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Characteristics of service

Feature Parameter
Global DL speed 65.50
Global UL speed 29.41
Average time to connect 3 s
Server locations 35 countries
Servers 130 +
IP addresses 1 300 +
Dynamic server switching -
E-mail response time 45 m
Live chat +
Knowledge base +

The service supports

    Feature Parameter
    Windows +
    Mac +
    Linux +
    iOS +
    Android +
    Router + / -
    Games consoles -
    E-book -

    Hide.Me: A VPN that Will Protect Your Online Presence

    Hide.Me is a Malaysian-based VPN that keeps running by eVenture Ltd. The organization offers a free VPN and two levels of paid administration. To find out if you can get most of the privacy requirements on the Internet provided by a free service, or whether you need Plus or Premium versions, read this. You will understand what the main points of Hide.Me are, know its price, and understand how to implement and use it.

    Two of the greatest things while picking a VPN is whether its security methods are sufficiently solid and whether it keeps logs. This VPN confirms that it does not keep any logs and Internet activities. The encryption alternatives offered by the administration include a 256-bit key known as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, which is the best standard for any available VPN.


    Hide.Me is an interesting Virtual Private Network (VPN) that costs your attention. Perhaps, the users may not have even known about this administration because of the size of this swarmed and exceptionally aggressive industry.

    Speed and Performance

    Hide.Me provides stunning speed on most of its servers, especially those that are located in Europe and Asia. Solid transfer speeds settle on it a decent decision for European torrenters and gamers. Due to its speed and efficiency the clients of Hide.Me rated it 10 out of 10.

    Customer Support

    Hide.Me is a straightforward VPN service. Their approach to ensuring confidentiality is powerful, but, moreover, written in simple language. This applies to the customer support as well. You can use the ability to ask real-time requests in an online chat, even if you are not a registered user, and always be sure to get the needed answer. Moreover, you can get a live support if you wish. The clients are satisfied with the customer support and they rated it 7.5 out of 10.

    Value for Money

    With such a significant number of evaluation plans including different bonuses, the clients can choose the best that suits them. The customers are happy with their estimating methodology as they put forward such a large number of highlights and this is the reason they rated it 7 out of 10.


    Hide.Me has a fairly limited offer of server areas, compared to some of its competitors. Unfortunately, you will be deprived of the opportunity to enjoy all the Internet resources. However, Hide.Me has a large number of new servers in the most popular geographical areas. Customers rate this item at 6.5 points out of 10.

    Servers, Server Status Page

    At first glance, Hide.Me may not seem like an expansive system, like some of its rivals. Basically, they use dedicated exposed metal servers with 1 Gigabit uplinks. After analyzing, we found out that this VPN has servers in key areas around the world. The clients can use different servers in such famous countries as the Netherlands, the US, and Australia. Moreover, Hide.Me has 84 servers installed in 28 locations in 22 countries.

    If users buy the premium VPN design, Hide.Me offers unlimited data. This means you can use as much data as you need and make a connection with any server area. It is a genuine reward for users who like to view limited content and visit streaming sites both from home and during travel to different countries.

    hide.me vpn

    Hide.Me has servers in the following countries:

    • America: United States, Mexico, and Canada;
    • Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Iceland, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Lithuania, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, and Turkey;
    • Rest of the World: Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, and Singapore.

    Speed Test

    The VPN transmission rate is limited to selected VPN tunnels, such as L2TP / IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, SoftEther, and IKEv2 and IKEv1 along with the encryption layer. Similarly, the “switch” can participate in the VPN association, because only more expensive and more modern models support the maximum speed. We tested Hide.Me several times, and found out that it works fine. We got a speed of about 200 Mbps, which is the most striking result among all the VPN providers we have tested.

    hide.me review

    Hide.Me was tested using the IKEv2 convention on the Windows client. It showed the maximum speed for the conventions that the free VPN approached. PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 were the main conventions supported by the Windows client.

    hide.me vpn review

    It is also worth noting that there is an approximately 15% contrast in speed between the association specifically for the ISP and the association with a Hide.Me server around 1300 miles away. Encryption includes overhead so you can expect some decrease in performance. Execution is a reliable exchange for privacy when considering the benefits of VPN. In any case, with a speed of almost 43 Mbps, the customers can enjoy Hulu and HBO GO, as well as watch HD videos, even without a large number of administrators of stretch streams.


    There is an excellent compatibility of Hide.Me VPN with all OS and gadgets. Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP and Mac OS X, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and BlackBerry can be easily connected thanks to a simple setup provided on the official Hide.Me VPN site. Moreover, there are additional guidelines for the switches.

    Windows VPN Client

    The left-hand figure below shows the association screen for the customer. This screen allows the clients to select the server from a drop-down list, showing the online status. It also shows the current arrangement and the amount of bandwidth that customers used in case they don’t have a Premium record. It will also give them the opportunity to review their current record.

    hide.me proxy

    The above picture shows the settings screen. It enables the client to choose the VPN association encryption. On account of the free customer, you are limited only to IKEv2, SSTP, and PPTP. It also has some broad settings to tell the customer about the start-up inclinations. The customers can establish the DNS spill control elements as well. In addition, the clients can see and set the essential and optional DNS servers if it is important. Finally, the customers can check if they have the latest version for the client.

    Connect from Android App

    The clients can download it from Google Play. The versatile application requires Android 4.0 or higher. The application works on all Android gadgets.

    what is hide.me

    In order to use the application, you need to enter a username and password to log in. After successful verification, you can choose the server that is most suitable for you or let the application automatically connect you to the server from the provided list. The app will always connect you to a server that fully meets your needs while keeping in mind the importance of security. The application also shows the current recording and the data rate per month. Finally, it will verify that the latest version of the application is available to its client.

    Protocols and Encryption

    Implementing the OpenVPN application is most likely the best choice. Nevertheless, there are other conventions accessible, as well. L2TP and IKEv2 are great options, however, the IKEv2 implementation is only accessible on Windows and Linux. L2TP is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and iOS gadgets. This implementation uses AES encryption with a 128-bit key, which is less secure than the AES with a 258-bit key that is used for OpenVPN.

    OpenVPN is accessible for Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android as well as Linux clients. The security elements of this option are displayed in the nearby table. This, apparently, is your best choice of security when you use Hide.Me.

    PPTP and SSTP are the two alternative conventions accessible in the application. PPTP was an early VPN framework created by Microsoft. Currently, it is considered obsolete and insecure. SSTP was designed by Microsoft to displace PPTP. This is a worthy alternative if for unknown reasons you would prefer not to use OpenVPN. This convention copies the security methods used by HTTPS, which is the encryption framework for protecting website pages on the journey.

    The application has one more VPN protocol alternative, which is SoftEther. This is a multi-convention stage that was drawn up in 2014. It is another framework, and you would be in an ideal situation staying with OpenVPN in the Hide.Me client interface.

    Hide.Me and Netflix

    Unfortunately, during the tests, Hide.Me failed to unblock Netflix. Various servers were used, including US East, US West, and London, UK. Access to Netflix is a progressive battle for most virtual private networks, because such Internet resources periodically block different geo locations and, accordingly, servers. If you are a fan of Netflix, then you will have to turn to another VPN for help.

    Hide.Me Additional Services

    The servers of Hide.Me VPN are located in Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Great Britain, Turkey, Romania, Sweden, and Iceland. In Australia, there are 2 servers and 1 in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Morocco. Each of the servers works only with Hide.Me VPN, which means there is no complete outsider. Most of the servers are P2P-hosted. All of them support each of the protocols used by Hide.Me VPN.

    This VPN organization offers unlimited transfer speed and server exchange but only with their best packages. Premium and Plus Plan customers additionally have a full convention suite, which means L2TP/IPsec, SoftEther, SSTP, PPTP, IKEv1, as well as IKEv2, and the OpenVPN.

    In addition, there is a useful element called Kill Switch. This function actually interrupts your Internet connection and suspends all your applications and projects if you suddenly lose connection with the VPN.

    As for the torrent, it is perfectly supported. Clients can appreciate SOCKS intermediary for the maximum download speed.

    All Hide.Me VPN clients, regardless of the package used, get a free intermediary program. It means that if you are inspired to get access to geo-confined sites, you essentially use the intermediary program and can surf any site you want anywhere you are.

    Privacy Policy and Security

    VPNs give you more privacy on the web. However, you need to make sure that the VPN that you choose does not keep the records of your online activity. Also, check that the organization is maximally protected from law enforcement, or lawyers, who can force it to pass on to them your personal data.

    There are two approaches to handle this issue. Initially, you should choose a VPN located in a country that is far from where you live and from where the copyright proprietors of the entertainment that you need to download dwell. The second thing you should pay attention to is that the VPN will not store the records of your actions. Along these lines, it won’t have any data to transmit, even if there is legitimate pressure.

    • Anonymity:

    Hide.Me is located in Malaysia, which is a decent area for protection from the actions of legal copyrights and counselors. The cost of implementing lawful procedures in a remote country is very high. The organization guarantees that it does not keep any links or logs. However, since the free administration and the Plus arrangement have information throughput limits, there must be some record-keeping on every customer.

    • Personal Details:

    Some personal information and payment data are stored in outsourcing payment offices. Therefore, Hide.Me never holds distinguishing data about its customers. Tracker codes for Google Analytics are included in the Hide.Me site but not the application.

    • Sites and Internet Services:

    The organization ensures that its product is not equipped with tools to record what locales and web benefit its customers use. All records of the joint associations, except for the accumulated information tables, are erased every few hours.

    Hide.Me Support System

    Emotionally supportive network Hide.Me is extremely extensive and is one of the best achievements of the administration. There are many approaches to working with clients. A live visit framework is tracked every minute of every day. The staff at this assistance work area can answer every question you have about the VPN. In spite of this, they aren’t ready to deal with specialized issues.

    You do not need to enter any data to receive the request. In case the live chat group can’t help you, the specialized group can be obtained through a web frame or by e-mail. You get to the Support Center by clicking on the dark elongated sign on the right edge of the site.

    You can get to a client forum from their page and, in addition, look down to view the FAQ’s chronicle. Specialized assistance is available through the help ticket framework. You have to enter an email address and select a topic from the drop-down list, keeping in mind the ultimate goal to ask a help question. You will receive a professional response to your request by email.

    You can also contact the assistance team directly by e-mail at [email protected]. Here you need to write to get a one-day free trial version of the Premium package.

    Hide.Me: Plans, Pricing Payment Methods, Refund Policy

    Hide.Me has different pricing plans, payment methods, and a specific refund policy so that the customers don’t face any problem.

    Free Version

    The free version of Hide.Me limits the main points – this is standard practice for VPNs that offer a no-charge application nearby the paid VPN administrations. In case you need to use a VPN to get into steaming administrations back home, you have to interact with the server in the same country as the site from which you need to get records. The free version of Hide.Me allows only access to servers in Canada, Singapore, and the Netherlands. In case the country you have to get to isn’t one of them, the free application will not be helpful.

    Another limitation of the free version is that it does not allow the customers to use SoftEther or OpenVPN. Each month, the user receives an access point of 2 GB. In case the users are looking for the opportunity to download documents or play games on the Internet, this will help you to speed up.

    Using the free version doesn’t give you the opportunity to test the paid adaptation. Fortunately, Hide.Me has a 14-day unconditional promise period for the paid administration. You can get this discount if you use less than 50 MB of traffic before requesting a refund. You can also receive a one-day free trial of the Premium if you email the customer support and ask for it.

    Premium Plan

    It has an endless bandwidth and different costs:

    • $20 per month in case you buy a monthly membership;
    • $14.17 per month if you purchase a Bi-Annual membership;
    • $11.67 per month if you buy an annual membership.

    Plus Plan

    • $10.00 per month if you buy a monthly membership;
    • $6.67 per month is offered in the semi-annual membership;
    • $5.42 per month granted to clients choosing the annual membership.

    There is also a 14-day cash guarantee. The site is SSL protected so you can complete your purchases without stresses.

    The fundamental difference between the Plus and the Premium plan is that you receive a remittance of five synchronous associations with the Premium version. Another contrast between the two plans is that the Plus arrangement has an information throughput point to limit 75 GB per month.

    Payment Options

    Hide.Me VPN service supports a variety of payment alternatives. They include Bitcoins, PayPal, real payment cards and the wire exchanges. Using PayPal will allow you to choose where you need to deal with your membership. Bitcoin is a payment alternative, which gives great secrecy to those who need it. They also accept credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, JCB and American Express.

    Refund Policy

    Along with a free lifelong membership, you also receive 14 days of unconditional promise with Hide.Me VPN. In any case, the conditions will be met.

    Hide.Me Free Trial

    Despite the fact that Hide.Me offers free services with acceptable and convenient conditions, there are many obstacles that require your attention. First, you should understand that when using the free version, you will only have access to three server areas (Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore). Such countries of the United States, Great Britain, Hong Kong and other well-known areas, unfortunately, will not be at your disposal.

    Hide.Me does not provide bandwidth throttling, in order to limit the speed of exchange for customers using the free version. Nevertheless, the data transfer speed is one of the best. This means that the system automatically limits the capabilities of free customers so that paid users can fully enjoy high speeds and an uninterrupted connection.

    You will use the point-to-point tunneling protocol known as PPTP, the Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol – SSTP, and the Layer 2 tunneling protocol – L2TP. With the exception of PPTP, alternative agreements will provide sufficient security.

    Also, note that free clients can only have one dynamic connection at a time. This is common for free or trial versions.

    Summing up, the free version has:

    • only 3Mbps transfer speed (best result);
    • 2GB of data exchange per month;
    • lack of OpenVPN;
    • no simultaneous connections;
    • only three available servers.

    Pros and Cons of Using Hide.Me

    Here we have listed the pros and cons of Hide.Me VPN service.


    Hide.Me is good VPN services and the users like it. Here are a few main reasons for this:

    • Based in Malaysia:

    The organization is situated in Malaysia, so any question from specialists who can participate in your online activities will fall into country’s laws. In Malaysia, the information maintenance law is not too bad and can ensure the privacy of the customers.

    • Great privacy policy and no logs:

    The Hide.Me client registration device is quite safe for most users. In any case, they are not fixated on each security detail. Regardless of whether experts receive data about customers, it is known that they can really use to their advantage.


    Hide.Me VPN service has several cons that include:

    • Limited country server:

    Hide.Me refers to a rarely used VPN, but despite this, it has more than 84 servers in 22 different areas around the world. However, there is no information that they are planning to expand their server coverage.

    • The price is slightly higher than the competitors:

    Compared to other VPN providers, the Hide.Me tariff plans are a little more expensive. Another thing that users do not like about Hide.Me is that they only offer 1 connection to the Plus account.


    Despite the fact that Hide.Me has just been in the VPN area for only a couple of years, it keeps on developing its system because of their commitment to your privacy. They have extended server areas to improve their overall VPN implementation. They also created customer support for their clients and constantly improve their administration. Both the Windows client and the Android application have user-friendly graphical interfaces that can conveniently reconfigure the VPN for their clients. If you are looking for a reliable VPN with a high level of confidentiality, Hide.Me can be a worthy solution.

    The users appreciated the benefits of Hide.Me and recommend others to try it. Moreover, you have a chance to save 35% using the coupon. The customers are sure that everyone who tries Hide.Me will appreciate how simple it is and how quickly you can switch between different VPN servers. Hide.Me continues to develop and incorporate new server areas.

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