are two approaches to handle this issue. Initially, you should choose a VPN situated in a nation that is far from where you live and from where the copyright proprietors of the entertainment that you need to download dwell. The second privacy affirmation that you require is that the VPN won’t hold records of your exercises. Along these lines it won’t have any data to hand over, should legitimate pressure be connected.

    • Anonymity:

    Hide.Me is situated in Malaysia, which is a decent area for security against activities by copyright legal counselors. The cost of implementing lawful procedures in a remote nation is much high. It might make lawful activity monetarily unviable. The organization guarantees that it keeps no association or movement logs by any stretch of the imagination. Nonetheless, as the free administration and the Plus arrangement have information throughput limits, there must be some record-keeping on every customer.

    • Personal Details:

    Individual points of interest and record payment data are held by outsourced payment accumulation offices. Hence, Hide.Me never holds distinguishing data about its customers. Tracker codes for Google Analytics are incorporated into the Hide.Me site, however not the application.

    • Sites and Internet Services:

    The organization guarantees that its product is unequipped for recording which locales and web benefits its customers interface with while utilizing the VPN. All records on ended associations, other than amassed information use tallies, are erased each a few hours.

    Hide.Me Support System:

    The Hide.Me emotionally supportive network is extremely extensive and is one of the administration’s best highlights. There are numerous approaches to get to customer bolster. A live visit framework is kept an eye on every minute of every day. The staff at this assistance work area can answer numerous inquiries that you have about the VPN. Be that as it may, they aren’t ready to take care of specialized issues. You get to the live visit by tapping on the blue elliptical at the base right of the site.

    You don’t need to enter any recognizing data to make an inquiry. In the event that the live chat group can’t help you, the specialized group can be reached through a web frame or by means of email. You get to the Support Center by tapping on the dark elongated on the right-hand edge of the site.

    You can get to a client forum from their page and furthermore look down to peruse a chronicle of FAQs. Specialized help is accessible through a help ticket framework. You have to enter an email address and choose a subject from a dropdown list keeping in mind the end goal to ask a help question. A professional will answer to your inquiry by email.

    You can likewise contact the help group straightforwardly by email at support@hide.me. This is the deliver you have to contact with a specific end goal to get the one-day free trial of the Premium bundle.

    Hide.Me: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, refund policy:

    Hide.Me has different pricing plans; payment methods and a defined refund policy so that the customers won’t face any problem.

    Free version:

    The free form of Hide.Me has constrained highlights – this is standard practice for VPNs that offer a no-charge application close by their paid VPN administrations. In the event that you need to utilize a VPN to get into spilling administrations back home, the user have to interface with the server in the same nation as the site that you need to get recordings from. The free version of Hide.Me just enables access to servers in Canada, Singapore and the Netherlands. In the event that the nation you have to get to isn’t one of those, the free application won’t be any utilization to you for spilling.

    Another restriction of the free edition is that it doesn’t enable the user to utilize SoftEther or OpenVPN. These are the better conventions accessible at the moment. The user gets an information throughput point of confinement of 2GB every month. In case that the users jump at the chance to download documents or play games on the web, this could get bit up rapidly.

    All things considered, utilizing the free form doesn’t give you an appropriate opportunity to test the paid adaptation. Luckily, Hide.Me has a 14-day unconditional promise period for the paid administration. You can just get this discount in the event that you have utilized fewer than 50 MB of information before you request your cash back. You can likewise get a one-day free trial of the Premium arrangement on the off chance that you email the help work area and request it.

    Premium Plan:

    With boundless highlights and 5 concurrent associations costs

    • $20 every month in the event that you purchase a month to month membership
    • $14.17 every month in the event that you purchase a Bi-Annual membership
    • $11.67 every month in the event that you purchase a yearly membership

    Plus Plan:

    In addition Plan begins at $10.00 every month on the off chance that you purchase the month to month membership; $6.67 every month is offered at the semi-yearly membership lastly $5.42 every month is given to the individuals who select the yearly membership. There is a 14-day full cash discount ensure offered, also. The site is SSL secured thus you can finish your buys with no stresses.

    The principle distinction between the Plus arrangement and the Premium arrangement is that you get a remittance of five synchronous associations with the Premium form. The other contrast between the two designs is that the Plus arrangement has an information throughput point of confinement of 75 GB for each month.

    Payment Options:

    Hide.Me VPN service supports an extensive variety of payment alternatives. These incorporate Bitcoins, PayPal, real charge cards along with the wire exchanges. Utilizing PayPal will enable you to pick where you need to deal with your membership from. Bitcoin is a payment alternative which gives greater secrecy to the individuals who need it. They likewise acknowledge significant charge cards like MasterCard, Visa, JCB as well as American Express.

    Refund Policy:

    Alongside a lifetime free membership, you likewise get 14 days unconditional promise with Hide.Me VPN. In any case, conditions connected. You can ask for a discount on the off chance that you didn’t surpassed 500MB transmission capacity use.

    As far as possible is prohibitive yet in the event that you need to give Hide.Me a hazard free attempt, the users could do it on account of the unconditional promise strategy.

    Then again the users can utilize even the Free Plan however it comes with such a significant number of restrictions as far as highlights and speed that you can’t get a genuine taste of what Hide.Me is about.

    Hide.Me Free Trial:

    As the adage goes, on the off chance that it sounds pipe dream, it most likely is. Despite the fact that Hide.Me offers a free administration with liberal terms, there are a ton of impediments that paid memberships need. For one thing, take note of that free clients just approach three server areas, in Canada, the Netherlands, and Singapore. To be blunter, free clients don’t approach some of the most mainstream VPN association areas, for example, the US, the UK, Hong Kong, and other well known destinations.

    Despite the fact that Hide.Me doesn’t perform transmission capacity throttling to confine free clients’ association speeds, the transfer speed is just best exertion in nature. That means that free clients’ activity will take bring down need than paid endorsers’ movement, which prompts inconsistent speeds amid crest server usage. Having said that, take note of that Hide.Me guarantees no less than 3Mbps for free clients.

    There’s data top too, however it’s entirely liberal. Hide.Me constrains free clients to 2GB of data exchange for each month. For examination, realize that Tunnel Bear confines its free clients to 500MB of data for every month. Hide.Me permits four times data for its free clients.

    Hide.Me confines free clients’ association conventions also. You’ll approach Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol known as PPTP, Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol known as SSTP, and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol generally known as L2TP. Except for PPTP, alternate conventions will offer sufficient security. Be that as it may, OpenVPN is my most loved association protocol, and SoftEther associations are saved for paid supporters as well.

    To wrap things up, take note of those free clients could just have one dynamic association at a time. Once more, this is commonplace of free administrations and trial adaptations. It’s conceivable to utilize the free administration on the same number of gadgets as you wish, yet just a single gadget may have a dynamic passage association at a time.

    In rundown, the free form is restricted to:

    • Only 3Mbps ensured transfer speed (best exertion)
    • 2GB of data exchange top every month
    • No OpenVPN associations
    • No synchronous associations
    • Only three available servers

    Pros and Cons of using Hide.Me:

    Everything has its pros and cons and so does the Hide.Me VPN service and here we have listed the pros and cons of Hide.Me VPN service.

    Pros of Hide.Me:

    Hide.Me is good VPN services and the users like it. Here are few of the Pros of Hide.Me.

    • Based in Malaysia:

    The organization is situated in Malaysia, so any question or endeavor from specialists to barge in on your online exercises will tumble to nearby ward and laws there. In Malaysia, the information maintenance law is not too bad, endeavoring to ensure the secrecy of clients.

    • Great privacy policy and no logging:

    The client logging arrangement of Hide.Me is sufficiently secure for most clients; in any case they are not fixated on each security detail. Be that as it may, regardless of whether experts would get their hands on client data there is next to known that they can really use for their advantage.

    Cons of Hide.Me:

    Like Hide.Me VPN service has so many pros, it has few cons as well and some of the cons of Hide.Me VPN service include:

    • Limited Country Server:

    Hide.Me is one of the littler VPN organizations that people have utilized, yet despite everything it has more than 84 servers in 22 distinct areas worldwide to serve its clients. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t bode well for future extension needs as more clients jump on board and mess the servers.

    • Price is a little more as compared to competitors:

    When the pricing plans of Hide.Me are compared with other VPN service providers then it seems a little expensive. One more things that the users don’t like about Hide.Me is that they are only offering 1 connection on plus account.


    In spite of the fact that Hide.Me has just been in the VPN field for only a couple of years, they have kept on developing their system due to their commitment to your privacy. They have extended server areas in vital areas to better enhance their general VPN execution. They have likewise created custom programming to improve VPN establishment and use for their supporters. I anticipate that them will proceed with this pattern later on and anticipate that their administration will become far and away superior. Both their Windows customer and Android application have basic, simple to utilize, graphical interfaces with straightforward establishments to help rearrange VPN for their customers. In case you’re searching for a dependable VPN benefit with a genuine commitment to your privacy then Hide.Me could be a decent decision.

    The users appreciated utilizing the Hide.Me benefit and recommend others to attempt it themselves. Test their work area customer programming and Android versatile application and keep in mind that they can spare 35% off as well by using the coupon. The users think that the ones who use it will appreciate how simple their product makes it to interface and switch between VPN servers. They are as yet proceeding to develop and include new server areas.

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