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    Characteristics of service

    Feature Parameter
    Global DL speed
    Global UL speed
    Average time to connect
    Server locations 45 countries
    Servers 45
    IP addresses
    Dynamic server switching
    E-mail response time
    Live chat
    Knowledge base

    The service supports

      Feature Parameter
      Windows +
      Mac +
      Linux +
      iOS +
      Android +
      Router +
      Games consoles

      Access the Internet With Privacy, Safety, and Fairness: Buffered VPN

      Using Buffered VPN is one of the most recommended applications for Internet connections. Buffered VPN is among the VPN service providers that have become far too common today. Although the VPN did not enter the competitive world of VPN until recently, it has managed to make a significant mark in that short period. Many of the people who have used it have highly recommended it.

      When it comes to using any VPN service provider, what matters the most is trust. Forget about all the other features because, at the end of the end of the day, it is the service offered that matter. Buffered VPN seems that have handled that issue very well with its fresh and exotic features.

      Buffered VPN was founded in Gibraltar in 2013. It has been in operational successfully for more than five years now. However, the company just launched its 1.0 version of its app two years ago – in 2016. It might be perhaps another reason it has grown so fast in popularity.

      The VPN promises high speed and most secure connection of all VPNs. They guarantee customers the best service delivery, shown through the many servers they have. It says its mission is to make the Internet free. It wants to ensure that you face fewer restrictions as you go through your staff on the Internet.

      In most of its advertisements Buffered VPN makes put a lot of emphasis on its ability to unlock streaming content. Because some of the services belong in geo-restricted areas, this seems like something anyone would be more than glad to accept. It makes Buffered VPN a choice for many people.

      But for you to decide whether or not to use it, there are several things you should consider on about the service. In this article, we shall do a comprehensive review of the VPN to give you an easy task for choice.

      Using Buffered VPN

      Using Buffered VPN is no different from what you would expect doing so from another VPN. If you have ever used any premium VPN, you should be able to use this effectively as well.

      Buffered contains what many would think of as ‘standard’ set of features. It means that features seem as basic and simple as anyone would imagine them to be. But that is not a bad thing even. Many people prefer a VPN service that handles all the fundamentals associated with VPN applications.

      The most important thing is that your IP address gets hidden from prying eyes and hackers. The outside world cannot get into your inner cycle, so you are protected fully and free to work online.

      The fact that the VPN offers a highly advanced kill switch makes things even better. What it marks is a significant piece of technology for every VPN and Internet user. The best thing is that the Buffered kill switch is a creation of advanced implementation. The kill switch makes it better than any other VPNs. It all comes down to reliability, giving you peace of mind as you do your staff online.

      Your IP address will never be exposed at any cost as the service prides in complete anonymity. The tunnel created does not allow any of your information to leak out to unwarranted access.

      For this reason, you are free to download torrents, and you are free to unblock blocked Internet content. It gives the ability to connect to the Internet faster and more securely. You can quickly engage in the P2P traffic without even feeling like someone is spying or watching you.

      What makes Buffered VPN more popular is the quality of services it provides. As a VPN provider, many people will look at the reviews from other users to determine its usability, and this is one that has lots. Though it has only joined the competitive world of VPN, it already ranks among the top 10, and that is all because of quality service. This fact says a lot about their service.

      The security and privacy they offer stand out as one among many. And the functionality of the VPN makes it even harder to resist.


      Consumers are the ones that feel the real pinch when something goes wrong with a VPN service. For one to enjoy the service, they must have full trust and believe in what they are being offered. And it is the reason why they rate VPNs after using them. Buffered VPN has been reviewed by so many people today who use the Internet.

      In general, the service has received 4-star ratings from most users. And from our side, it is above average in many ways.

      • Anonymity – 4 stars
      • Reliability – 4 stars
      • Performance 4 stars
      • Features – 3 stars
      • Support – 3 ½ stars
      • Value for money – 3 stars

      In simple terms, Buffered VPN is good enough to be trusted. It is more than what you will get from the competition. Therefore, it only makes sense that a lot go people will consider using this service.


      For a VPN service to be considered as good, it must have established a lot of server in different locations. Sometimes, however, it is just how useful the available servers are.

      Buffered VPN has more than 45 servers. If you compare this with most competitors, it is slightly on the lower side.  It does not have a big server network. Having only about 45 countries to operate from is not such exciting news for a VPN and the users.

      However, the practice of server locations requests makes the company a great choice. You just put a request and spin up a server in a particular location depending on the usefulness of the information you get.

      The available servers are also strategically positioned. Numerous locations can help you access the American Netflix for instance with ease.

      Speed test

      Among the features that make Buffered VPN to have an excellent reputation is the performance speed. It is rated at 9/10 when it comes to how fast the VPN works.

      This is why the speed test is among the most important tests to do when determining how useful the service is. One of the most used methods for speedtest is an unthrottled 10Mbps ASDL connection. It begins with a baseline test to establish what exactly works.

      The VPN almost hits its limits, which is what every user will be looking to find. This part comes before the real VPN test that starts with choosing the closest server. Buffered VPN records an incredible result for speed test. It is so sharp you might not even notice the VPN is working. Also if you select a server in any other location, the results never disappoint.

      Download speed

      For those who use torrenting most of their time on the Internet, getting high download speeds is a bonus for great results. You feel great when you can get what you are looking for within a short period.

      Buffered VPN records download speeds of close to 10 Mbps. Rate may vary a bit according to the location of the server, but it does not go lower than 8 Mbps. For torrenting and streaming, these are speeds. You might not easily get another VPN service with the same results.

      DNS speed and leak test

      There are many first features that users look for in a VPN and this is not one of them. However, it has a significant implication on how best your VPN serves you. And this is why Buffered VPN has proved to have the best DNS protection. Its pride is providing no leaks for DNS.

      Buffered VPN is all good in the DNS leak. It brings in good DNS servers to take care of your data. That means you can work comfortably without the worry of perhaps some of your data leaking. It is one of the most trusted services, more so because it is OpenVPN.


      It is all about the number of applications and devices a VPN can support. If you want a good VPN, it is always vital that you consider the operating system you are working. That way, it is easier to know whether or not the service has an application for the system.

      Buffered has mainstream platforms, it has most people covered and scores a 9/10 for compatibility. You will quickly find clients for:

      • Windows
      • Mac
      • iOS
      • Android.
      • Linux

      And if you need the VPN for another device that isn’t on the list, the option for OpenVPN is provided. This feature does not appear on site’s advert, but a more in-depth search will reveal instructions for setting up Buffered VPN with a DD-WRT router, using OpenVPN.

      Protocols and encryption

      To start with, Buffered VPN offers the general protection against snoopers. You will not have to keep looking over your shoulder when using the service as it has got you covered. The VPN uses 256-bit Blowfish encryption as the main algorithm. Though this mainstream cannot be compared to AES, it is still fantastic encryption. Blowfish prides in speedy performance.

      It is essential that a user knows and understands the technology they are using. It might not affect the average user, but it is still good to be in the know.

      Blowfish has not been cracked yet, which means is still very secure.

      Additional services

      The following are the services that Buffered VPN offers to users. They make an ideal choice for anyone seeking to establish a great connection.

      • Hide IP

      Any VPN should be able to hide your IP address. This is a primary task for VPN. Buffered VPN uses high-level encryption to ensure no one can see who you are. They only know the IP address offered by the VPN service provider. It has leak protection that will shield a user properly.

      • Access restricted websites

      Many websites are limited in some countries across the globe. In China, for example, major social media websites are blocked. If you wanted to access these sites, Buffered VPN would give you the perfect cover.

      • Safety transaction

      In the modern world, there is a shift to an online purchase. The trend in which people use online transaction service has increased tremendously. But it poses a threat as hackers can easily get user sensitive information and private keys. Buffered VPN offers protection against such risks. Its security features are all about getting an excellent online experience.

      • Hackers and virus protection

      Buffered VPN has strong security through its encryption that hackers can’t crack. Your data are encrypted as it leaves your device; no one can able to tell what it is.

      Even if someone wanted to plant malicious malware in your data, they would not be able to due to the encryption.

      • Device protection

      Your device also needs protection. It is not only that data you should be concerned about as the device you are using can also be at risk for attacks. In that case, must ensure you are covered.

      Buffered VPN offers protection for your device. You can use it feeling a lot comfortable.

      Privacy policy and security

      As stated above, Buffered VPN uses OpenVPN exclusively. It is their only protocol, and it is the safest and most trusted on the market. The issue of reliability will always come in when using VPN. You don’t have to worry about your data disappearing.

      Another useful aspect of OpenVPN is flexibility. Bypassing firewalls is made much more natural.

      You are safe 24/7 with no possibility of security breaches, allowing you to keep your private information private.

      Buffered VPN does not keep any logs, though they collect some information, including registration and login information. They manage the data, then keep it for 30 days except for names and addresses. Maintaining any logs might be a bit uncomfortable for some users.

      They do not answer to the US or UK authorities as they are located in Gibraltar. The country is not part of UK as it was though before, hence not a member of the five eyes surveillance.

      Anonymity and trust

      Search the Internet anonymously with Buffered VPN. They have quite many servers you can choose them making them quite reliable and trustworthy. Trusting your VPN service is necessary, as they can see your online activities. The fact that no online logs are kept is a good thing.

      Support system

      Customer support is always one of the consideration people will look for when establishing a VPN. This is the backbone of the business anyway.

      Buffered VPN has not gone so far in this aspect. They are still trying to develop an active customer support system. At the moment, the best you can get is a set of tutorials that can get you started. If you have any questions, the frequently asked question section should be able to cover your needs.

      Then there are the extreme setup tutorials. The materials provide you with easy access to setting up your VPN and starting your journey.

      A customer support ticket is availed for further contact. This is if and when you have failed to get answers to your issue.

      The staff seems to be much knowledge about the company policy and privacy. Even though they are still developing the system, you can still communicate through live chat. The live chat is up 24/7. This is useful when you don’t know how to unlock something, and you want help at any time of the day.

      Plans, pricing, payment methods, refund policy

      The prices and related issues always affect VPN users. With Buffered VPN, there are three different subscription plans. All of them are intended to cover different kinds of customers. The three levels all provide identical levels of service. If a customer commits to the Buffered VPN, they are rewarded with a discount for a more extended period.

      • The six months plans. You pay $59.94.
      • Then for the 1-year plan, you pay $99.99
      • And for the 1-month plans, you pay $12.99.

      As you can see, it is better to take a more extended period as it saves you a lot of money. It is equal to some of the most potent VPNs you can find on the market.

      Payment methods

      A credit card or PayPal payment is acceptable in easy steps. It even gets better; also, Buffered VPN accepts Bitcoin payments for those who want to remain entirely under the radar and Pay Pal.

       Refund policy

      In case you don’t like the service, Buffered has that already covered. There is a thirty-day free trial window. Although you will still have to pay back the 30-day money back guarantee makes it as good as free.

      Unfortunately, Buffered VPN does not have a free trial at the moment. Perhaps this is one of the things that need to be improved about the VPN.

      Setup and interface

      There are many VPN service providers in the world today. Many of them have their features and functionality that stands out regarding uniqueness. However, there is always one function that people look out for, and that is the interface of the VPN.

      The interface is one of the factors that boost user experience for any VPN client – that is, how easy it is to use the service. Buffered has custom clients for many operating systems today. There comprehensive configuration guides for iOS, Android and routers make it easy for people to install it.

      Another crucial factor is how easy it is installing the windows client. It is as easy as it sounds and not much is required of you. You might not even have to give your sensitive information while setting up.

      Once you have signed up on the website, you will receive direction to the download link. It is essential that you download a genuine application for your device from a trusted source – and what is more trustworthy than the official website. Once you have downloaded, you follow the installation and setup instructions provided.

      Selecting the country you want to connect from is as easy as 123. What more, you can choose many countries and mark them as your favorite so that you can join almost automatically. The favorites will always show up at the top on the list of countries. That is the best way to begin using VPN, and once you have selected the server, the rest of your journey is more straightforward.

      You click connect, and you are set to go. You are free to select any server from the country you have chosen. The top of the client will be blue when you are disconnected and will turn yellow when you are connected. And once you have the connection, the client switches to green.

      The windows client weighs about 40MB which is relatively light – the reason for easy installation. You can only download this client after you have logged into your account. This means you must first go to the website and sign-up/create an account. As explained above, the setup procedure after this is entirely necessary. You click “next” until everything is done and it is ready to run.

      If it is your first time to install Buffered VPN, you will see a request to establish a TUN/TAP driver. This is the necessary driver required to achieve a VPN connection. You must click on ‘yes’ if asked to install these drivers before restarting the buffer.


      To determine the usefulness of a VPN, the apps that can be used with any device are considered. In this area, Buffered VPN has got you fully covered as it has applications for both desktop and mobile devices.

      • Desktop

      Many people use computers to browse the Internet. Computers have been the main channels for accessing the Internet for a very long time. This is why a VPN that does not have a client for computer applications is not worth considering on the market today.

      Buffered VPN has a client for iOS, Windows and nearly any other operating system on the market. If therefore you entirely rely on your laptop to do your browsing, this is one of the best service providers you might want to consider.

      The thing is, it not only about protecting you from prying eyes, but protecting your computer from virus. Should you choose to torrent using your laptop, chances of infecting your desktop with a virus are very high. But Buffered VPN ensures that something like that never happens.

      • Mobile

      There are many people using phones to access the Internet today than ever imagined. This is why most webmasters are creating their content in a mobile friendly manner. They want to enjoy the market.

      For Buffered VPN, it is not only about the market and business, but about protecting mobile users. The company has created mobile-friendly applications that can be used on many mobile devices. This means if you use your phone most of the time to browse the Internet, you can continue doing so safely.

      Mobile devices are the highest targets for ISPs and governments. Hackers have also realized how useful Smartphones have become today and therefore they target users through them.

      Performance and reliability

      If you are doing tests on any VPN and you want to determine how excellent the service is, start with the performance aspect. There are so many VPN service providers, and they vary regarding how useful they are to the user. It is you who is going to get into trouble in case of anything.

      Many professionals have recommended Buffered VPN as having done well in the performance test.

      When you are looking at performance, don’t ever leave a room for error. It is not a good idea to assume anything as it may come back to haunt you later as you continue to use the service. Buffered VPN seems to be aware of this fact, and they have put everything to ensure there is no disappointment.

      One thing clear is, it is the performance aspect that makes a VPN what it is supposed to be. Without this, it is just another service on the market struggling to get noticed.

      Buffered VPN does not appear among the top 10 VPN services for nothing. There is something that makes it worth the position, and that is reliability.

      The best way to enjoy Internet browsing is to ensure there is no interference due to lack of secure connection. If you are steaming content, for example, it is very disappointing if you have to stop from time to time as Internet breaks. Using a VPN makes it works.

      Buffered VPN has found a way to work around the reliability issues. And now because of that, you can enjoy browsing without interruptions.

      Chances are, most the channels you run will work without even a glitch. That is what every Internet user is looking for, and a VPN that can provide it is worth every consideration. Even though the usual problems of connecting over VPN will be experienced, they will not be as bad.

      Can Buffered VPN be used with streaming services?

      Buffered VPN is one of the most excellent service providers on the market today. That is why anyone can easily ask whether or not the VPN works with streaming services.

      The American Netflix is the primary reference point for streaming services. Fortunately, Buffered VPN works well with Netflix at the moment.

      • Easy of use

      Nothing makes a VPN more relevant than how easy it is to use. A complicated application only ends up ruining the fun of enjoying the Internet.

      Buffered VPN has a score of 9/10 when it comes to this factor. It is straightforward to use. A list of countries will appear immediately you log in. Just click on any, and the connection will start right away.

      There is also a search file located at the top of the screen that you can use to find a server. You also see other three tabs for all, recent and favorite.

      The hamburger icon brings up numerous other options in case you want to dive deeper.

      • The website

      If you are looking for full information about Buffered VPN, the site is the best place to look. The website looks great with easy to navigate interfaces. The design of the website is simple and clear; an excellent resource for information about the VPN. It has everything covered, from taking a tour to sign-up.

      At the bottom of the website are the tutorials. They have links to separate pages where you get everything about anything concerning the service.

      Verdict, should you or should you not use the service?

      Though Buffered VPN has some fantastic features, it lacks a few critical aspects found in other VPNs. It, however, covers the basics juts well, and you can use it however you want.

      It is quite useful if you are not looking for any particular features. You will like it if you only want fuss-free experience.

      But if you are looking for the value of your money, you would instead not use it. It is a bit on the high side – though excellent service.

      Pros and cons

      As good as the VPN might be, it will never lack what people like most and what they dislike about it. Buffered VPN has its downs and up too.


      • The speed is excellent
      • You can use five simultaneous devices
      • Compatible with most popular operating systems
      • Easy to use
      • It can be used with routers and smart TV.


      • There is no free trial
      • Very few servers
      • They keep some logs
      • Customer support is not quite ok

      Final thought

      Buffered VPN is an excellent service provider. It has a small network, yes, but the service is excellent with excellent connection speeds. It is a highly recommended VPN, and it would be even more were it a bit cheaper. The bottom line is, you get lovely services. This article should be able to enlighten you more.

      Because now you have the knowledge, making a decision whether or not to use should be easier. Internet safety comes first.

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